Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Building the Ranks and Foot Soldiers

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies have been successfully depriving Americans of their constitutional rights through employee training and certification programs.  In those settings, removed from public scrutiny, and with immense pressures brought to bear on them by management and specially trained facilitators, they writhe helplessly under the mandated torture.  When those being harmed in diversity training kangaroo courts go public for redress, CRT appointed judges now await them with loaded gavels, ready to add insult to injury. 

The teachers subjected to a hostile work environment that included racial discrimination by Springfield Public Schools (SPS), Missouri, are to appeal judge Douglas Harpool’s ruling against them, and the imposition of the $313,000 in fines.  But many more such judges that are Constitutionally illiterate, or outright enemies of the Constitution, have been appointed by horrible CRT-Allied Presidents. 

Consequently, the court proceedings are public show trails, reminiscent of the Stalin era, and are easy victories for the CRT Allies for the time being.  They will line the path of redress for the plaintiffs like gauntlets all the way to the Supreme Court.  This is because another 220 district court, and 36 court of appeals judges, appointed by President Barak Obama alone, are still presiding and waiting in the wings. 

While Micro-Aggressions, those small facial expressions used to identify dissenters, are still an annoyance to rank-and-file CRT Allies, it is easy to see now why the CRT Allies in leadership are in favor of continuing to suffer them.  They believe losing the diagnostic aid of that tell-tale contemptuous smile is too high a price for the resulting stoicism.  Micro-Aggressions are not only a valuable tool for recognizing and singling out dissenters.  They now facilitate their legal persecution to cause the final professional and financial ruin of opponents.

This success of the CRT Allies is nearly unprecedented.  It is due, in part, to the explosive growth of factions accepted into the organization.  Formally, the CRT Allies were comprised only of neo-Marxists using racism as their new vehicle to power.  Naturally, they accepted actual racists to be employed as ‘useful idiots’ to legitimize setting black-white color boundaries for the new class struggle.  However, the black population in America rides at 13.6 percent, and while largely impacted by separatists’ politics, they are both insufficient in numbers and not diverse enough to field as a winning team. 

This is the very problem that gave birth the to the CRT ‘Allies’ themselves.  They would swell their ranks with a new campaign strategy called Intersectionality. 

All identifiable groups not included in Caucasian males, and then straight, white couples, would be cast as marginalized.  Each of these groups, by their own respective experiences, were victims of American, white discrimination practices and policies.  They were interconnected in their respective disadvantages, however, and so were ‘intersectional’ in one, whole disenfranchised group. 

Always in search of acronyms for prestigious validation, the Allies quickly coined the collection of new ranks BIPOC; for black, Indigenous and people of color.

For obvious political reasons, they soon recognized and accepted the LGBTQ coalition, finding the most favored-nation-status of their rainbow flag, and their insatiable hunger to persecute the straight, white male, enhanced their clout, and aligned with their overarching mission. Put simply, they completed the polarization necessary for establishing grievances of the size and historicity that could be used to enact new policy upon which to persuade the masses to fundamentally change the nation from a democratic republic to a Marxist communist utopia.

It was then, as the alphabet contingent was sewing new additional stripes of black, brown, and pastels to their rainbow flag, that it became inevitable for the violent, anti-American group Antifa, which was the amalgam of the most violent of all these factions, to became their foot soldier thugs.  These would be used to intimidate opposition, and even to sway elections.

This was accomplished by establishing the perception of popular opposition to a particular candidate so as reduce suspicion in the outright voter fraud carried out by deep state intelligence services to alter the results of those elections.

It was astonishing to behold.  In celestial terms, the CRT Allies had successfully orbited the vortex of an event-horizon.  It became a black hole capable of collapsing civilization.  It followed, then, that the trans gendering would affix their flag to this rising dark star from which even light cannot escape. 

What was not immediately known, however, was the new LGBTQ+ flag was to become a pastel swastika flying over schoolyards.  Foresight should have seen, and no doubt some in the CRT Allies must had suspected, that it would only follow that if biology would be weighed in the balance and found wanting, then the boundary of biological age would not stand a chance against the ravenous wolves of pedophilia.


op. cit.




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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Employing Judges Holding the Constitution In Contempt

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies have not only taken the law into their own hands, they have remade the criminal justice system in their own image.  Nowhere is it more obviously displayed than in modern workplace trials. After using carefully planned group exercises and peer pressure to induce cognitive dissonance in training subjects, the employees are incrementally guided towards forced public confessions of being “White supremacists” actively participating in an “oppressive matrix.” 

