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Pardon Me

Hillary Clinton is asking—pleading—that the FBI release the emails found on Huma and Weiner Abedin’s home computer.  Ordinarily, this might appear to be the confident demeanor of a presidential candidate who knows that she is innocent of wrong doing, and … Continue reading

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Rigging the Election: Exposed by Project Veritas

Project Veritas headed by James O’Keefe has released a series of four undercover video shorts that, on their face, reveal shocking, and probably very illegal, Trump campaign tampering by the Democratic National Committee, and the Clinton campaign its self.  The … Continue reading

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Secret Plan of Biblical Proportions for Stealing the Election from Donald Trump

A mysterious link recently appeared in a voluminous, and quickly buried, comments section.  It linked to a downloadable document (pdf) that details a mysterious plan to steal the presidential election from Donald Trump.  The document header names the Benenson … Continue reading

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Hackers Out in Force to Obscure Trump Debate Win in Online Polls

Everywhere from Breitbart to Drudgereport, polls for voting for which presidential candidate won the debate are being hacked tonight by DNC subcontractors.  These would be the same subcontractors as the ones revealed to be paying violent activists to incite violence … Continue reading

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