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Ben Carson’s $4 Tomato is Already Here

In an interview on Fox News, presidential candidate Ben Carson argued in favor of an undocumented guest worker program for illegal immigrants.  The basis for his reasoning was the $4 dollar tomato.  It goes like this: Americans aren’t willing to … Continue reading

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Unusual Circumstances of Donald Trump

Another day, another condemnation. That’s nearly the way it’s been since the day Donald Trump announced his run for president.  In his detractors’ defense, Trump has been so much the media focus that they almost have to come out swinging … Continue reading

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Nuremburg for Christians

Carly Fiorina says that while we need to passionately protect religious liberty, it is inappropriate for a Kentucky county clerk to continue to refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses against a court order, because she is a government worker. [source: … Continue reading

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