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Survey: 10% of Campaign Reporters Show Signs of Intelligence!

In a recent survey conducted by Politico, of 80 reporters covering the presidential campaign trails 86% predict that Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.  This figure is not surprising considering the mainstream media (MSM) and … Continue reading

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Bruce Springsteen Forced to Play Presidential Inaugural Ball?

By an increasing amount of legal decrees, we are now being forced to believe someone when they claim they were born with the wrong identity, other than the one he or she physically has.  And we are being forced to … Continue reading

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Vows to Self-Deport Mount As Trump Presidency Looms

The first brick in The Wall hasn’t been set and already advocates for open borders, sanctuary cities, and illegal immigration are vowing to self-deport when the Trump presidency begins.  While the list is continuing to grow, it presently includes such … Continue reading

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Roe vs. Wade: Cruz Republicans Defined as Donors, Pundits, and Consultants

A news release Sunday reports that Ohio Gov. John Kasich will collaborate with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by pulling out of Indiana in an effort to deprive Donald Trump of delegates.  According to Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe: “Having Donald … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz and Serpentine Maneuvering

Republican candidate for president Ted Cruz has effectively cancelled the primary vote in Colorado through a tricky delegate selection process sanctioned by the Republican National Committee (RNC).  Now, Cruz appears to be on track for more delegate manipulation in Nebraska.  … Continue reading

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