If the accusation of being both a racist and a member in a raciest organization actively involved in suppressing the legal and civil rights of others of different races based solely on their race sounds like a prosecutable offense, that is because it is exactly that.

The reason for using less than definitive, and less than legal, terms (i.e. ‘matrix’), is precisely an attempt to obfuscate the full-frontal charge being leveled, and so to obscure the protections of the accused guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

-Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution

The penalties resulting from this sham trail, the employees are consoled, are sufferable; and include, public humiliation, exclusion from certain work place activities and benefits, imposition of additional and mandatory activities for remediation of their racial prejudices, or “anti-racism” training.  In some instances, however, restitutions may also be required. 

The penalty for non-compliance with these demands?  The training is mandatory.  Often, mandatory training falls under compliance training, like diversity and non-discrimination training, and failure to comply with such training is cause for disciplinary action, including dismissal. 

The teachers, two of which happen to be our real-life examples here, protested these rights violations, and requirements by the training facilitators at Springfield Public Schools (SPS), Missouri, that they also were required to provide papers divulging their personal and private information.  This SPS demand was probably on the line of, although not limited to, financial information that may be sought to both establish and rectify social resource disparities, or what the district would identify as racial inequities that exist in what has been euphemistically referred to as ‘under-served’ communities (leaving one to wonder if perhaps fixing the call button for the government-bellhop would suffice). 

This incredible demand for information beyond the purview of the employment contract and employment law violates their right to privacy.  The Fourth Amendment protects against such unreasonable searches, and seizures, and establishes the probable cause test be applied for violating the privacy of persons, houses, papers, and effects.  The employees were right to refuse all these violations of their rights, and to seek legal redress.  If any of these rights can be proved to have been denied the defendant, or infringed on, their convictions may be overturned. 

The school district may artfully argue they are not entertaining court proceedings in their prosecutions, and so are not bound by any such jurisprudence.  But in doing so, they admit to operating a kangaroo court specifically to deprive American citizens of their Constitutional rights, which is, itself, illegal. 

Even in the simplest of terms, such confrontational behavior and workplace harassment by employers based on an employee’s race, among other things, are civil rights violations.  (Here, we repeat ourselves, upholding right of due process for all Americans.)  Certainly, no real court of law could uphold the district’s illegal proceedings, but that is exactly what Federal district judge Douglas Harpool did, when he presided over the suit brought by the teachers over the mandatory “diversity training.”  The judge ruled in favor of SPS, and against the teachers.  Then, adding insult to injury, Judge Harpool fined the teachers $313,000 in SPS’s legal fees to compensate SPS.

Here is where one would expect an appeal for clarification.  It would be found in a compilation of public laws currently in force: The United States Code.  There, Title 18, U.S.C, Section 241, makes it illegal for officials to engage in the deprivation of rights under color of law, setting forth fines and jail time for officials that do so.  Officials acting in a professional capacity to deprive citizens of their rights protected by the Constitution are subject to fines and jail time.  These officials include police officers, prison gauds, as well as judges. 

Unfortunately, there is often a battle to be waged against contemptuous, crooked judges.  As is with the judge that ruled against the victimized teachers in the SPS, Missouri case, where the teachers were deprived of their Constitutional rights, thousands of judges have broken several types of laws over the last few years, with many remaining on the bench after soiling their robes.  The CRT Allies have been actively installing these judges since 2009 over two terms of President Barack Obama.   


op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Using Employee Meetings to Deprive Americans of Rights Protected by the Constitution

Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies often use cognitive dissonance as a tool in employee meetings designed to deprive employees of their Constitutional rights.  Cognitive dissonance is where psychological stress is produced by a person’s behavior being inconsistent with their beliefs.  For the purpose of behavior modification and population control, this stress can be initiated and directed using simple task requirements, or exercises.  When stress is intensified, subjects will tend to change their beliefs to align with their actions in order to reduce the stress.

The exercises themselves do not appear sinister in nature, just slightly uncomfortable.  In its early stages, the program is focused on what is referred to a as ‘breaking the mold mind-set’ so that a degree of malleability can be created in the subjects.  This involves getting subjects to act out of character; to do something unprofessional in a professional setting.  It can be as simple as having a group of subjects perform a group physical exercise, or low-intensity calisthenics they would otherwise find embarrassing to perform at the office in front of others. 

