Why America Needs to Shut Down Foreign Aid | Because USAID So

The hundreds of millions, and billions, going to government and non-government organizations (NGO’s) alike purportedly to accomplish our collective will is staggering.  When Americans see these figures the amounts are unfathomable.  They don’t correspond in any way to their pressing realities, and they are further insulated from them by the myriad of committees and agencies managing these fortunes.  If not be design, than certainly by opportunity, their multitude makes possible a deceptive shell game for waste, fraud, and embezzlement of American taxpayer dollars.  It is too easy for these dollars to find their way back into the pockets of politicians that approved their expenditure.1    

President Donal Trump wisely picked one of these shells to focus on that was more easily recognizable: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  As soon as he did so, the Deep State quickly saw it would lead to their other revenue streams, and they set out to destroy him. 

Indeed, after Trump’s second term was denied him though unprecedented voter fraud, Congress worked to checkmate the president should he prevail in a second run for office by approving legislation preventing the president from withdrawing form NATO without approval of Congress or the Senate.2  No matter if another America First candidate should succeed him in the future, their power to unilaterally influence recipients of U.S. foreign aid to be held accountable to the best interests of American taxpayers would be over shadowed by Deep State Globalists. 

There is a solution to this scheme that bilks Americans and impoverishes some of them, and there is a perfect place to begin implementing it. 

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is one of these ‘aid’ programs authorized and funded by Congress in the Foreign Assistance Act.  The USAID budget for 2024 is $63 billion, and, in the Marxist vernacular, they cite the NGO’s they sponsor as their “critical change agents.”3  USAID is supposedly overseen by the President, Secretary of State, and the National Security Council.  While that sounds like accountability, can you imagine that check book in the hands of former Secretary of State Hillery Clinton?  That register could be wiped faster than her private email server. 

The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 must be repealed.  At the time of its inception, the national debt was a mere $306 billion.  This law separated military from non-military aid, and created a siphon for funneling money to spurious social aid causes overseas to the detriment of the American people.   Congress must be forced to debate the merits of each request for foreign aid individually, and in public view.  The validity of merits for qualifying these aid projects themselves, including military aid, must first be tied to real measurements that express the needs of the American people.  For example, so long as the homeless population of veterans in Los Angeles exceeds, say, 500 souls, a new classification for foreign aid projects, including those providing for the promotion of women in the engineering field in Jordan, would be below the threshold of merit, and could not be brought to the floor for consideration.

These requests for foreign aid can no longer be given the nebulous, and dubious pass that hemorrhaging money into them “advances U.S. national security and economic prosperity.”4  This has become an economic imperative as our national dept hovers at $34 trillion dollars.  Many experts agree this can never be paid back, and that some sort of revaluing of the dept, or a reset, is inevitable.  Some of those same experts believe it will be politically easier for the government to simply continue to print money until hyperinflation renders it worthless.  Others see a middle road for the U.S. to attempt to hold on the reserve currency status by implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and utilize the intrinsic controls in the programmable ‘currency’ to accomplish a reset in an effort to remain on top.  In any event, projections are the value of the U.S. dollar takes a significant nose dive, the Americans see a large portion of their wealth evaporate, and standards of living turn significantly downward.     

This will make it even more difficult to address the astronomical problems we already have here at home, but the sooner we get started the better. 

Nothing advances our national security more than securing ourselves at home.  We could mention our porous borders, our homelessness where even our veterans are living on the street, and our overstretched to the point of breaking social programs, but national and local headlines make it impossible to escape these realities.  And this one: We are spending desperately needed funding from taxes on citizens of foreign nations administered by governments that don’t represent us, and now we are even importing those other citizens to make it easier to give them American’s money to send back to their home country.  If it were not for the fact that our ‘elected’ representatives are actually turned Globalist’s representatives, this despicable financial treason would be far less rampant.  However, in any degree it is repugnant to a free people.  If this travesty of taxation without representation sounds familiar, it’s because we once fought a war over this. 

Today, we fight our wars under color of law and without Congress having to do their job and own up to being responsible for them.  They do get to act as cheer leaders.  They do get to wear other nation’s flags as lapel pins and pocket hankies.  They do get to desecrate the American flag by changing the color of its stripes to a pale blue and horrible yellow.  They do get to purchase wars with our money and then behave like a bunch of irresponsible rich kids fielding their newly purchased football franchise.  They don’t have to take full responsibility for these proxy wars by actually declaring war, but they do get to threaten us with drafting our sons and daughter for war if balk at funding their war games.  They get to do this on the world chessboard, in part, through leveraging our membership in NATO, and its invocation.  In order to put a stop to this madness, We, the people, must withdraw from an alliance that was binding for 20 years, beginning form 1949, and that expired in 1969.  We must get out of NATO now, not only because it’s a slush fund used by Congress to bribe compliance of other nations, but because it’s a highspeed sports car being driving by drunk teenagers on a dark country road lined with large oak trees with caution flung to the wind. 


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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Right Foot Out

| – 10 – |

The birth of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies was made possible by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Because of it they were able to pervert Affirmative Action into a program to mint a new currency of Identity Claims to be used in purchasing the loyalties of countless Americans by turning them into hyphenated-citizens.  Additionally, the coup that robbed the nation of its president’s second term ushered in a new executive branch unseen by the American public that would also exert control in the Judicial and Legislative arenas, and even have the power to declare, and conduct, wars in their name.  The CRT Allies were the Neo-Communists continuing to fashion the Communist traps such as those used so well in the Korean and Vietnam wars.  They were designed for America to step in in order to slowly bleed her; to reduce her strength financially, and morally.  To fully understand the coup Americans have been living under since 1963, it is necessary to look at the circumstances that brought it about.

In 1961 the U.S. began deploying a missile squadron of 15 Jupiter MRBM nuclear missiles in Turkey that were aimed at Russia.  Although under the guise and umbrella of the shared responsibility of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), they were, of course, owned and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF).  The deployment of nuclear missiles is always risky business.  Some of the same missiles that were also stationed in Italy against Russia at the time were nearly detonated on the ground by lightning strikes.  After only four of such strikes, that included warheads being activated with ‘boost gas,’ the USAF employed the protection of secret Dissipation Array Systems, or lightning strike-diversion towers.  These missile bases themselves were top secret, so nobody knew about them except, eventually, the Russians.

The distance between Turkey and Russia is 236 miles.  The distance from Havana, Cuba, to Miami, Florida, is 230 miles, and with Cuba’s flamboyant Fidel Castro hopping up and down to obtain a station of Soviet nuclear missiles for himself, and threatening to turn to China to get them, the Russians finally decided that turn around was fair play.  Thus ensued 13 days of intense and secret negotiations, whereupon the U.S. removed their missiles from Turkey and Italy, and Russia removed their missiles from Cuba (no one then knowing of the American concessions).  Nuclear war had been averted with only a few knowing how close we’d really come.

After the Communist revolutionary was rocketed to international fame by the Cuban Missile Crisis, which Kennedy subsequently solved through diplomacy, the Cuban leader still emerged as the world renown poster boy for those who would romanticize the otherwise dark reality of totalitarian Communism.  With his flashing personality, adventurous use of army fatigues, dark hair, and black beard, he had tapped into the growing rebellious nature of 1960’s counter culture.

