FBI Legacy of Criminal Investigation – Reduced to Only Tokens

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has argued against the release of transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale’s diaries.  Those lobbying for their release includes many that contend that because they chronicle the individual’s thoughts leading up her murdering three children and three adults at Christian Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, they likely reveal her motivations.  Perhaps more importantly, they probably contain valuable instruction for preventing mass shootings in the future.  In their opposition to the release, the FBI’s argument centers on a novel coining of a new phrase.  In briefing materials and consultations with other local law enforcement agencies over the release, the FBI argues such items as diaries, and audio tapes, left behind by these criminals, where they claim credit for the attacks, are a means by which the killers, especially those intending to perish in the attacks, serve to perpetuate their legacy.  Their Behavioral Analysis Unit classifies these gruesome artifacts as “legacy tokens”1 that are both motivational for the original killer, and also for subsequent copy-cat killers. 

The lure to erect by infamy a towering head stone over what otherwise were insignificant and troubled lives, and the magnetism of the notional value these acts bring in inciting other sick individuals to seek to tender by these tokens their own fame, is a real and present danger.  But there is a third motive behind the FBI restricting these tokens to their own deliberations that perhaps contain even more criminal risks to the public they serve.

The experts at the FBI argue that a free press examination of these crime tokens would give way to the propagation of “false narratives”2 by “self-professed experts”3 that will “proffer their perspectives on the motivations behind the attack.”4 

Here, it is vitally important to remove the derogatory veneer from the FBI’s classification for ‘self-professed experts.’  It does not mean, as the term implies, a group of speculators without acumen, sociological perspicuity, or professional credentials.  In a recent and world-wide governmental campaign initiated in response to what they declared to be a pandemic, licensed and certified epidemiologists, virologists, and doctors and pharmacists that pointed out serious flaws in the government response for control and treatment of the virus, and by doing so opposed the government narrative, were labeled ‘self-professed experts’ to delegitimatize and dismiss them.

The murderer did exhibit, among many of her considerations, a preoccupation with the public perception of her acts, but these were ancillary to her core motivations.  In focusing only on these aspects of her motivation profile, the examination necessary to admit and treat the weightier motivation – the actual cause – is neglected.

While they do concede that these items left behind by the murderers are “critical to identifying the motive,”5 and can even “articulate the motivation behind” such attacks, by retaining these the FBI may choose to reveal, and more importantly, choose not to reveal, these motives at their own discretion.

Essentially, because these other speculators are untrained by the FBI to come to the FBI’s conclusions, they maintain, they would be “inaccurate in their assessment[s], further confusing or potentially inflaming the public.”6  But what if the real motivations for the crime that come to light by examining the diaries should ignite the public to act?  What if it be clearly established that the sociological effects of dispensing the modern and politically accepted training for treatment of gender dysphoria is the cause? 

No. The greater risk the FBI must guard against is “unintended consequences for the segment of the population more vulnerable or open to conspiracy theories.”7 Again, a preoccupation by the FBI to disparage anyone theorizing that the involvement of two or more agents in planning to produce a result actually produced one that was detrimental.  

In other words, the politically accepted, and now federally enforced view that promoting transgenderism by any and all means is the surest way to prevent gender dysphoria sufferers from causing harm to themselves, and to others, must not be challenged even by the FBI.  It means that the FBI can no longer solve for means, motive, and opportunity without exercising preexisting, political biases.  It means that the word “Investigation,” unprejudiced criminal investigation, the ensemble of methods by which crimes are studied and criminals apprehended, is effectively removed from the Bureau’s modus operandi, and thus from their title.   It renders the FBI to nothing more than a Federal Bureau, used by the Federal Government to accomplish its political goals.  It leads to the lawfare we see being waged by the Department of Justice against the political opponents of the current administration; a government constituted under the cryptocracy’s declaration of independence from Justice to enforce Inclusivity.  But the truths they put forth in their parchment are not self-evident, and it is why they must come to fruition through psychological and physical mutilation, and ultimately murder.