These exercises can be disguised as ice-breakers, team-building activities, perspective enhancements, and so forth, but all of them will require one thing in common: full participation.  Excuses for opting out of the silliness, even on medical grounds, will be minimized, and even ridiculed.

The majority will suffer these discomforts weighing them against the discomfort of confrontation.  They will, over time, push down the intuitive alarms until the pencils and papers are handed out containing the crimes they must confess to committing.   

For instance, teachers in these exercises will eventually be required to register themselves in a public registry as members of a larger organization, an “oppression matrix,” that is engaged in, and promotes, racial oppression.  Not a frivolous charge, as it refers in to the cruel, prolonged, and unjust treatment, in this case of non-Caucasians based on the oppressors being “White supremacists.”  Note that to oppress is ‘to take action,’ a verb, and that almost all actions based on racial discrimination are subject to civil charges, and criminal charges, and prosecution. 

For the sake of this employee training, the right of the accused to a fair trial is abolished.  The right to confront and cross examine witnesses possessing evidence of these supposed crimes, or for the accuser to even demonstrate their existence, is likewise dispensed with.  Because this Sixth Amendment Constitutional right also ensures that witnesses testify under oath, and are hence subject to the rules of perjury, or penalties for lying, the abridgement of this right also frees the accusers to make sensational, wild, and completely unfounded accusations with almost no liability for their falsehoods.

In addition to no actual witness testimony of the crime; no voice recordings, sworn affidavits, exhibits, or photographic evidence are offered to substantiate these serious charges against the employee.  

Further, the statute prohibiting an accuser from compelling the accused to submit a guilty plea, the right against self-incrimination enshrined in the Fifth Amendment, is nonexistent in these meetings.  The defendants are informed at this stage of the trial that they have already been found guilty.  The Caucasian employees are treated in this racist and prejudice fashion based solely on their – race.

The only formality required for the training to continue, for the reprobates to cease obstructing progress and allowing the group to move forward, is for the facilitator to procure their written confessions.  This guilty plea is unavoidable because, under these rules of the CRT Allies’ twisted jurisprudence, protestations of innocence are themselves only more poof of guilt. 


op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Launching New Campaign against Micro-Aggressions

Critical Race Theory Allies to Launch New Campaign against Micro-Aggressions

Micro-Aggressions are said to be facial expressions that betray a person’s thoughts when expressions registering for incredulous, or absurd, propositions advanced by Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies are displayed.  These aggressions include eye-rolling, wincing, frowning, and derisive smiling during one-on-one encounters, small group meetings, larger assemblies, and during lectures.  These affronts, however, may about to become a thing of the past.  If CRT Allies, which include all groups to the left of sanity, get their way; there will be no more squinting scrutiny, dismissive smirking, noses wrinkled in disgust, or brows raised in disbelief. 

The cure for this aggressive behavior comes from the beauty world in the form of Botox injections that temporarily smooth out facial wrinkles.  In the procedure, a toxin is injected under the skin to prevent muscles in the face from moving.  Although proponents are still tight-lipped on the proposal, one source confided that officials are discussing requiring those in education settings and work force populations that are not registered as Allies to receive Botox facial injections prior to CRT Allies training and re-education events. 

Debate, according to the source, is centered on the cost-benefit of the injections.  After injections are administered, the cost would be the loss of the ability to readily identify dissenters by their ‘tells’ momentarily flashing across their faces.  This benefit makes it possible for continued application, where indicated, of mind-altering, behavior modification exercises.  These exercises may be conducted in employee meetings, staff development training, and during team-building adventures.  They are designed and choreographed for the purpose of producing cognitive dissonance in the minds of participants. 

Cognitive dissonance is where psychological stress is produced by a person’s behavior being inconsistent with their beliefs.  This clash between thoughts and behaviors motivates the person to seek consistency to alleviate the stress.  Because it is easier to change thoughts than to change behavior, thinking is usually changed to reconcile the two.  While many circumstances can necessitate or justify temporary or mild changes to behaviors contradictory to sincere views, risks of establishing a pattern of compromise can weaken foundational thinking in individuals.  Hence, the reliance upon even simple behavior exercises by CRT Allies in changing the minds of dissidents.