Even as the decade of the 60’s began, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had already been plotting the Communist dictator’s ouster.  The failed assassination plots to take out Castro provide an opportunity to examine Mafia culpability in the assassination of President Kennedy, and would at least be a scenario President Johnson would have evaluated.  One way, or another.

The Mafia’s desire to reassert themselves in Cuba came from Castro having previously expropriated the Mafia casinos in Havana and thus costing them millions in profits, even ruining some mob bosses.  It is common, actually necessary, for the agency to employ characters of variable fibers, or ‘cutouts,’ to formulate their intricate designs and put them on the ground in hostile territory.

With a hit crew assembled by the mob and supported by the agency, the latter would be insulated, and the mob would obtain an ace up their sleeve for use against the president’s brother, Robert Kennedy, Attorneys General, who was running a campaign against organized crime.

For sure, the assassination plot against Castro was an elaborate agency undertaking with a huge network of actors supported by government resources.  The plotting to assassinate Castro was so extensive that, had all of the schemes come to fruition, the CIA would have delivered to the world stage a previously hallucinating, now bald, close-shaved, poisoned, stabbed, harpooned, and or shot, corpse for public viewing.  Definitely, the ingredients of lure for snack foods manufacturers that included decoder rings in their snack food boxes.

Planning for assassinations at the CIA begins after targets are selected. Teams get busy plotting by testing and proposing schemes.  When schemes grow legs, they are walked over to the planning department to become part of the plot.

In addition to usual high-powered rifles with telescopic sights, the agency operatives explored a variety of means to carry out the hit on Castro.  These included; poisoned pills (tested on guinea pigs), lethal cigars, ballpoint pens rigged as hypodermic syringes containing poisons (e.g. Black Leaf 40), gifting the leader a booby-trapped skin-diving suit, and even planting booby-trapped sea shells delivering poisons through pin pricks (for which the study of mollusks was undertaken).1

There is even an extra curricula, controversial, exposé linking the CIA operation with an interest taken in facilitating the dictator’s death by injecting him with a newly discovered cancer-causing virus.2  The agency was thorough, casting a broad net over what they wanted, and what they could achieve.

In contingencies that settled, in the short term, for only permanently tarnishing Castro’s image, schemes included releasing aerosols containing LSD (a psychedelic drug) at his radio station during his live broadcasts, providing him with similarly treated cigars to “produce temporary personality disorientation,”3 and placing depilatory (hair removing) powder in his shoes to be absorbed through the skin “to destroy Castro’s image as ‘The Beard’ by causing the beard to fall out.”4

These details were divulged in 1999 from a CIA internal Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro, concluded in 1967.  What is perhaps most important to note from the standpoint of prosecuting the Mafia as the suspect in the Kennedy assassination is that the report reveals CIA conspiring Mafia boss Sam Giancana “was flatly opposed to the use of firearms” as “no one could be recruited to do the job, because the chance of survival and escape would be negligible”5 (it will be remembered that Oswald didn’t escape, and he didn’t survive).

The CIA plots to assassinate Castro disintegrated with Kennedy pulling the plug on the endeavor after finally becoming disgusted with the full scope of other unsanctioned plans the CIA had in view for following the assassination with a full military war with Cuba.  For example, Operation Northwoods consisted of a bundle of plots for staged terrorist attacks on American civilians, and included one of shooting down a civilian plane filled with cadavers over America, and blaming Cuba for the attacks as an excuse to invade the island.  These sorts of staged endeavors aimed at provocation are referred to as false flags.

The ensuing fall-out between Kennedy and the CIA over the president’s reversal, and cancellation of other aggressive agency plots, had resulted early on in the president dismissing CIA Director Allen Dulles.

And here is where we find out why Kennedy was assassinated, and thus by ‘who’ he was assassinated.  It turns out the CIA had already graduated, class of 1953, in Iran with a PhD in coup d’état, and they weren’t about to reverse their tassels and return their diplomas.  Sitting in the stands that day for the commencement ceremony were both the American president, and the British prime minister.

At the end of World War II, America and the United Kingdom emerged as even stronger allies.  A British petroleum company had built the world’s largest refinery in Iran, and paid its government royalties on the oil.  Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddegh, democratically elected, requested an open book audit of the company, and the company refused, whereupon the Iranian parliament voted to nationalize the refinery and expel the British.  The British considered its military option, but tried an economic boycott.  The Communist party in Iran, vacillating pro and con, came to the side of Mosaddegh long enough to be the only spark required to seal his fate.  As it happens, the USSR had made overtures, or undertures in clandestine terms, to purchase Iranian oil for themselves.

The stage was therefore set for a Brotherhood of loose interpretations; of laws, Constitutional separation of powers, and even the Bible itself.

Allen Dulles became Director, CIA, in 1953.  He had a brother named John Dulles that had been a special advisor to President Truman.  John had made a name for his self in defending Reverend Harry Emerson Fosdick, who, having embraced the Historical-Critical method of interpreting the Bible as a living document to continually be reassessed in light of new discoveries, particularly in science, was charged with heresy.  It is easy to understand the contention and the charge, as the new method ostensibly implied that nothing, neither laws nor precepts, and not even the ten commandments, were written in stone.  John had previously pitched the idea of a coup in Iran to Truman, no doubt with the siren of rising communism and Soviet expansion, but Truman, raised in the Baptist Church, was opposed to thwarting the orderly democratic process, especially with violence that could lead to murder, and he was concerned the action would completely unleash the CIA; leaving the agency to their own discretion in ruling the world as de facto commanders in chief over the U.S. military; including the employment of assassinations (which the agency would later re-nomenclate “executive actions”).6

In August of 1953, Dewight D. Eisenhower was president, and he would make Truman’s John Dulles his Secretary of State.  Together with his brother Allen as Director, CIA, The Dulles brothers made the pitch again, and not only did Eisenhower receive it (which misgivings over he would later seem to indicate in his Fairwell Address), but Winston Churchill also green lighted the CIA plan for a coup d’état in Iran.  Thus empowered, with backing from two military powers if need be, the CIA went to work.  The agency bused in protestors and rioters into the city of Tehran, armed the opposition, and a few hundred were killed, Mosaddegh and his supporters were thrown in jail, and the Shah was installed as a monarch to reign for the next 26 years.

In addition to the Dulles brother’s success at legitimizing the agency’s authority to establish foreign policy, and enforce it by covert, violent means as necessary, it also established the CIA as the authority under whom presidents would serve out their terms, coming and going as these rulers tolerated them.  Future Presidential briefings would consist only of details which the CIA deemed beneficial to the agency’s aims and purposes, and communiqués of those presidents would be altered as necessary.  This is the CIA the president would encounter in 1960.

John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th president on January 20, 1961.  President Kennedy had served as a Lieutenant Commander of a Patrol Torpedo boat in WWII.  On a pitch-black night, it was rammed and split in two by a Japanese destroyer.  The survivors opted not to become prisoners of war and beginning at just past 2:30 in the morning swam three and a half miles to an island, with Kennedy towing one of the wounded by his life jacket strap clenched in his teeth.  The military high command of advisors to U.S. Presidents were officially designated the Join Chiefs of Staff (JCS) in February 1942, and consisted of Admirals and Generals representing the several branches of military.  They served under two presidents that waged the war to victory, and then under President Eisenhower, former Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force who was instrumental in making that victory possible.  Although Kennedy was awarded the Purple Heart, and recognized for extremely heroic conduct, the JCS resented serving under the Lieutenant who was adored by the public as a war hero.  It didn’t take long for the feeling to become mutual.  Kennedy distrusted the high command, viewing them as making decisions effecting faceless men in far off places, in situations they did not grasp, and as having exceeded their authority to govern.7  His desire was to return that power to civilian authority.