1-7. United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Critical Incident Response Group. 1 Range Road, Quantico, Virginia. “Protection of Legacy Tokens,” (U//FOUO) [Unclassified – For Official Use Only]. May 11, 2023. To: Chief John Drake, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

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Trump Leaves Tip at Las Vegas Rally – Election Gold

Currently, employees that receive tips, such as meal servers, must report it to the IRS as income.  That’s right: Tips.  Seriously, the IRS even recommends servers keep a tip diary to record each tip they receive other than the gratuities that are figured into the bill for large parties.  No, you don’t escape the IRS here either.  Those tips are considered a service charge, and are treated as income for which a server’s employer deducts federal income tax, social security tax, and Medicare.1  While most taxes are subject to the ire of taxpayers, the tip tax is a double-whammy in that the relationship between the guest and the server is considered by many to be sacrosanct, or something that should not be interfered with by an uninvolved third party.  This special relationship between the server and the served has long been recognized, with the server alternatively referred to today as a ‘hospitality’ worker.  This veneration is due the position’s humble beginnings. 

In the olden days, travelers stayed the night at small inns that were often no more than large farm houses with extra rooms, or extra room in a loft in the barn where they could also retire their horses for the night.  They were received hospitably by enjoying meals at the family table cooked by the lady of the house.  And though they were treated as welcomed guest, they were also treated as members of the family.  Often, in addition to covering the cost of the room and board, the guests also tipped, or reciprocated by helping with some small chore or piece of maintenance, where necessary, to show their appreciation.  Especially appreciated from the hosts was what news from the outside world the guests brought from their travels on the road, whereby the guests could ‘tip-off’ the hosts to any criminal endeavors, or bureaucratic shenanigans that could be headed their way.

Today, the server is of no less importance to either the weary traveler, or the leisure seeker.  They both rely on the warmth and guidance of the waitstaff to direct them for a delicious meal and enjoyable stay.  The best of these employees literally ‘own’ their positions.  They keep up with the quality and availability of all foods and beverages to support menu items, and work tirelessly between those seated at their tables and the preparation staff to ensure the most pleasant and enjoyable experience for their guests.  The people that come to these inns are different than those that require other types of attention.  They choose to come, and the good host chooses to be waiting for them. 

It is still a special human relationship, and encounter.  Those that put their trust in the guidance of these hosts are inevitably treated as family members.

And Donald Trump, the man, knows and feels that.  At a recent campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Trump pledged to work to eliminate tips from taxable income for waitstaff and other hospitality workers.  A pledge that was likely welcomed in the leisure and hospitality profession that paid $38.3 billion in tip taxes in 2018.2 

When other experts were queried for a response to Trump’s tip in Las Vegas, the scent of condescending airs, and partisan, political smoke was unmistakable.  They were quick to dismiss Trump’s heartfelt acknowledgement of the waitstaff as impractical and insincere rhetoric. 

Kyle Pomerleau, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a right-leaning think tank, reportedly said: “It has no good policy rationale. It is all politics, and I doubt lawmakers are looking for even more ways to make a 2025 tax bill more expensive.”3  This, while couched in economic jargon, is a most revealing statement.  It shows the actual tank Pomerleau is held captive in is one where the view that reducing the national deficit is not accomplished by reduced federal spending – by lawmakers – but only by siphoning more blood money – from hard working Americans. 

Skepticism also arose from the ‘other side of the aisle,’ from whence real concern for hospitality workers seemed to be likewise absent.  Ted Pappageorge, secretary-treasurer, Culinary Workers Union Local 226, reportedly acknowledged that tax “relief is definitely needed for tip earners,” but turned to attack the Las Vegas guest by stating Trump’s statements only reflected a “wild campaign promise.”4  Here it appears that Pappageorge is held captive by the lucrative financial relationship between Democrats and Labor Unions.  When the dish hits the dish water, he turns his efforts to towing the party line over supporting an idea that would significantly benefit union members merely because it comes from a Republican.

Nevertheless, these experts should know by now that Trump keeps his promises. 