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Fighting Fire with Fire

What reason does the government, in this case of the state of New York, give for banning natural gas appliances in new buildings?  Gas stoves and ovens may pose a risk to children’s health if they are unvented, and Global Warmers contend they are bad for the earth.  The first contention is complete nonsense, as building codes attendant to these appliances being safely installed are already in use.  The second contention, then, is the one deserving of our attention, and it is the religious one.

Global Warmers worship the goddess Gaia.  She is the Earth Goddess first deified by the Greeks, but long before recognized in other cultures.  Affectionately referred to as “Mother Earth” by her adherents, Gaia is said to suffer no competitors, and calls for their extermination.  The rise of this feminine earth goddess in power and authority explains firstly, the feminist movement, the resurgence of the feminization of men, or the homosexual movement, and today’s transgender movement, the surgical transition of men into ‘women.’  All mankind, after being feminized, must lay prostrate before her, and her adherents will settle for nothing less.

This religious zeal of Gaia’s adherents, seen by them effectually stopping the world, by arresting vehicle traffic, to force the irreligious to convert or get off the planet, is based on more than misplaced fanaticism surrounding mythology.  The supernatural power they claim for their authority, and mandate to conquer, does, in fact, exist.  While you cannot see electricity, you see the bulb light when it is electrocuted.

Similarly, we may identify an intelligent entity by a pattern of influence over lessor intelligent beings.  The existence of too many similarities betrays a pattern, and too much spontaneity reveals a unified force, and too broad a simultaneous manifestation, an intelligent power.

What competitors, then, are evidenced to exist by the church of Gaia fighting the flame?  Look what else the entity controlling our government is doing to find out.

In the chapel at the hospital Saint Francis Health System, Oklahoma, a single candle burns perpetually to symbolize the presence of Jesus Christ in their Eucharist.  That flame, by order of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) must be extinguished!  The penalty for refusing to renounce their faith, for continuing to defile Gaia?  The HHS will break their promise to senior citizens and renege on their obligation to cover medical care for Medicare patients at the hospital that treats 400,000 patients annually.

The candle is enclosed in glass, nowhere near medical equipment, in a chapel.

We can imagine a creative compromise offhandedly suggested by an HHS inspector; install a wickless, flameless, electric flickering candle (with remote control!).  We can imagine this suggestion because such religious victories proceed step-by-compromising-step to appease their goddess. 

Meanwhile, far away in the desert of Black Rock City, Nevada, preparations are taking place for the annual communion of the Buring Man cultural movement festival, beginning August 27, 2023.  There, a seventy-five-foot effigy of the “Man is released in pyrotechnic delight” (lit on fire) after a nine-day long celebration of pyrotechnic freedom.   In order to make it easier for patrons to “connect with spark,” a convenient “Virgin Burner Guide” is available.  If you are consider attending, know this; mere observers are not welcome.  The pyrotechnic rites must be taken by all attendees in the spirit of “transformative change” brought about by a “radically participatory ethic.”  Attendees should also take note that, as in the Christian celebration of Christmas, gift exchanges will take place.  Plan accordingly.  You may also want to visit the spiritual space of the non-denominational Burning Man Temple, before it, too, goes up in smoke.

If concerns have been expressed over the effects of huge fires and pyrotechnic displays on the health of attendees, or greenhouse gas emissions on the climate, none are prominent in media; neither from the Department of HHS, or Climate Activists.  The event organizers do take pains to ensure no harm comes to the desert floor, but a net neutral effect on climate from the pyrotechnics cannot be achieved.  Because no old growth was ignited to be replaced by the natural regrowth that would take place from a controlled burning or act of nature in a forested area, no recolonization of carbon dioxide breathing trees in burned areas could take place.  The open-air aspect of the mass fires and burnings would naturally augment respiratory damages and long-term health effects of possible inhalation of fumes, gases, and particulate matter, but variable weather conditions make estimates on long term health risks difficult to obtain, or predict.



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The Chinese Question for America, and Taiwan: Poly Vu français?

Washington needs to refortify our commitment to the small island nation of Taiwan through increased weapon sales and military drills.  This, according to a bipartisan delegation who see these expenditures as a necessary deterrence to China, which claims Taiwan is Chinese territory.  Whenever anything out of Washington today is ‘bipartisan’, scrutiny is called for louder than French horn.  Because I’m a registered Republican, I’ll let them take the microphone. 

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairperson Michael McCaul, R-Texas, argues that: “freedom and democracy is worth supporting Taiwan,” and ostensibly taking America to war with China to support and defend.