Kennedy had proven his opposition to CIA influenced military campaigns by turning down the JCS earnest recommendations to invade Cuba on three occasions.  In 1961, he declined to support the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuban freedom fighters with U.S. military (an invasion we now know was a CIA plot to force him to commit those forces).  In 1962, he prevented Operation Northwoods (q.v.), and then he disregarded their urging to invade Cuba to solve the missile crisis.  The JCS were reportedly outraged at Kennedy on all these fronts, and especially when he solved the missile crisis diplomatically, agreeing to remove American nuclear missiles aimed at Russia.  This was against the JCS wishes.  They believed they could prosecute a military solution and extinguish a nearby Communists government, without risk of nuclear war with Russia.

Kennedy’s subsequent decision in 1963 to stand down the military, and the CIA, to prevent a large-scale military campaign in Vietnam, however, was the last straw for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and sealed Kennedy’s fate.  It has been postulated that it was, instead, his three strikes on military intervention in Cuba that struck him out, but there would appear to be at least two sequiturs problematic with that theory.

Firstly, Johnson’s subsequent and immediate turnaround on Vietnam seems to indicate that he followed directions and got with the JCS war making program as instructed to him.  Secondly, with Kennedy out of the way and Johnson obviously following orders, reversing Kennedy’s withdrawal orders in a matter of days after taking office, there was no subsequent invasion of Cuba.

It is true that it eventually came to light that the Russians had deployed battle field nukes in Cuba of the type and scale for use against the invading Americans, and had standing orders to use them in that case, but this was not discovered until decades later, and not known in the immediate aftermath of Kennedy’s assassination.

The insight into all of this behind-the-scenes drama we have today forces a monumental retrospect in our understanding of what actually transpired, and didn’t transpire, during Kennedy’s presidency.  It means that with what we now know, Kennedy actually kept America from starting what would have certainly, and quickly, escalated into widespread thermonuclear warfare, or WWIII, by not allowing us to be lured into stepping into that trap.  A catastrophe that hindsight shows the Military Industrial Complex – elements in the Pentagon, defense contractors, and intelligence agencies – were poised to step in, and were thankfully prevented from doing so by Kennedy.  Even if it were only due to the limited resources and logistics that prevented the MIC from simultaneously igniting Cuba after being given their Vietnam, the fact that they were initially prevented from doing so is probably why these words exist, and why they may be used to speculate: President John F. Kennedy saved the world.

References: op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Death by Exsanguination

| – 9 – |

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies have been largely successful in fractionalizing Americans to divide and conquer them.  It was an old strategy given new impetus by an ingenious application of a revered president’s stipulation there be no racial preferences in hiring by government contractors.  It was to be one of two perversions of President John F. Kennedy’s intentions made possible by his assassination.  The other was the war in Vietnam.  In his Executive Order 10925, Kennedy ordered that contractors “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.”1  In succeeding years, the phrase Affirmative Action was turned on its head, and; instead, racial, sexual, and eventually personal doctrinal identities, became preferences screened for in hiring and admissions using percentage formulas discriminating in favor of these categories.

To propel legitimizing these categorical classes and entice conscriptions, the CRT Allies would use Federal funds to mint and award Identity Claims granting favor to the bearers of those claims.  They only needed to check a box on an application form.  That would become Affirmative Action.  Going forward, people could be rewarded for identifying on applications by the characteristics that made them un-American, or a member of any other category of identity foremost, and lastly as an American; a sort of hyphenated-citizen. 

Affirmative Action would become the seminal policy whereby the CRT Allies could not only absorb their members into government employment for writing laws for legislators, but particularly into unaccountable government agencies mandating the regulations governing all activities surrounding daily life. 

Americans could be regulated to conform to, and support, their veiled Communist ideology.  It would first be disguised in the Ecology movement, that grew into the Environmentalist movement, that grew into a Global Warming warning, that grew into a Climate Change imperative, that then grew into the harshest and most aggressive religious ideology to ever be imposed throughout the world.  Held up against such forced conversion campaigns as the Medieval Christian Crusades and the crusades of Mohamadism, the religious atrocities of Gaia Worshipers, or Gaianism, are set to outperform them all. 

First, however, the obstacle of a free people that had secured the Blessing of Liberty to themselves and their posterity had to be made to devalue those blessings so they would voluntarily surrender them.  The process for accomplishing this is called demoralization, and one way to achieve it is through countless, costly, meaningless wars.  These remove tens of thousands of strong, principled, fighting-aged American men from the population in military defeats while fighting for lost causes that chip away at the nation’s pride, and sacrifice their morals.

Since the end of World War II, Communist governments around the world knew America would never win in a hot war against them.  An ally of convenience, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was left intact and uninfluenced by the Americans, after the wars end, to change their communist/socialist governance.  If there was any doubt in America’s reluctance to show perseverance, all doubts were removed by the division in 1945 of Korea.

The United States settled for a North/South solution; with Russia in a coexistence of the Communist North Korea, and a Democratic South Korea.  When the inevitable pushing came to shoving along the agreed upon boarder, America settled on a bloody preservation of the demarcation line after Communist China joined in on North’s side, and put a halt to the US Military forces.  The stalemate continues to this day.  A war in Vietnam, then, was an easy call for the Communists, of which sprang forth the CRT Allies. 

The Communist strategy that emerged was to repeatedly catch America by the foot, bleed her of lives and treasure, and be satisfied when a poorer, and more demoralized opponent ultimately hobbled away in disgrace.  It worked in Korea, and it was going to work even larger in Vietnam.  All that would be required was for a locus of influence within America powerful enough to cause her to step forward, and into the trap again. 

This force would ultimately be revealed by the assassination of President Kenndy, and the resulting elimination of the most likely suspects.  The man with supposedly the most access to government sources, and authority to actively investigate, was incoming President Lyndon Johnson.

After the assassination, Johnson had every pressing need to eliminate suspects as soon as possible.  If it were the product American intelligence, his own safety was in question; and if it were a USSR plot, a nuclear war with Russia might be in view; and if organized crime was responsible, the specter of the mob calling the shots for the highest level of government from behind the scenes was unimaginable. 

In a phone conversation (only revealed in 2017) between Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Hoover had inadvertently cleared the top level of the FBI, for the time being, by revealing secret intelligence about supposed assassin Lee Harvy Oswald.  Next, Johnson would start with the most nefarious of the bunch at the bottom of the tree, and work up towards the fruit.  

While Johnson was Kennedy’s Vice President, their working relationship was at a distance; he was still to be regarded by the President as a political opponent, and could be considered crass in his politicking.  Nevertheless, Mafia connections, such as they were, would have been known or suspected, and Johnson would reasonably need to clear their possible involvement.  This would necessitate a look into the dark, criminal underworld.   