Unlike the Democrats controlling Pappageorge, Trump is an urban legend for his secret acts of generosity.  These include his quietly ‘tipping’ random persons he’s come in contact with over the years in amounts that pay off loans, and even mortgages.  These are not widely reported on in the media, just as Trump would prefer it not to be.  When one hugs a loved family member, it’s not for recognition and praise.  True beneficence seeks not its own, or sounds not its own trumpet to be seen of men.  It springs from genuine mercy, kindness, and love. 

The detractors, however, are not without an audience.  Reportedly, there is a rising resentment to the practice that is being referred to as “tip fatigue,” where a growing segment of guests are souring on the idea of tipping altogether.5  But it’s not the practice they’re necessarily against, but rather the new mechanism being used for showing appreciation that has prompted the term of “guilt tipping” to take hold.6  Increasingly, guests face an impersonal prompting to tip that they must navigate through on electronic point of sale screens before being able to settle payment for their lattes, burgers, and even full meals at restaurants.  The problem with this faceless approach is it has the same inhumane transaction quality as a tax bill from the IRS.  The very thing a compassionate presidential candidate is set on trying to eliminate.


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5-6. Tyler Durden. “‘Just The Tip?’” Zero Hedge. Jun 10, 2024. https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/just-tip

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A Shining City Takes a Spill

I recently addressed the violent takeover of college campuses by activists that were clearly identifying as agents for foreign governments.  I observed on X that: “The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, means our American government.  Once you raise a foreign flag, you are petitioning that government, and you must be disbanded and sent there!”  My observation that the unlawful conduct of agitators while displaying foreign flags on our college campuses equate to illegal occupations by foreign nationals that should be rightfully, and forcefully, repelled, drew some provocative accusations in the form of questions.  

One such response to my post should be addressed, and I’ll paraphrase: What are the implications for all Americans when their tax dollars are sent to foreign nations.  Are they then, too, also dissidents?  That question is a fair one, albeit broad in its scope.  The question is at least valid for asking what culpability is there for the citizens themselves, or what responsibility do they share, for the behavior of their government when that government is a representative government, or as in our case, a Democratic Republic.  It is fair to call into question the de facto responsibility of all Americans who, through their representatives, support foreign nations, and it points out that by doing so they are symbolically hoisting the flags of those nations when their taxes go to fund their policies and activities. 

The questions raised on this subject, where I also condemned foreign actors and would be insurrectionists illegally residing here under color of visa, actually drives more towards our national, and now existential, foreign policies.  As the question is analogous, It may be best for the sake of brevity, in answering that query here, to also use an analogy, and to focus on the subject of foreign aid in general. In both instances, the answers will come out to be the same, and they will result in our same end.   

Let’s say you are the head of your household, and are responsible for your family of one wife and 2.5 children.  You have an income and you have expenses.  You manage these with something called a budget.  Now, it comes to your attention that there is a house in a neighborhood some distance from yours that shares your philosophies, but they have fallen on hard times.  Being compassionate, and wishing to support and spread your shared beliefs, you begin to financially support that other family.  However, your expenditures for this project begin to exceed your budgeted income. 

Unfortunately for your immediate family, this is not the first time you have spent beyond your means as you have discovered credit cards.  So, you continue your support of that household by rationalizing that they are even somehow integral to your own wellbeing.  If the laws of finance that exist for each of us were to finally intervene in your behavior, you would eventually reach a point beyond which no one would extend you any more credit; you would be unable to service your debt, or pay your bills, and you would be bankrupt.  This would effectively destroy your household, and put your family’s existence in peril.

As a responsible, and loving, head of your household, you would never do this to your own family.  But for our analogy, the heads of house are our elected leaders, and we Americans are the dependents.  They have been behaving like the spending of the householder in our analogy.  And yet, the laws of finance have not called them to account, even though they have placed us far beyond the point of existential danger required for our complete annihilation.  You see, our heads of house have a trick up their sleeves our analogous householder did not.  They are exempt from the law forbidding counterfeiting, and may print as much currency as they please for their profligate spending.  This does not mean the law of finance will not eventually catch up to them, but that it catches up to them slower in a process called inflation, where all the money used by everyone in the whole neighborhood looses all value.  Completely.

