Dynamo Trump

Trump 1The Washington Post, contending “there’s a lot we don’t know” about presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, has assembled an army of 20 reporters to look into every aspect of his life.  Jeff Bezos, of Amazon.com fame, and who owns the Post, is looking forward to digging up enough material to do articles about every phase of Trump’s life, and eventually a book. (link)

But don’t look for unbiased and fair reporting.  Trump has been a high-profile figure most of his life, so to say there’s a lot we don’t know about him and assigning 20 reporters to do full-time digging implies they are looking only for dirt.

Which begs the question: Dose Bezos employ thousands of low salaried illegal immigrants in his Amazon.com warehouses?

Odds are good that the attention Bezos pays to Trump will backfire.  If there were anything available to be used against Trump, it’s a fairly safe bet the Republicans or Fox News would have used it by now. 

More hundreds of thousands of dollars of media coverage free of charge.

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