With the possible exception in 1954 of Attorney General-elect Albert Patterson of Alabama, crime syndicates didn’t target high-ranking government officials.  Patterson had campaigned on cleaning up the Phenix City by going after racketeering and organized crime that was rampant across the entire state.  Had he taken his office, he no doubt would have made good on his pledge to shut down gambling, prostitution, and the bribing of government officials in law enforcement and the judiciary.  The loss in revenue would have been life shattering.  The town, and every road that led into town, was lined with night clubs, casinos, and whorehouses.  If local foot traffic were not enough, Fort Benning was just across the border in Georgia, and thousands of soldiers training there provided a ready customer base. 

Many citizens decried the lawlessness, and several local church groups had established committees to push for reform.  Patterson himself had been a member of one such church committee, but even with the backing of the many reform activists in Phenix City, his task would have been monumental.  General George Patton had assessed the situation in 1940 while stationed at Fort Benning and conclude the only remedy was to level the whole town with his tanks.    

At around 9:00pm on a Friday night, Patterson was murdered outside his law office as he walked to his car.  He had been scheduled to testify the following Monday before a Jefferson County Grand Jury investigating the voter fraud that almost cost him his victory, so it cost him his life.  The term ‘mouth piece’ had long been a derogatory label given to attorneys, and it was with obvious message for any who would think to follow Patterson that one of the gun shots that killed him was fired into his mouth.  Witnesses that heard the shots saw him emerge from the alleyway where his car was parked, and stagger to the sidewalk where he collapsed and bleed to death. 

Despite the goal of intimidating reform efforts, the resulting fallout was anything but favorable to the crime syndicates.  The assassination sparked a state-wide crackdown on organized crime, with newspapers immediately calling for the state to put an end to “gangsterism” entirely.2  It would be a long-fought victory, spearheaded by Paterson’s son John Paterson who would become Attorney General himself.  The result would be to transform the town to a “God-fearing and politically conservative” showcase for Alabama.3  An effect the Mafia would not have welcomed as a result of any of their endeavors, especially on a national scale.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, crime syndicates of various stripes were common throughout the nation, but the largest and most powerful of them operating during that era, especially on the east and west coasts, was arguably the Mafia.  There were two reasons for examining a possible Mafia connection.  Kennedy was assumed to have Mafia familiarities due to associations with certain connected entertainers, and through some extramarital affairs.  Further, the Mafia and the CIA had supposedly struck an unholy alliance with the agency’s desire to take out Cuba’s Communist leader, one Fidel Castro.

References: op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Born From a Snag in The Tapestry

| – 8 – |

The history of the world is, at first, a backdrop providing for the inception of what becomes the new history of the world.  The humble origins of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies and the power that gave rise to their kingdom may be attributed to an almost off-hand remark by a former president.  The perversion of the phrase “affirmative action” would go on to become almost as big a travesty of justice as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy itself, and its resulting cover up.  The assassination would rob the nation of its sovereignty.  The resulting perversion of Affirmative Action programs would go on to rob Americans of their Constitutionally protected rights, preclude meritorious advancement, and elevate mediocrity in all branches of government.  It would grow nearly unchecked for seventy years until a Supreme Court ruling in 2023 finding racial preferences in college admissions unconstitutional.

In the meantime, the assassination of Kennedy would immediately pave the way for over 3 million Americans to go to war in Vietnam.  To make the world safe for democracy, over 480,000 of them would be in some fashion disabled, and 58,000 American men would be killed.  In terms of dollars, not counting annual disability and dependent care (at $22 Billion per year), the war would cost $1 Trillion dollars ($168 Billion, adjusted for inflation).   Defense contractors would sell nearly 12,000 helicopters alone to the Defense Department.  America would lose the war in Vietnam, but defense contractors would become big winners.  The war would last for 10 years.

There is the saying that goes something like this: ‘All presidents knew Vietnam couldn’t be won, but none wanted to be the president to lose it.’  It is used to explain why the losing lasted so long.  It’s good prose penned from afar, but history has revealed Kennedy both knew it couldn’t be won, and acted to end America’s involvement in the war by the middle of his second term in office.

In October 1963, unknown to the public, Kennedy approved National Security Action Memorandum Number 263 (NSAM-263) containing the plans for a complete withdrawal of US Military forces in stages to be completed sometime in 1965.  He had requested the plans be drawn up by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Maxwell Taylor in September.  The Defense Secretary, meeting with advisors from the military and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), drew up the plans in Hawaii.  On November 22, the president was assassinated.

The White House had previously released a public statement in October of the intention to withdrawal 1,000 troops by year’s end, but because what passed for diplomacy was still ongoing to tie up loose ends with the corrupt government of South Vietnam, the full plan of NSAM-263 had not yet been made public.  So, the president’s death had taken place at a most fortuitous time, and with tremendous opportunity, for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC); players in the defense industry, their cohorts in the military, and assorted ‘intelligence’ advisors.

The fact that NSAM-263 had not been previously been disclosed to the public was a key in a lock that turned both ways.  It depended on who really did the turning.  On the one hand, President Lyndon B. Johnson could have continued with the plan’s extraction of American forces from Vietnam, with the wind under those sails provided by the popularity of his beloved predecessor, and respect of his last wishes.  He would have allies in the military, and a good sampling of public support in doing so.  On the other hand, withdrawing the troops would make Johnson appear soft on Communism, which would be unpopular with many voters, and estrange large contingents of the military’s top brass.

This was all in light of his designs to become president in his own right in the future, and in a world where he would always need the support of the Pentagon.  For the time being, however, Johnson was pressed to obtain his own personal assessment of the intelligence community.

Two hours after the assassination, Vice President Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States on Air Force One with Jacqueline Kennedy by his side.  The Secret Service, worried a bigger plot might be unfolding, urged him to leave Dallas immediately, but he wouldn’t abandon Jacqueline.  He now flew to Washington DC with the president’s body, and he had to think.  The young, handsome, and charismatic war hero president, representing the vitality and promise of a new American era, had, in modern times, been assassinated.  This, while ostensibly under the protection of the CIA, FBI, and the Secret Service.  Who, or what, had not only the audacity, but the motive, and also the power to construct the means to take advantage of the opportunity?

Johnson had always been the power brokering politician who knew where important people were, how they got there, and why they were there.  There would have been little doubt in Johnson’s mind, especially in retrospect, about the poorly chosen route, and minimally protected motorcade he rode in through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

Only two cars behind Kennedy, Johnson’s Secret Service protector shoved him to the floorboard and fell over him, shielding him with his body.  The motorcade itself, violating Secret Service rate-of-speed and turn radius rules, proceeded slowly under tall buildings, none of which had all their windows closed and secured.  As shots rang out, the President himself would have been unable duck or fall forward as he was constrained by a back brace he’d been wearing for a preexisting back injury.  Only a few would have known that. Earlier, as the limousines were departing from the airport, space in the entourage for one of the President’s protectors appeared to have gone unaccounted for, as he aborted trying to board the moving car in frustration. Further, the usual detachment of military security that would have been positioned throughout the crowd and in observation posts for such a presidential parade had suspiciously gone unrequested, being told to stand down.

Indeed, as these peculiarities came to light, and were matched along with Johnson’s legendary prowess, and what he stood to gain, some (including even the Russian KGB) speculated he himself had a part in orchestrating the assassination.

Clearly, Johnson had a pressing motive for assessing the landscape for responsible parties.  Also, the Secret Service might be right, and his own safety could be in jeopardy.  Four villains would have stood out for Johnson to mentally prosecute for a conviction.  By order of business, however, the FBI would come first.