We are at that point in the flight survival, passenger safety instructions, given before take-off where our response to the imminent danger of a crash landing becomes apparent by a sudden loss of cabin pressure.  The oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling a long time ago, and it was time then to ‘first put on your own mask before attempting to assist others.’  The reason for these instructions is obvious, if you succumb to hypoxia you, yourself, will be dead.

We are homeless, starving senior citizens and veterans, and even children, whose benefits they contributed for cannot afford to house and feed them.  We nonetheless watch our leaders take our money to send eight billion dollars of it in foreign aid to pay the pensions of foreign bureaucrats.  We watch the infidelity of our leaders waving foreign flags on the floor of the people’s house celebrating this rape of Americans.  Our leaders have long ago ceased to care for Americans, and have become the whores of the neighborhood.  And, accordingly, their house will be left to them desolate.  Their children’s heads will be dashed against the stones of our rubble.  It will now happen sooner, rather than later.  In calculating this inevitability, one does not cease to be a patriotic American, just as a head of household cognizant of his inability to make next month’s mortgage payment stops feeding his children.  What then?

Naturally, such a serious inquiry as is made here, that portends such a catastrophe as the fall of America, leads to a quest for deeper moorings, and meaning.  As is often the case, signs and symbols, and types and architypes, can be found waiting in the shadows, and in reflections of what we perceive as reality.  Here, America can be typed as motorists, and our history as the road we have been traveling.  Our rearview mirror contains those reflections of what has been important in our journey.  They may not be real to us anymore, but they are nonetheless important to our destiny. 

They are akin to the emergency vehicles with flashing lights we see behind us.  They are not made real by our mirror, but its architect has done something special for us to interpret its reflection.  An intelligent lifeform has printed the words backwards on the front of the vehicle behind us so that we can read the word ‘Ambulance’ in our mirror, and to know, for our safety, to pull over. 

Our salvation is pursuing us from our past, where we had said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  America was a type of shining city on a hill, a land of milk and honey dreamt of by huddled masses yearning to be free from all over the world.  When America goes, nearly all in this world will be lost, but its foundation was based on a city that is yet to come for those who seek it.  America’s archetype is from heaven, and its issued passports will be stamped ‘bearer bought by the blood of the lamb’ on them.  Look now for the name on the emergency vehicle that has pursued you for salvation.  God is making the reflection of it discernible for you.  His name is Jesus.  Pull over.

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Why America Needs to Shut Down Foreign Aid | Because USAID So

The hundreds of millions, and billions, going to government and non-government organizations (NGO’s) alike purportedly to accomplish our collective will is staggering.  When Americans see these figures the amounts are unfathomable.  They don’t correspond in any way to their pressing realities, and they are further insulated from them by the myriad of committees and agencies managing these fortunes.  If not be design, than certainly by opportunity, their multitude makes possible a deceptive shell game for waste, fraud, and embezzlement of American taxpayer dollars.  It is too easy for these dollars to find their way back into the pockets of politicians that approved their expenditure.1    

President Donal Trump wisely picked one of these shells to focus on that was more easily recognizable: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  As soon as he did so, the Deep State quickly saw it would lead to their other revenue streams, and they set out to destroy him. 

Indeed, after Trump’s second term was denied him though unprecedented voter fraud, Congress worked to checkmate the president should he prevail in a second run for office by approving legislation preventing the president from withdrawing form NATO without approval of Congress or the Senate.2  No matter if another America First candidate should succeed him in the future, their power to unilaterally influence recipients of U.S. foreign aid to be held accountable to the best interests of American taxpayers would be over shadowed by Deep State Globalists. 

There is a solution to this scheme that bilks Americans and impoverishes some of them, and there is a perfect place to begin implementing it. 