Aside from the fact that 60 years of expensive failure on our part has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the ‘democracy’ is not a canned good that can be exported by America, recent failures should be fresh enough in the American conscious to dismiss his rhetoric.

McCaul knows, especially just off the heels of the 20-year Afghanistan debacle, that fewer will be persuaded with ‘flag waving’ to obtain only flags draped on American caskets paraded in front of senile presidents who can only endure the hypocrisy by frequently checking their time pieces.

So, it is for insurance that McCaul adds: “but if that doesn’t persuade people, 90% of the advanced semiconductor capabilities for the world in manufacturing exist right here in Taiwan,” and those are a “national security asset.”  The implication is clear.  The Department of Defense is dependent on an island nation at the edge of the South China Sea for nearly all our advanced military needs. 

To which I may ask: Whose fault is that?  While you can blame the Democrats for only focusing on enriching themselves with cash from our vassal states, and even enemies such as the CCP, right up to the American President (and in the spirit of bipartisanship, McCaul’s net worth has reportedly ballooned from $74 million to $294 million over the last year), it was the Republicans, who have been asleep at the chopsticks, that let this happen.  Fortunately, the Taiwanese have kept their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel, and have been driving semi-conductor manufacturing plants to Arizona.

‘But wait, there’s more!’ McCaul implores, as even the news reporters had probably begun side glancing.  If China is allowed to take Taiwan, “it will send this globe into a world of hurt and a global depression.”  A claim, by the way, the French have already been debunking.  And this time, we would be wise to pause and butter our baguettes.

After extracting themselves from an unwinnable situation in Vietnam in the 1950’s, the French warned us not to get embroiled there.  It turned out to be a proxy war with China, whom they could not defeat on the Chinese mainland.  At the time, fresh from our defeat at the hands of the Chinese in the Korean Conflict, many in top brass and in congress knew as much.  Nevertheless, the Industrial Military Complex dismissed the French warning, and took us to Vietnam to lose 58,000 American men, $1 trillion dollars, and $22 billion in yearly disability payments thereafter (adjusted for inflation).

Today, French president Macron is warning all of Europe that America’s interest in Taiwan, and friction with China, is not in France’s, nor Europe’s interest.  He stopped just short of declaring that Taiwan was not even in the American interest.  Of course, the French are right again.  America has no national interest in Taiwan, or in going to war with China – at this time.  There is no question that China will eventually take Taiwan.  The French are obviously aware of this, and see their future semi-conductor orders being filled by the Chinese.  The question for America is: How much blood and treasure are we willing to let politicians working for the Industrial Military Complex throw away to get another ‘Vietnam’ in Taiwan, and prove the French are right again?



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Title IX and the Destruction of Boys’ Physical Education

In the 1960’s and 70’s, Boys Physical Education (PE) was much like army boot camp.  In fact, many of the coaches were former army Drill Sergeants.  They were men barking at young men to motivate them to excel, and to discipline them.  We did things girls couldn’t do and in ways we’d never dream of asking girls to do.  It was a genuine safe space for boys to be young men; to outperform, and be out-performed.  We were willing to be exposed for our weaknesses to set benchmarks in a way we’d never allow ourselves to be seen in front of the girls.  We left PE periods stronger, relieved, and, day be day, more accomplished and more confident.

Enter Title IX.  In California, women could no longer be prohibited from teaching Boys PE.  Boys who needed to escape being told by their mom to clean their room were now being told by their mom to take a lap.  The ability for young men to escape into a man’s world for manly guidance and character building was stolen from them.  But the worst was yet to come.

Girls could not be segregated from Boys PE, and these classes became Co-ed.  No self-respecting young man would risk setting bench marks or perform the rigors of men’s PE in front of, or with girls.  PE quickly descended into social games and activities that no one took seriously.  Absent the workouts, energies previously expended on the field were brought back to classrooms, and discipline obtained from coaches was gone making it tougher on classroom teachers.  There were more fights on campus, and childhood obesity exploded.

The Federal government should not be involved in education.  At all.  The Department of Education should be abolished.  It has seriously harmed two generations, and now seeks to put young women at risk of serious injury, and even death in order to pursue a twisted and sick agenda of denying the reality of biology, and everything we know about child psychology and child development.