After the Secret Service, Johnson would be in communication with the FBI.  In discounting the FBI in the Kennedy assassination, Johnson would have planned for a series of ‘exploratory’ conversations with FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover.  The tone would be to obtain assurances no other assassination plans were afoot, but also to satisfy himself there was no FBI involvement.

It must be remembered that at the time, Hoover’s FBI was the most powerful clandestine law enforcement organization on earth with files containing nearly everything on nearly everyone; including files containing sound recordings, and film.  The FBI wasn’t only feared by gangsters.  To articulate the powerful reach of Hoover, then Vice President Johnson had confided over drinks with a few reporters that: “J. Edgar Hoover has Jack Kennedy by the balls.”1  Indeed, warnings about the far reaching and unethical practices of Hoover came from as far back as President Harry S. Truman, who had penned a warning the FBI was resembling a Gestapo secret police force; keeping files on sex scandals, and engaging in blackmail.  He wrote that “Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.”2

The descriptions of Hoover’s authoritarian and ruthless character weren’t purely hyperbole.  In examining Hoover’s life after his death, some in the field of psychology and psychiatry observed several personality disorders along with sexual torment stemming from his homosexual desires.  They opined that his heavy-handed behavior of chronicling and squeezing the secret defects in others for punishment was a psychological compensator whereby he could vicariously obliterate his own flaws, and assuaged his paranoia of exposure of his own deviant proclivities. 

One Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in Dallas hours after the assassination, but did he act alone?  In conversations with Hoover, Johnson would no doubt plan to use his talent as best he could to gauge any pattern in Hoover’s physiological reactions to determine culpability.  Even for Johnson, it would not be easy.  He would almost immediately, however, satisfy himself with Bureau’s innocence.  His assessment resulted not only from his preponderance of the other candidates, but also from one astounding phone conversation that took place at the White House, one day after Kennedy’s death.

It would be logged as Telephone Conversation Sound Recording, number Seven, November 23, 1963, between LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover, at 10:01 a.m.  Although subsequently erased by an actor or actors unknown, a transcript of the call survived and surfaced in a National Archives documents release in 2017.  In the call, Hoover informs Johnson of the existence of a second Oswald.

The FBI had obtained a photograph and a sound recording of Oswald at a visit to the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City.  The narrative rapidly developing was that he was supposed to be a communist radical who assassinated the president for political reasons.  The problem was that the man in the photo and on the sound recording did not look like nor sound like Oswald.  Hoover reiterated to Johnson that the Oswald, then still alive and in custody, denies everything.  “He doesn’t know anything about anything but the gun thing, of course, is a definite trend,”3 meaning the rifle had a paper trail to Oswald, and was found at the scene.  If Hoover’s FBI were the culprit, there would be little chance of him revealing what could be inside conspiracy details of an FBI operation with multiple, elaborate actors. 

In fairly short order, Johnson had been able to determine that it wasn’t an FBI conspiracy, or a lone gunman that was responsible for Kennedy’s assassination.  There could be but two more candidates the fit the requirements of the crime.  Because of the shattering implications of a CIA organized coup, Johnson would probably look first into the Mafia.

References: op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Humble Origins

| – 7 – |

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies had developed a serious problem as a result of their phenomenal success.  Their assault division of militia thugs known as Antifa were left without a goal for too long after being instrument in the fraud that changed the outcome of the 2020 Presidential race.  It was the same problem faced by Hitler with his SA, or Brownshirts, after they helped him to capture Germany.  With too much time on their hand, the militia thugs of both parties degenerated into rank depravity; the SA into full scale homosexuality, and Antifa into transgender-enabled pedophilia. 

Such was Antifa’s expanding, violent role in supporting trans-grooming pedophilia, they would eventually earn the moniker Trantifa in what remained of objective media.  Opposition has even evolved in what may be considered as close quarters.  Tennis legend and lesbian Martina Navratilova has been outspoken over the insanity of forcing women to compete with men in sports.  Then, there is the formation of the organization Gays Against Groomers (GAG) which has compared the medical mutilation children, marketed as “gender affirming care,” to the notoriously cruel medical experiments performed by infamous Nazi concentration camp doctor Joseph Mengele.

We know how it ended for the Hitler’s SA, but without a similar condition of centralized leadership, Antifa would apparently require a different means of dispatch.  There is, however, unbeknownst to the public, quite an ingenious plan in play whereby the more useful of Antifa can be absorbed into what are now the clandestine echelons of the CRT Allies, and the residual can be scattered to the wind. 

To understand how this solution to Antifa came about, and provide the receipts, the CRT Allies’ inception and the creation of their Identify Claims that would subsequently be minted by the Federal government must be examined.      

The humble origins of today’s CRT Allies and their Identity Claims can be traced to an innocent phrase chosen by President John F. Kennedy for use in his Executive Order singed on March 6, 1961.  The order required that the hiring practices of government contractors excluded preferences based on race, creed, color, or national origin, and that they take “affirmative action” to ensure these protections for job applicants.  It was a fateful precursor.

Kennedy inherited America’s cold war strategy of fighting Communism in Vietnam with about 600 military advisors, or Green Berets occupying the country.  Local populations in third-world nations were to be trained and armed with ammo cans and Democracy to be able to repel the Communists themselves.  Kennedy, following the advice of military and ‘intelligence’ advisors, increased that number to 16,00 servicemen.  With little in terms of victory to show for it, he saw where it was going.  He quickly learned from the small dabbling Vietnam what others learned before him in the Korean Conflict; that defeating Communism in those skirmishes could only be accomplished by no holds barred invasion of mainland China, and then probably Russia. 

He also understood that the of constraints imposed on that victory.  If only considering at the time China, there would political difficulties not limited to garnering a sustained political resolve, but in facing the will of the American people against another huge scale world war, especially with a nuclear threat in it.  This did not even take in to account the huge humanitarian cost of victory and its aftermath.  The US inherited the population of Japan at the end of WWII, but it was an advanced, industrialized nation poised to emerge as self-sufficient.  The same could not be said for China.  

For the foreseeable future then, Communism could not be defeated in numerous bush wars, and could not be taken head-on, so Kennedy ordered that all US troops be withdrawn from Vietnam. 

The Presidential Farewell Address is a tradition that began with President George Washington.  They are typically used to encourage, exhort, and to warn the American people.  Kennedy would not get the chance to give his, but his predecessor’s address would seem to signal why it wouldn’t be delivered.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower served two terms as president, and had been the Supreme Commander of Allied forces in WWII.  It was because of his experience and first-hand knowledge that his warning to guard against ‘unwarranted influence…by the military-industrial complex,” a new alliance between the pentagon and defense contractors, could be taken more seriously.  Eisenhower warned that because of this new alliance that emerged from the war, “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.” 

Some would say the warning turned into prophecy.  Kennedy, the militarily less experienced, and younger president presented the opportunity for the ‘disastrous rise of misplaced power’ Eisenhower warned of.  Near the end of Kennedy’s first term, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) existed to play real war games with real armies.  The Office of Strategic Services that operated during WWII afterwards became the larger and more powerful Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  The agency continued in international intelligence gathering, and acted in an advisory capacity to Pentagon and the Commander in Chief, or the President.  Large contingents within the agency and the military, along with defense contractors, planned for a long military campaign of career building and financial enrichment in Vietnam, and so to ensure it would take place they engineered Kennedy’s assassination using the CIA.  It was nothing short of  a violent overthrow of the government, or a military coup. 