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is one of these ‘aid’ programs authorized and funded by Congress in the Foreign Assistance Act.  The USAID budget for 2024 is $63 billion, and, in the Marxist vernacular, they cite the NGO’s they sponsor as their “critical change agents.”3  USAID is supposedly overseen by the President, Secretary of State, and the National Security Council.  While that sounds like accountability, can you imagine that check book in the hands of former Secretary of State Hillery Clinton?  That register could be wiped faster than her private email server. 

The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 must be repealed.  At the time of its inception, the national debt was a mere $306 billion.  This law separated military from non-military aid, and created a siphon for funneling money to spurious social aid causes overseas to the detriment of the American people.   Congress must be forced to debate the merits of each request for foreign aid individually, and in public view.  The validity of merits for qualifying these aid projects themselves, including military aid, must first be tied to real measurements that express the needs of the American people.  For example, so long as the homeless population of veterans in Los Angeles exceeds, say, 500 souls, a new classification for foreign aid projects, including those providing for the promotion of women in the engineering field in Jordan, would be below the threshold of merit, and could not be brought to the floor for consideration.

These requests for foreign aid can no longer be given the nebulous, and dubious pass that hemorrhaging money into them “advances U.S. national security and economic prosperity.”4  This has become an economic imperative as our national dept hovers at $34 trillion dollars.  Many experts agree this can never be paid back, and that some sort of revaluing of the dept, or a reset, is inevitable.  Some of those same experts believe it will be politically easier for the government to simply continue to print money until hyperinflation renders it worthless.  Others see a middle road for the U.S. to attempt to hold on the reserve currency status by implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and utilize the intrinsic controls in the programmable ‘currency’ to accomplish a reset in an effort to remain on top.  In any event, projections are the value of the U.S. dollar takes a significant nose dive, the Americans see a large portion of their wealth evaporate, and standards of living turn significantly downward.     

This will make it even more difficult to address the astronomical problems we already have here at home, but the sooner we get started the better. 

Nothing advances our national security more than securing ourselves at home.  We could mention our porous borders, our homelessness where even our veterans are living on the street, and our overstretched to the point of breaking social programs, but national and local headlines make it impossible to escape these realities.  And this one: We are spending desperately needed funding from taxes on citizens of foreign nations administered by governments that don’t represent us, and now we are even importing those other citizens to make it easier to give them American’s money to send back to their home country.  If it were not for the fact that our ‘elected’ representatives are actually turned Globalist’s representatives, this despicable financial treason would be far less rampant.  However, in any degree it is repugnant to a free people.  If this travesty of taxation without representation sounds familiar, it’s because we once fought a war over this. 

Today, we fight our wars under color of law and without Congress having to do their job and own up to being responsible for them.  They do get to act as cheer leaders.  They do get to wear other nation’s flags as lapel pins and pocket hankies.  They do get to desecrate the American flag by changing the color of its stripes to a pale blue and horrible yellow.  They do get to purchase wars with our money and then behave like a bunch of irresponsible rich kids fielding their newly purchased football franchise.  They don’t have to take full responsibility for these proxy wars by actually declaring war, but they do get to threaten us with drafting our sons and daughter for war if balk at funding their war games.  They get to do this on the world chessboard, in part, through leveraging our membership in NATO, and its invocation.  In order to put a stop to this madness, We, the people, must withdraw from an alliance that was binding for 20 years, beginning form 1949, and that expired in 1969.  We must get out of NATO now, not only because it’s a slush fund used by Congress to bribe compliance of other nations, but because it’s a highspeed sports car being driving by drunk teenagers on a dark country road lined with large oak trees with caution flung to the wind. 


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4. USAID From the American People. Website Home Page (accessed February 6, 2024). https://www.usaid.gov/

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Right Foot Out

| – 10 – |

The birth of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies was made possible by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Because of it they were able to pervert Affirmative Action into a program to mint a new currency of Identity Claims to be used in purchasing the loyalties of countless Americans by turning them into hyphenated-citizens.  Additionally, the coup that robbed the nation of its president’s second term ushered in a new executive branch unseen by the American public that would also exert control in the Judicial and Legislative arenas, and even have the power to declare, and conduct, wars in their name.  The CRT Allies were the Neo-Communists continuing to fashion the Communist traps such as those used so well in the Korean and Vietnam wars.  They were designed for America to step in in order to slowly bleed her; to reduce her strength financially, and morally.  To fully understand the coup Americans have been living under since 1963, it is necessary to look at the circumstances that brought it about.

