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Living In The Faith: Christian Conference Series

Living In The Faith   You are cordially invited to attend another Christian conference series sponsored by  This series is entitled Living In The Faith, and contains tools to enable the Christian to implement a successful daily faith walk, … Continue reading

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The Sadducees Missing Hell

The Pharisees did not start out in as bad a condition as they were when Christ encountered them.  They originally separated from the national corruption or their day to rededicate their worship to God in purity.  Unfortunately, they began to … Continue reading

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Church of What’s Happening Now: Conference Series

Attend this free conference series to discover secret tactics used by false teachers to manipulate and fleece the unsuspecting.  This is the conference that exposes the fraud behind so many other ‘Christian’ conferences, and reveals how the Apostasy is being … Continue reading

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Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’: What or Who is Really on Trial?

Rob Bell is an Emergent Church pastor and author whose teachings have been labeled toxic by reputable discernment ministries.  Now some of Bell’s teaching is being discerned prior to its March 29th release date.  In reviewing an advance copy of … Continue reading

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