Vice President Lydon Johnson succeeded Kennedy as President.  Johnson was an adept politician of his times, having once lost a senate seat, and subsequently winning that seat, through same kind of organized voter fraud employed today.  Over his political career Johnson cajoled, bribed, blackmailed, and intimidated friends and opponents to get his way.  He is even rumored to have once beaten a murder rap. 

As a consummate intelligence gatherer and manipulator, Johnson would always know where key people were to be reached, how they got there, and, more importantly, why they were there.  No journalist, historian, or biographer could treat the subject of Johnson’s superb intelligence gathering skills and power over controlled outcomes as exemplified in his manipulation of friends and opponents without referencing Rowland Evans and Robert Novak’s Lyndon B. Johnson: The Exercise of Power.   There, they describe what became legendarily known as The Treatment:

The Treatment could last ten minutes or four hours. It came, enveloping its target, at the Johnson Ranch swimming pool, in one of Johnson’s offices, in the Senate cloakroom, on the floor of the Senate itself – wherever Johnson might find a fellow Senator within his reach. Its tone could be supplication, accusation, cajolery, exuberance, scorn, tears, complaint, and the hint of threat. It was all of these together. It ran the gamut of human emotions. Its velocity was breathtaking and it was all in one direction. Interjections from the target were rare. Johnson anticipated them before they could be spoken. He moved in close, his face a scant millimeter from his target, his eyes widening and narrowing, his eyebrows rising and falling. From his pockets poured clippings, memos, statistics. Mimicry, humor, and the genius of analogy made The Treatment an almost hypnotic experience and rendered the target stunned and helpless (1966; p 104).

Kennedy had defeated Johnson in the 1960 Presidential Primary, but then surprised everyone when he then chose him as his Vice-Presidential running mate.  They would surmise it was to win the southern vote, but there was more to it than that.  Kennedy had no doubt calculated Johnson’s political acumen as instrumental in helping to achieve his administration’s aggressive goals, and to keep his administration safe in the shark infested waters of Washington DC.  Although to his credit Kennedy sought to eventually disband the CIA, and reportedly ‘scatter it to the winds,’ neither he nor Johnson fully comprehended they had needed a bigger boat.

 References: op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | A Missing Leader Poses a Problem

| – 6 – |

As with the SS (Protection Squad), Waffen-SS (Armed SS), and Gestapo (Secret Police), the communist Antifa political action group also sprang from 1930’s Germany.  As the rabidly anti-communist Nazis rose to power, Antifa faded only to rise from the ashes in the twenty-first century as an international group.  In considering what these organizations are now infamous for, it would not be a stretch for one to wonder if the Devil himself did not hold a special grudge against Germany, if not for the Gutenberg Bible, then certainly for the Protestant Reformation.

The success of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies with their Antifa militia finds them with the same problem faced by Adolph Hitler and his Assault Division (SA).  After having been instrumental in his rise to power, the SA had become autonomous and competitive, and the German public had begun tiring of their lawlessness.  Worse, they were headed up by admired leader.  Although once a close friend of Hitler, Ernst Röhm was a fiercely independent war hero who inspired allegiance, and he aspired to combine the SA with the German military and command the larger force.  Hitler needed the support of the army for his larger plans, and already had a select cabinet and well-polished paramilitary forces.  The SA had become an annoyance and a political liability.  It could also become a much larger embarrassment to the Nazi movement undermining its very existence. 

In addition to no longer needing this extra-military militia, three things made the sacrifice of the SA an appealing move for Hitler, (1) they were a very powerful regiment, with over 4 million technically under the leadership of a potential rival, (2) they remained thugs, which made them too coarse and unruly, which troubled the otherwise polished Nazi movement, and, (3) they were  rife with what was the depravity of the day, and that presented a significant liability to the Nazi claim of German moral purity used for justification for the actions the Nazis took.

With an appeal to history and lore, the image cultivated by the Nazi party was one of the tall, Nordic, blue-eyed blond male of impeccable character making babies with their female counterparts to build the thousand-year reign of the new Germany, or Third Reich.  The further away from this model others were the more undesirable those people groups were for Nazis.

Although it was largely kept under wraps, the SA leadership embraced homosexuality and was riddled with it.  The SA commander Röhm was a homosexual.  Hitler disapproved of homosexuality, and was concerned it could have a corrupting influence on Nazi leadership and the youth.  Of course, there was pedophilia too, but the practice even less well-known, and was rarer. 

The German people for the most part still possessed nineteenth-century moral fibers, though about to become more selective and frayed, and Hitler knew the issue of homosexuality not only tarnished the movement, but its outright revelation would be beyond what the general populating could accept.

Today, the bar of depravity has been lowered; homosexuality is widely tolerated and even accepted, but widespread acceptance of pedophilia is still out of reach, and with Antifa’s pedophilia activism increasing, evidenced in their support of Drags Queen Story Hours, sexually explicit instructional literature, and sexual mutilation surgeries for elementary school children, they pose the same problem for CRT Allies as the SA posed for Hitler. 

Even in the twenty-first century, the majority of Americans draw the line at Pride celebrations where children are preyed on to be sacrificed to the goddess of pedophilia.

In what would be called the “Night of The Long Knives,” and only a few days before the SA were to hold a large assembly in Munich, Hitler himself rode with his SS to the hotel where Röhm and the top SA were vacationing and arrested them all.  A few days later when the SA troops began showing up in the cities for their scheduled rallies, thousands more would be arrested, and the firing squads would begin.  Many were shot on the spot. 

The result was that the Germans, having grown weary of the rioting and shop destroying thugs, and the army, uncomfortable with the competing quasi-free-standing army, and the SS units and Gestapo, that despised these competitors, where all galvanized by the move in support of Hitler.

It was a political master stroke, and it is not lost on the CRT Allies considering their own problems with Antifa, but in examining the future of Antifa, we must also consider a possible reprieve for Antifa.  Thus far, it could be a circumstantial one in that, unlike the SA, Antifa does not yet have a strong central leader.  Even the CRT Allies themselves spring from a coalition of authors and ‘scholars’ absent a central figure head, but these may appear in an instant.  There are many pressed suits in Satan’s closet; only two years before being elected president of the United States no one knew who Barack Obama was.


op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Repeating History Where History Repeats Itself

| – 5 – |

As is the case with all meteoric rises to success and prominence, the phenomenal fiery trail of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies produced a spectacular display of dynamics.  At its core was Marxism.  This time it was burning with racism as the division of classes to create the propelling struggle for change.  While many malleable minds could be mustered for the requisite self-loathing to join the cause, demographics proved one physical boundary insurmountable for the Allies.  So, the Allies simply created themselves. 

The aggrieved and disadvantages sections of society merely had to be recognized and awakened.  These would be enticed into the critical mass by promises (and this never fails) of financial prosperity, and of magnifying their claims to identity.  This would not only leave their proprietary prestige inviolate when joining with the other sections of the movement, it would also be elevated on mountains of cash.