In 1961 the U.S. began deploying a missile squadron of 15 Jupiter MRBM nuclear missiles in Turkey that were aimed at Russia.  Although under the guise and umbrella of the shared responsibility of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), they were, of course, owned and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF).  The deployment of nuclear missiles is always risky business.  Some of the same missiles that were also stationed in Italy against Russia at the time were nearly detonated on the ground by lightning strikes.  After only four of such strikes, that included warheads being activated with ‘boost gas,’ the USAF employed the protection of secret Dissipation Array Systems, or lightning strike-diversion towers.  These missile bases themselves were top secret, so nobody knew about them except, eventually, the Russians.

The distance between Turkey and Russia is 236 miles.  The distance from Havana, Cuba, to Miami, Florida, is 230 miles, and with Cuba’s flamboyant Fidel Castro hopping up and down to obtain a station of Soviet nuclear missiles for himself, and threatening to turn to China to get them, the Russians finally decided that turn around was fair play.  Thus ensued 13 days of intense and secret negotiations, whereupon the U.S. removed their missiles from Turkey and Italy, and Russia removed their missiles from Cuba (no one then knowing of the American concessions).  Nuclear war had been averted with only a few knowing how close we’d really come.

After the Communist revolutionary was rocketed to international fame by the Cuban Missile Crisis, which Kennedy subsequently solved through diplomacy, the Cuban leader still emerged as the world renown poster boy for those who would romanticize the otherwise dark reality of totalitarian Communism.  With his flashing personality, adventurous use of army fatigues, dark hair, and black beard, he had tapped into the growing rebellious nature of 1960’s counter culture.

Even as the decade of the 60’s began, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had already been plotting the Communist dictator’s ouster.  The failed assassination plots to take out Castro provide an opportunity to examine Mafia culpability in the assassination of President Kennedy, and would at least be a scenario President Johnson would have evaluated.  One way, or another.

The Mafia’s desire to reassert themselves in Cuba came from Castro having previously expropriated the Mafia casinos in Havana and thus costing them millions in profits, even ruining some mob bosses.  It is common, actually necessary, for the agency to employ characters of variable fibers, or ‘cutouts,’ to formulate their intricate designs and put them on the ground in hostile territory.

With a hit crew assembled by the mob and supported by the agency, the latter would be insulated, and the mob would obtain an ace up their sleeve for use against the president’s brother, Robert Kennedy, Attorneys General, who was running a campaign against organized crime.

For sure, the assassination plot against Castro was an elaborate agency undertaking with a huge network of actors supported by government resources.  The plotting to assassinate Castro was so extensive that, had all of the schemes come to fruition, the CIA would have delivered to the world stage a previously hallucinating, now bald, close-shaved, poisoned, stabbed, harpooned, and or shot, corpse for public viewing.  Definitely, the ingredients of lure for snack foods manufacturers that included decoder rings in their snack food boxes.

Planning for assassinations at the CIA begins after targets are selected. Teams get busy plotting by testing and proposing schemes.  When schemes grow legs, they are walked over to the planning department to become part of the plot.

In addition to usual high-powered rifles with telescopic sights, the agency operatives explored a variety of means to carry out the hit on Castro.  These included; poisoned pills (tested on guinea pigs), lethal cigars, ballpoint pens rigged as hypodermic syringes containing poisons (e.g. Black Leaf 40), gifting the leader a booby-trapped skin-diving suit, and even planting booby-trapped sea shells delivering poisons through pin pricks (for which the study of mollusks was undertaken).1

There is even an extra curricula, controversial, exposé linking the CIA operation with an interest taken in facilitating the dictator’s death by injecting him with a newly discovered cancer-causing virus.2  The agency was thorough, casting a broad net over what they wanted, and what they could achieve.

