A Shining City Takes a Spill

I recently addressed the violent takeover of college campuses by activists that were clearly identifying as agents for foreign governments.  I observed on X that: “The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, means our American government.  Once you raise a foreign flag, you are petitioning that government, and you must be disbanded and sent there!”  My observation that the unlawful conduct of agitators while displaying foreign flags on our college campuses equate to illegal occupations by foreign nationals that should be rightfully, and forcefully, repelled, drew some provocative accusations in the form of questions.  

One such response to my post should be addressed, and I’ll paraphrase: What are the implications for all Americans when their tax dollars are sent to foreign nations.  Are they then, too, also dissidents?  That question is a fair one, albeit broad in its scope.  The question is at least valid for asking what culpability is there for the citizens themselves, or what responsibility do they share, for the behavior of their government when that government is a representative government, or as in our case, a Democratic Republic.  It is fair to call into question the de facto responsibility of all Americans who, through their representatives, support foreign nations, and it points out that by doing so they are symbolically hoisting the flags of those nations when their taxes go to fund their policies and activities. 

The questions raised on this subject, where I also condemned foreign actors and would be insurrectionists illegally residing here under color of visa, actually drives more towards our national, and now existential, foreign policies.  As the question is analogous, It may be best for the sake of brevity, in answering that query here, to also use an analogy, and to focus on the subject of foreign aid in general. In both instances, the answers will come out to be the same, and they will result in our same end.   

Let’s say you are the head of your household, and are responsible for your family of one wife and 2.5 children.  You have an income and you have expenses.  You manage these with something called a budget.  Now, it comes to your attention that there is a house in a neighborhood some distance from yours that shares your philosophies, but they have fallen on hard times.  Being compassionate, and wishing to support and spread your shared beliefs, you begin to financially support that other family.  However, your expenditures for this project begin to exceed your budgeted income. 

Unfortunately for your immediate family, this is not the first time you have spent beyond your means as you have discovered credit cards.  So, you continue your support of that household by rationalizing that they are even somehow integral to your own wellbeing.  If the laws of finance that exist for each of us were to finally intervene in your behavior, you would eventually reach a point beyond which no one would extend you any more credit; you would be unable to service your debt, or pay your bills, and you would be bankrupt.  This would effectively destroy your household, and put your family’s existence in peril.

As a responsible, and loving, head of your household, you would never do this to your own family.  But for our analogy, the heads of house are our elected leaders, and we Americans are the dependents.  They have been behaving like the spending of the householder in our analogy.  And yet, the laws of finance have not called them to account, even though they have placed us far beyond the point of existential danger required for our complete annihilation.  You see, our heads of house have a trick up their sleeves our analogous householder did not.  They are exempt from the law forbidding counterfeiting, and may print as much currency as they please for their profligate spending.  This does not mean the law of finance will not eventually catch up to them, but that it catches up to them slower in a process called inflation, where all the money used by everyone in the whole neighborhood looses all value.  Completely.

We are at that point in the flight survival, passenger safety instructions, given before take-off where our response to the imminent danger of a crash landing becomes apparent by a sudden loss of cabin pressure.  The oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling a long time ago, and it was time then to ‘first put on your own mask before attempting to assist others.’  The reason for these instructions is obvious, if you succumb to hypoxia you, yourself, will be dead.

We are homeless, starving senior citizens and veterans, and even children, whose benefits they contributed for cannot afford to house and feed them.  We nonetheless watch our leaders take our money to send eight billion dollars of it in foreign aid to pay the pensions of foreign bureaucrats.  We watch the infidelity of our leaders waving foreign flags on the floor of the people’s house celebrating this rape of Americans.  Our leaders have long ago ceased to care for Americans, and have become the whores of the neighborhood.  And, accordingly, their house will be left to them desolate.  Their children’s heads will be dashed against the stones of our rubble.  It will now happen sooner, rather than later.  In calculating this inevitability, one does not cease to be a patriotic American, just as a head of household cognizant of his inability to make next month’s mortgage payment stops feeding his children.  What then?

Naturally, such a serious inquiry as is made here, that portends such a catastrophe as the fall of America, leads to a quest for deeper moorings, and meaning.  As is often the case, signs and symbols, and types and architypes, can be found waiting in the shadows, and in reflections of what we perceive as reality.  Here, America can be typed as motorists, and our history as the road we have been traveling.  Our rearview mirror contains those reflections of what has been important in our journey.  They may not be real to us anymore, but they are nonetheless important to our destiny. 

They are akin to the emergency vehicles with flashing lights we see behind us.  They are not made real by our mirror, but its architect has done something special for us to interpret its reflection.  An intelligent lifeform has printed the words backwards on the front of the vehicle behind us so that we can read the word ‘Ambulance’ in our mirror, and to know, for our safety, to pull over. 

Our salvation is pursuing us from our past, where we had said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  America was a type of shining city on a hill, a land of milk and honey dreamt of by huddled masses yearning to be free from all over the world.  When America goes, nearly all in this world will be lost, but its foundation was based on a city that is yet to come for those who seek it.  America’s archetype is from heaven, and its issued passports will be stamped ‘bearer bought by the blood of the lamb’ on them.  Look now for the name on the emergency vehicle that has pursued you for salvation.  God is making the reflection of it discernible for you.  His name is Jesus.  Pull over.

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