The campaign was one of making alliances.  The Gay Straight Alliance is an example of the campaigns’ successes.  Here, the parents that struggled over loss or acceptance of a child found encouragement and strength in acceptable numbers.  While they were very valuable in that they could vote and sign petitions, the real meat of the focus, however, was on the high school campus.  There, education would foster polymorphism to grow the body.  These Alliance clubs enticed teenagers by excused absences from classes to attend assemblies where games and prizes and pizza are dispensed, along with salacious descriptions of sexual behaviors.  But here, also, were planted enviable seeds of success.

The CRT Allies would eventually be faced with a growing dilemma.  The undertow from the rainbow tides onto campuses brought with it a much coarser sand for public sensibilities to tread on; that of pedophilia.  The pedophiles saw the chance for magnifying their identity claim in the wake of the Gay Straight Alliance success.  Ever ready to champion depravity and lawlessness, the violent foot soldier thugs Antifa, somewhat stifled after their success at installing the US usurper-in-chief, were quick to take up flags in their support.  This enhanced the brandishing of cross-dressing drag performances in front of school children. 

So, it was to happen that even the dragging, kicking, and screaming started to be summoned before the Drag Queen Story Hours that came complete with sexually provocative performances evolved from adult strip clubs. 

In places where these performances for children would take place, in elementary school classrooms, school auditoriums, at libraries, and at City hall consulates; and where individuals and small groups appear to protest them, Antifa started to show up to violently counter-protest.

The Allies that had been installed in government law enforcement agencies dutifully supported the cause.  Those parents who would resist, who would confront the insanity at school board meetings, who protested, would have the Department of Justice (DOJ) instruct the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to monitor them for harassment.  If spurious charges needed filing, serpentine judges await the victims.

Nevertheless, the Allies in leadership sensed they allowed this ‘section’ of intersectionality to have gone too far.  Worse, reigning in Antifa is proving very difficult. 

Today, the CRT Allies face the same problem Adolph Hitler faced within his NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party), or Nazi movement.  Prior to the beginning of his conquest of Europe, his SA, or Brownshirts, had been instrumental in his capture of Germany.  An abbreviation of Sturmabteilung, German for “Assault Division,” the SA were Hitler’s Storm Troopers.  Many had previous military experience, buy many did not.  They lacked in field worthy regimentation, but made up for it in numbers and brute force. 

The SA were Hitler’s militia forces of thugs that intimidated citizens, voters, and dissenting lawmakers with rioting, burning, and physical attacks.  They silenced opposition by brutally assaulting them in the streets, at work, and in their businesses.  This people’s police force was loosely uniformed in brown shirts and pants with swastika arm patches, and they carried banners and flags, and their use of fire in torchlight parades inspired awe and fear.  Their goal was to shut opposition up, and get them to stand down.  It was a violent, political take over. 

What the SA were to Hitler is what Antifa has become to the CRT Allies; its Assault Division.  And the success of the CRT Allies with its Antifa mirrors that of the Nazi movement, with three other important comparisons from the Nazi phenomenon.

The Nazis had three branches of government; or the government that mattered most.  These were the Gestapo, the SS, and the Waffen SS.  As mentioned earlier, the DOJ is now acting as the all-powerful secret police department, or the Gestapo.  The FBI acts as the SS, the Schutzstaffel, or “Protective Echelon,” with elements within the bureau, along with elements in the US military, being transitioned and functioning as the Waffen SS, or Armed SS. 

Here, we need to elaborate.  These constructions took place after the SA’s success at installing Hitler into the presidency, and were, in part, due to their success at doing so.  But as with today’s Antifa, the SA grew into more of an autonomous body with ideas and aspirations of their own, and was jostling for more power.  Worse still, they harbored a secret that threatened to destroy the whole Nazi movement.


op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Building the Ranks and Foot Soldiers

| – 4 – |

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies have been successfully depriving Americans of their constitutional rights through employee training and certification programs.  In those settings, removed from public scrutiny, and with immense pressures brought to bear on them by management and specially trained facilitators, they writhe helplessly under the mandated torture.  When those being harmed in diversity training kangaroo courts go public for redress, CRT appointed judges now await them with loaded gavels, ready to add insult to injury. 

The teachers subjected to a hostile work environment that included racial discrimination by Springfield Public Schools (SPS), Missouri, are to appeal judge Douglas Harpool’s ruling against them, and the imposition of the $313,000 in fines.  But many more such judges that are Constitutionally illiterate, or outright enemies of the Constitution, have been appointed by horrible CRT-Allied Presidents. 

Consequently, the court proceedings are public show trails, reminiscent of the Stalin era, and are easy victories for the CRT Allies for the time being.  They will line the path of redress for the plaintiffs like gauntlets all the way to the Supreme Court.  This is because another 220 district court, and 36 court of appeals judges, appointed by President Barak Obama alone, are still presiding and waiting in the wings. 

While Micro-Aggressions, those small facial expressions used to identify dissenters, are still an annoyance to rank-and-file CRT Allies, it is easy to see now why the CRT Allies in leadership are in favor of continuing to suffer them.  They believe losing the diagnostic aid of that tell-tale contemptuous smile is too high a price for the resulting stoicism.  Micro-Aggressions are not only a valuable tool for recognizing and singling out dissenters.  They now facilitate their legal persecution to cause the final professional and financial ruin of opponents.

This success of the CRT Allies is nearly unprecedented.  It is due, in part, to the explosive growth of factions accepted into the organization.  Formally, the CRT Allies were comprised only of neo-Marxists using racism as their new vehicle to power.  Naturally, they accepted actual racists to be employed as ‘useful idiots’ to legitimize setting black-white color boundaries for the new class struggle.  However, the black population in America rides at 13.6 percent, and while largely impacted by separatists’ politics, they are both insufficient in numbers and not diverse enough to field as a winning team. 

This is the very problem that gave birth the to the CRT ‘Allies’ themselves.  They would swell their ranks with a new campaign strategy called Intersectionality. 

All identifiable groups not included in Caucasian males, and then straight, white couples, would be cast as marginalized.  Each of these groups, by their own respective experiences, were victims of American, white discrimination practices and policies.  They were interconnected in their respective disadvantages, however, and so were ‘intersectional’ in one, whole disenfranchised group. 

Always in search of acronyms for prestigious validation, the Allies quickly coined the collection of new ranks BIPOC; for Black, Indigenous and People Of Color.

For obvious political reasons, they soon recognized and accepted the LGBTQ coalition, finding the most favored-nation-status of their rainbow flag, and their insatiable hunger to persecute the straight, white male, enhanced their clout, and aligned with their overarching mission. Put simply, they completed the polarization necessary for establishing grievances of the size and historicity that could be used to enact new policy upon which to persuade the masses to fundamentally change the nation from a democratic republic to a Marxist communist utopia.

It was then, as the alphabet contingent was sewing new additional stripes of black, brown, and pastels to their rainbow flag, that it became inevitable for the violent, anti-American group Antifa, which was the amalgam of the most violent of all these factions, to became their foot soldier thugs.  These would be used to intimidate opposition, and even to sway elections.

This was accomplished by establishing the perception of popular opposition to a particular candidate so as reduce suspicion in the outright voter fraud carried out by deep state intelligence services to alter the results of those elections.