In contingencies that settled, in the short term, for only permanently tarnishing Castro’s image, schemes included releasing aerosols containing LSD (a psychedelic drug) at his radio station during his live broadcasts, providing him with similarly treated cigars to “produce temporary personality disorientation,”3 and placing depilatory (hair removing) powder in his shoes to be absorbed through the skin “to destroy Castro’s image as ‘The Beard’ by causing the beard to fall out.”4

These details were divulged in 1999 from a CIA internal Report on Plots to Assassinate Fidel Castro, concluded in 1967.  What is perhaps most important to note from the standpoint of prosecuting the Mafia as the suspect in the Kennedy assassination is that the report reveals CIA conspiring Mafia boss Sam Giancana “was flatly opposed to the use of firearms” as “no one could be recruited to do the job, because the chance of survival and escape would be negligible”5 (it will be remembered that Oswald didn’t escape, and he didn’t survive).

The CIA plots to assassinate Castro disintegrated with Kennedy pulling the plug on the endeavor after finally becoming disgusted with the full scope of other unsanctioned plans the CIA had in view for following the assassination with a full military war with Cuba.  For example, Operation Northwoods consisted of a bundle of plots for staged terrorist attacks on American civilians, and included one of shooting down a civilian plane filled with cadavers over America, and blaming Cuba for the attacks as an excuse to invade the island.  These sorts of staged endeavors aimed at provocation are referred to as false flags.

The ensuing fall-out between Kennedy and the CIA over the president’s reversal, and cancellation of other aggressive agency plots, had resulted early on in the president dismissing CIA Director Allen Dulles.

And here is where we find out why Kennedy was assassinated, and thus by ‘who’ he was assassinated.  It turns out the CIA had already graduated, class of 1953, in Iran with a PhD in coup d’état, and they weren’t about to reverse their tassels and return their diplomas.  Sitting in the stands that day for the commencement ceremony were both the American president, and the British prime minister.

At the end of World War II, America and the United Kingdom emerged as even stronger allies.  A British petroleum company had built the world’s largest refinery in Iran, and paid its government royalties on the oil.  Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddegh, democratically elected, requested an open book audit of the company, and the company refused, whereupon the Iranian parliament voted to nationalize the refinery and expel the British.  The British considered its military option, but tried an economic boycott.  The Communist party in Iran, vacillating pro and con, came to the side of Mosaddegh long enough to be the only spark required to seal his fate.  As it happens, the USSR had made overtures, or undertures in clandestine terms, to purchase Iranian oil for themselves.

The stage was therefore set for a Brotherhood of loose interpretations; of laws, Constitutional separation of powers, and even the Bible itself.

Allen Dulles became Director, CIA, in 1953.  He had a brother named John Dulles that had been a special advisor to President Truman.  John had made a name for his self in defending Reverend Harry Emerson Fosdick, who, having embraced the Historical-Critical method of interpreting the Bible as a living document to continually be reassessed in light of new discoveries, particularly in science, was charged with heresy.  It is easy to understand the contention and the charge, as the new method ostensibly implied that nothing, neither laws nor precepts, and not even the ten commandments, were written in stone.  John had previously pitched the idea of a coup in Iran to Truman, no doubt with the siren of rising communism and Soviet expansion, but Truman, raised in the Baptist Church, was opposed to thwarting the orderly democratic process, especially with violence that could lead to murder, and he was concerned the action would completely unleash the CIA; leaving the agency to their own discretion in ruling the world as de facto commanders in chief over the U.S. military; including the employment of assassinations (which the agency would later re-nomenclate “executive actions”).6

In August of 1953, Dewight D. Eisenhower was president, and he would make Truman’s John Dulles his Secretary of State.  Together with his brother Allen as Director, CIA, The Dulles brothers made the pitch again, and not only did Eisenhower receive it (which misgivings over he would later seem to indicate in his Fairwell Address), but Winston Churchill also green lighted the CIA plan for a coup d’état in Iran.  Thus empowered, with backing from two military powers if need be, the CIA went to work.  The agency bused in protestors and rioters into the city of Tehran, armed the opposition, and a few hundred were killed, Mosaddegh and his supporters were thrown in jail, and the Shah was installed as a monarch to reign for the next 26 years.