The Biden administration has proposed a rule change to Title IX to further decimate PE, and all school sports for both boys and girls, of all ages.  The change will prohibit schools from segregating boys from girls in competitive sports if those boys say they are girls, and apply to compete.  We are seeing a ‘no holds barred’ assault on our girls and young women by a senile, perverted old man who hasn’t been playing with a full deck for some time.  He is angrily shaking his fist at God, and at any, and all who would associate with Him.  If there be any news to sooth it is that longevity is no longer a card in that deck, but the damage he has helped to bring about may leave little time for America to be comforted by it.

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No Respect for Gravity | One – Seizing Initiatives and Making Recruitments

No Respect for Gravity | One

Seizing Initiatives and Making Recruitments



 No Respect for Gravity 1Nine one one.  A popular phrase that precedes a question.  In use by emergency dispatchers throughout the United States, it would be punctuated as a question in the operator’s manual.  It is not, however, a question when you write it out.   It actually functions as a triage employed to gauge the urgency of a situation, number and type of casualties, and what treatment of responders are necessary.  Those would be the questions.  Eventually, those questions would lead to identifying the nature of the emergency.  Multiple three-digit call centers have been established since the original hot line to help was introduced.   All have been attempts at answering those questions.  A natural gas leak is treated differently than, say, a homeless encampment.  Both can lead to very serious problems, but have different causes, and so different solutions.  At large, the question of homelessness is the more frequently asked of the two.  It is so prevalent, that it has become a question that begs a question, for which there is no number yet that addresses it.  Here, we will write that question out.  We will look at what emerges as its cause so as to see its solution.   We will not be parted with any of our money, you should be glad to know, as is usually the case in these investigations leading, almost always, to government solutions.  We will, though, need to be men and women of initiative.

Before elaborating further on such figures and actions they might take, we must draw a distinction between initiative, as exercised by individuals, and initiatives, as placed on the ballot.  

Here, Initiative is the quality of being able to independently assess and evaluate problems, and use such opportunities that are available, and powers that are possessed by the individual, to initiate a first action to solve those problems.  The exercise of initiative may also lead to a series of actions, taken by themselves, and or others, to solve a problem.  There, such as in California and twenty-five other states, Initiatives that most resemble our working definition are those of the direct initiative process.  This is where laws or constitutional amendments are proposed by the citizens.  That process requires a text of the law to be written, petitions to be circulated for the necessary signatures to be gathered, and verifications made and deadlines met in order to qualify for the ballot.

Because laws can benefit some while at the same time negatively impacting others, a host of other actors and actions are usually attracted to an initiative early on in the process that often succeed in changing the solution originally envisioned for a particular problem to one with drastically different, less desirable, consequences.  Initiatives that have made it onto the ballot and were approved by the voters have a mixed track record.  This is because they are often deceptively named and marketed.  One from back in the nineteen-seventies is still protecting home owners from excessive taxation, making it possible for them to remain in their homes.  One approved only a few years ago, with a related referendum that followed, were so poorly written and badly executed as to make those same home owners desire to sell their homes, and leave the state as soon as possible. 

While initiatives can be the grassroots verity of democracy, initiatives are often the product of campaigns steered by special interest groups.  These groups may agree with the sentiments of the foot soldiers, benefit in some way from their victory, and may have placed the armies on the battlefield themselves.  Their motives may be ideological, or they may stand to profit from providing services the new law would require, or they may seek to ingratiate themselves with the public for future endeavors that would trade on any good will created.  One way or another, money will be changing hands upon an initiative passing, and that money will come from the voters.  It will also come from, and this is tragic, the rest of the citizens who don’t vote.  This is tragic because those citizens are probably better situated to evaluate propositions and outcomes if only because they are largely unaffiliated with unions, guilds, and other activist organizations promoting identity politics and exuding political pressure on their members to conform.  So, instead of ‘voters’ they may be referred to as ‘toters’ because they will nonetheless shoulder expenses arising from successful initiatives absent the prestige of being referred to as voters.     

Most voters, and toters, sadly, do not know, or fully consider, this aspect of voting; that the ballot is actually a shopping list.  To appeal to shoppers, items must not only not only sound good, it also helps to have them on sale.  To make propositions put before voters sound good, supporters rebrand them in ad campaigns.  For instance, the Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative of twenty fourteen was hailed by supporters as the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.  That re-categorizing felonies to misdemeanors would be anything but safe for neighborhoods is acknowledged by the name change.  