It was astonishing to behold.  In celestial terms, the CRT Allies had successfully orbited the vortex of an event-horizon.  It became a black hole capable of collapsing civilization.  It followed, then, that the trans gendering would affix their flag to this rising dark star from which even light cannot escape. 

What was not immediately known, however, was the new LGBTQ+ flag was to become a pastel swastika flying over schoolyards.  Foresight should have seen, and no doubt some in the CRT Allies must had suspected, that it would only follow that if biology would be weighed in the balance and found wanting, then the boundary of biological age would not stand a chance against the ravenous wolves of pedophilia.


op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Employing Judges Holding the Constitution In Contempt

| – 3 – |

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies have not only taken the law into their own hands, they have remade the criminal justice system in their own image.  Nowhere is it more obviously displayed than in modern workplace trials. After using carefully planned group exercises and peer pressure to induce cognitive dissonance in training subjects, the employees are incrementally guided towards forced public confessions of being “White supremacists” actively participating in an “oppressive matrix.” 

If the accusation of being both a racist and a member in a racist organization actively involved in suppressing the legal and civil rights of others of different races based solely on their race sounds like a prosecutable offense, that is because it is exactly that.

The reason for using less than definitive, and less than legal, terms (i.e. ‘matrix’ and often used ‘privilege’), is precisely an attempt to obfuscate the full-frontal charge being leveled, and so to obscure the protections of the accused guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

-Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution

The penalties resulting from this sham trail, the employees are consoled, are sufferable; and include, public humiliation, exclusion from certain work place activities and benefits, imposition of additional and mandatory activities for remediation of their racial prejudices, or “anti-racism” training.  In some instances, however, restitutions may also be required. 

The penalty for non-compliance with these demands?  The training is mandatory.  Often, mandatory training falls under compliance training, like diversity and non-discrimination training, and failure to comply with such training is cause for disciplinary action, including dismissal. 

The teachers, two of which happen to be our real-life examples here, protested these rights violations, and requirements by the training facilitators at Springfield Public Schools (SPS), Missouri, that they also were required to provide papers divulging their personal and private information.  This SPS demand was probably on the line of, although not limited to, financial information that may be sought to both establish and rectify social resource disparities, or what the district would identify as racial inequities that exist in what has been euphemistically referred to as ‘under-served’ communities (leaving one to wonder if perhaps fixing the call button for the government-bellhop would suffice). 

This incredible demand for information beyond the purview of the employment contract and employment law violates their right to privacy.  The Fourth Amendment protects against such unreasonable searches, and seizures, and establishes the probable cause test be applied for violating the privacy of persons, houses, papers, and effects.  The employees were right to refuse all these violations of their rights, and to seek legal redress.  If any of these rights can be proved to have been denied the defendant, or infringed on, their convictions may be overturned. 

The school district may artfully argue they are not entertaining court proceedings in their prosecutions, and so are not bound by any such jurisprudence.  But in doing so, they admit to operating a kangaroo court specifically to deprive American citizens of their Constitutional rights, which is, itself, illegal. 

Even in the simplest of terms, such confrontational behavior and workplace harassment by employers based on an employee’s race, among other things, are civil rights violations.  (Here, we repeat ourselves, upholding right of due process for all Americans.)  Certainly, no real court of law could uphold the district’s illegal proceedings, but that is exactly what Federal district judge Douglas Harpool did, when he presided over the suit brought by the teachers over the mandatory “diversity training.”  The judge ruled in favor of SPS, and against the teachers.  Then, adding insult to injury, Judge Harpool fined the teachers $313,000 in SPS’s legal fees to compensate SPS.

Here is where one would expect an appeal for clarification.  It would be found in a compilation of public laws currently in force: The United States Code.  There, Title 18, U.S.C, Section 241, makes it illegal for officials to engage in the deprivation of rights under color of law, setting forth fines and jail time for officials that do so.  Officials acting in a professional capacity to deprive citizens of their rights protected by the Constitution are subject to fines and jail time.  These officials include police officers, prison gauds, as well as judges. 

Unfortunately, there is often a battle to be waged against contemptuous, crooked judges.  As is with the judge that ruled against the victimized teachers in the SPS, Missouri case, where the teachers were deprived of their Constitutional rights, thousands of judges have broken several types of laws over the last few years, with many remaining on the bench after soiling their robes.  The CRT Allies have been actively installing these judges since 2009 over two terms of President Barack Obama.   


op. cit.

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Using Employee Meetings to Deprive Americans of Rights Protected by the Constitution

| – 2 – |

Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies often use cognitive dissonance as a tool in employee meetings designed to deprive employees of their Constitutional rights.  Cognitive dissonance is where psychological stress is produced by a person’s behavior being inconsistent with their beliefs.  For the purpose of behavior modification and population control, this stress can be initiated and directed using simple task requirements, or exercises.  When stress is intensified, subjects will tend to change their beliefs to align with their actions in order to reduce the stress.

The exercises themselves do not appear sinister in nature, just slightly uncomfortable.  In its early stages, the program is focused on what is referred to a as ‘breaking the mold mind-set’ so that a degree of malleability can be created in the subjects.  This involves getting subjects to act out of character; to do something unprofessional in a professional setting.  It can be as simple as having a group of subjects perform a group physical exercise, or low-intensity calisthenics they would otherwise find embarrassing to perform at the office in front of others. 

These exercises can be disguised as ice-breakers, team-building activities, perspective enhancements, and so forth, but all of them will require one thing in common: full participation.  Excuses for opting out of the silliness, even on medical grounds, will be minimized, and even ridiculed.

The majority will suffer these discomforts weighing them against the discomfort of confrontation.  They will, over time, push down the intuitive alarms until the pencils and papers are handed out containing the crimes they must confess to committing.   

For instance, teachers in these exercises will eventually be required to register themselves in a public registry as members of a larger organization, an “oppression matrix,” that is engaged in, and promotes, racial oppression.  Not a frivolous charge, as it refers in to the cruel, prolonged, and unjust treatment, in this case of non-Caucasians based on the oppressors being “White supremacists.”  Note that to oppress is ‘to take action,’ a verb, and that almost all actions based on racial discrimination are subject to civil charges, and criminal charges, and prosecution. 

For the sake of this employee training, the right of the accused to a fair trial is abolished.  The right to confront and cross examine witnesses possessing evidence of these supposed crimes, or for the accuser to even demonstrate their existence, is likewise dispensed with.  Because this Sixth Amendment Constitutional right also ensures that witnesses testify under oath, and are hence subject to the rules of perjury, or penalties for lying, the abridgement of this right also frees the accusers to make sensational, wild, and completely unfounded accusations with almost no liability for their falsehoods.

In addition to no actual witness testimony of the crime; no voice recordings, sworn affidavits, exhibits, or photographic evidence are offered to substantiate these serious charges against the employee.  

Further, the statute prohibiting an accuser from compelling the accused to submit a guilty plea, the right against self-incrimination enshrined in the Fifth Amendment, is nonexistent in these meetings.  The defendants are informed at this stage of the trial that they have already been found guilty.  The Caucasian employees are treated in this racist and prejudice fashion based solely on their – race.

The only formality required for the training to continue, for the reprobates to cease obstructing progress and allowing the group to move forward, is for the facilitator to procure their written confessions.  This guilty plea is unavoidable because, under these rules of the CRT Allies’ twisted jurisprudence, protestations of innocence are themselves only more poof of guilt. 


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