In addition to the Dulles brother’s success at legitimizing the agency’s authority to establish foreign policy, and enforce it by covert, violent means as necessary, it also established the CIA as the authority under whom presidents would serve out their terms, coming and going as these rulers tolerated them.  Future Presidential briefings would consist only of details which the CIA deemed beneficial to the agency’s aims and purposes, and communiqués of those presidents would be altered as necessary.  This is the CIA the president would encounter in 1960.

John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th president on January 20, 1961.  President Kennedy had served as a Lieutenant Commander of a Patrol Torpedo boat in WWII.  On a pitch-black night, it was rammed and split in two by a Japanese destroyer.  The survivors opted not to become prisoners of war and beginning at just past 2:30 in the morning swam three and a half miles to an island, with Kennedy towing one of the wounded by his life jacket strap clenched in his teeth.  The military high command of advisors to U.S. Presidents were officially designated the Join Chiefs of Staff (JCS) in February 1942, and consisted of Admirals and Generals representing the several branches of military.  They served under two presidents that waged the war to victory, and then under President Eisenhower, former Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force who was instrumental in making that victory possible.  Although Kennedy was awarded the Purple Heart, and recognized for extremely heroic conduct, the JCS resented serving under the Lieutenant who was adored by the public as a war hero.  It didn’t take long for the feeling to become mutual.  Kennedy distrusted the high command, viewing them as making decisions effecting faceless men in far off places, in situations they did not grasp, and as having exceeded their authority to govern.7  His desire was to return that power to civilian authority.

Kennedy had proven his opposition to CIA influenced military campaigns by turning down the JCS earnest recommendations to invade Cuba on three occasions.  In 1961, he declined to support the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuban freedom fighters with U.S. military (an invasion we now know was a CIA plot to force him to commit those forces).  In 1962, he prevented Operation Northwoods (q.v.), and then he disregarded their urging to invade Cuba to solve the missile crisis.  The JCS were reportedly outraged at Kennedy on all these fronts, and especially when he solved the missile crisis diplomatically, agreeing to remove American nuclear missiles aimed at Russia.  This was against the JCS wishes.  They believed they could prosecute a military solution and extinguish a nearby Communists government, without risk of nuclear war with Russia.

Kennedy’s subsequent decision in 1963 to stand down the military, and the CIA, to prevent a large-scale military campaign in Vietnam, however, was the last straw for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and sealed Kennedy’s fate.  It has been postulated that it was, instead, his three strikes on military intervention in Cuba that struck him out, but there would appear to be at least two sequiturs problematic with that theory.

Firstly, Johnson’s subsequent and immediate turnaround on Vietnam seems to indicate that he followed directions and got with the JCS war making program as instructed to him.  Secondly, with Kennedy out of the way and Johnson obviously following orders, reversing Kennedy’s withdrawal orders in a matter of days after taking office, there was no subsequent invasion of Cuba.

It is true that it eventually came to light that the Russians had deployed battle field nukes in Cuba of the type and scale for use against the invading Americans, and had standing orders to use them in that case, but this was not discovered until decades later, and not known in the immediate aftermath of Kennedy’s assassination.

The insight into all of this behind-the-scenes drama we have today forces a monumental retrospect in our understanding of what actually transpired, and didn’t transpire, during Kennedy’s presidency.  It means that with what we now know, Kennedy actually kept America from starting what would have certainly, and quickly, escalated into widespread thermonuclear warfare, or WWIII, by not allowing us to be lured into stepping into that trap.  A catastrophe that hindsight shows the Military Industrial Complex – elements in the Pentagon, defense contractors, and intelligence agencies – were poised to step in, and were thankfully prevented from doing so by Kennedy.  Even if it were only due to the limited resources and logistics that prevented the MIC from simultaneously igniting Cuba after being given their Vietnam, the fact that they were initially prevented from doing so is probably why these words exist, and why they may be used to speculate: President John F. Kennedy saved the world.

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