It was also on sale, with the money saved from processing and housing criminals to be diverted to programs to assist wayward school students by preventing them from being truant, and from dropping out.  To keep offenders out of jail, programs for mental health, drug abuse, and others would be included at no extra charge.  To keep repeat offenders out of jail, the bars would be raised on most property crimes, and no additional penalties could be added for repeat, and repeat, offenders.  

History, and very little of it was required, has shown that neighborhoods, retail outlets, convenience stores, gas stations, shopping malls, and the streets and the freeways were immediately made unsafe by the new law, and they remain so.  Thousands of inmates were kept out of jail, and kept very busy, and very organized, in neighborhoods all over the state.  When the price of a theft was increased to cause the volume of charges for property crimes to decrease, everything went on sale for the criminals.        

Voters are often too easily persuaded to ‘purchase’ an initiative by believing claims that costs are negligible, or even transitory.  The host of, seemingly, unforeseen or unintended consequences of these bargains often prove very expensive.  Expensive at a personal level, where, for example, becoming unexpectedly transitory without a catalytic converter can mean thousands of dollars.

Whatever the problem that is pitched to be solved by a new law, there are usually tactics resorted to in these campaigns that leave the voters who were coaxed along tarnished by the experience.  While there will be activists who stand to bask in golden rays of success, like a sunset to a victorious end of rigorous campaigning, most will not have the luxury of being so blinded.  Even those activists, after all, who were pressed into recruitment may eventually struggle with the knowledge that they were more culpable in the crime than the rest.

In part, it will be the realization that the problems that were identified for ballot solutions are not the core problems at all, they are only the effects of the actual problems.  This is not because no one knows what they are.  It is because the coalition must play ball with, or in some like-manner rub shoulders with, the ones who actually caused the problems, and who have no intention of ever solving them.  

So, the additional harm to citizens is that the real problems with real solutions are further removed from the light of discovery by another crest in the prevailing narrative, and the problem continues to sink to a depth where solutions cannot be fathomed. Continue reading

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It Came Out of the Sky

It Came Out of the Sky


Oh, it came out of the sky, landed just a little south of Moline
Jody fell out of his tractor, couldn’t believe what he seen
Laid on the ground and shook, fearing for his life
Then he ran all the way to town screaming “It came out of the sky”

– Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1970


It Came Out of the SkyThe asteroid was coming, and the scientists knew it was coming.  They had named it.  Scientists don’t like to be surprised.  Incoming space rock 2012 DA14 would come just 17,200 miles from striking the earth.  For perspective, earth’s satellites launched for television and telephone communications orbit at only 22,000 miles away.  At 150 feet across, the asteroid was relatively small, but not insignificant.  A space rock just over twice its size, at 330 feet across, burst in the atmosphere above Tunguska River, Russia with the force of 1,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. 

In that encounter, over 80 million trees in an 800-mile radius were flattened by the blast.  That was in 1908, and that, and the fact that it hadn’t struck the earth’s surface, and it happened in the middle of Siberia, kept fatalities as low as three people.

As fate would have it, however, in February, 2013, Russia was again scheduled for a rendezvous with an asteroid, and again one that would not strike the earth’s surface.  NASA was still expecting 2012 DA14 to make its seventeen-thousand-mile pass over.  Then, on the exact same day, only hours before the anticipated event, something else began to lite up the sky over Chelyabinsk, Russia.  A huge fireball, reportedly as bright as the sun, came streaking across the sky.  Continue reading

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Mass Formation Psychosis | Explained

 Mass Formation Psychosis | Explained




Mass FormationMass Formation Psychosis, alternately referred to as ‘mass formation’, is the explanation of why intelligent people will believe in a narrative that is absolutely absurd.  There are very specific conditions that need to be present in order for large scale mass formation psychosis phenomenon and totalitarian thinking to emerge in a society.  This video transcript is from an interview where Dr. Matias Desmet, Professor Clinical Psychology, defines the phenomenon and explains its premiere manifestation here in the twenty-first century.

For its revelatory insight into the largest world-wide development of the phenomenon in history, this video is both compelling and shocking viewing.  It this expose’ of the phenomenon we can see the insidious development that, evidentially, appears to be as well-crafted for us as it was, quite literally, captivating for tens of millions of people throughout the free world.  

For an understanding of the basic premise upon which totalitarian rule must be established, this video is required viewing.  Continue reading

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