Abolish Empire and Establish Earth Community

The Grand Imperative of the Occupy movement is “Abolish Empire and Establish Earth Community.”1 The working preamble to their declaration of independence notes the newly created community will not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sex, or anyway people want to have sex.  They also claim not to discriminate against religion, a claim no doubt believed by many in the movement, but this cannot be true and at the same time be true for the spirit of the emerging Earth Community.  The spirit behind the Occupiers’ earth community is one part New Age; which has some very divisive things to say about the religious.

Actually, the grand imperative might well be translated: ‘Occupy – Join or Die.’

The Occupy movement draws attention to its authority to create a world community by citing a “spiritual awakening,” and to its ability to usher it in on a “critical mass” of this shared spirituality now being attained.2  To understand what this spirituality demands requires we recognize the Occupiers’ Earth Community is a Gaia Community.

The goddess Gaia is the life force of the earth and the mother of all creation because she allowed humans to evolve.  Apart from those experiencing the Occupiers’ spiritual awakening are bad humans who deplete the earth’s resources, and threaten her life with pollution and climate change (still means anthropomorphic warming).  Although they are often industrious and hardworking, they are selfish because they resent having their property confiscated and given to those who won’t work.

The Occupiers’ concept of social justice can fix the inequity problem, but it cannot reconcile the bad people.

The irredeemable sin of the bad people is one which also prevents them from joining the coming community.   It is the sin of a special sort of idolatry.  If not recanted, they cannot ‘coexist’ with the Occupiers in the Earth Community (the bumper sticker is a lie). 

The first of the bad people are the Hebrews. After having evolved to walk on two feet and use abstract thought, they turned on Mother Earth and invented a male God.  They wrote an elaborate story where not only were they created in His image, but the earth was also created by Him. The Christians are an even worse lot.  Not only do they affirm the Hebrews account, they claim His son, also a man, came to earth and was put to death, but that Gaia had no power to hold Him, and He rose from the grave.

This, to Gaia worshipers, is Sacrilege.

According to New Age spirituality, this sin is so grievous that it prevents Hebrews and Christians from continuing in the evolutionary process towards obtaining the spiritual awakening that will eventually lead to “quantum transformation,” as Barbara Marx Hubbard put it.3   As a New Age high priestess, Hubbard also teaches on the fate of non-evolving Christians and Jews who fail sever their ties to their religion:

Then you have no more chances.  Incremental changes cease.  All those humans capable of cooperating to self-transcend will do so.  All those elements remaining in a state of self-centeredness, maintaining the illusion of separation, will become extinct.4

The ones who acquiesce their religious views as part of the community amalgam of interfaith spirituality will become part of a “universal species” that will be “beyond separation.”5 This is the next and final stage of evolution.  According to Hubbard, this is what all religious texts predicted all along, and was their sole raison d’etre (reason for existence). 

But it turns out that the ‘extinction’ process for Christians and Jews will need to be helped along in order for the evolving ones to finally transcend.  On this aspect of evolving, Hubbard wrote:

No worldly peace can prevail until the self-centered members of the planetary body either change, or die. That is the choice ….. They must surely die, or change.

It is a free choice. Evolution is good but it is not nice. Only the good can evolve. Only the God-centered will survive to inherit the powers of a universal species. Evolution empowers the horseman upon the red horse to kill that which cannot love God above all else and his neighbor as himself and himself as the son of God.

This act is as horrible as killing a cancer cell. It must be done for the sake of the future of the whole. So be it; be prepared for the selection process which is now beginning….

We, the elders, have been patiently waiting until the very last moment before the quantum transformation, to take action to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity.6

This candid portrayal of the ‘universal species’ assisting in the selection process is from an unpublished work by Hubbard, a prolific author.  It is understandable why publishers would be reluctant to publish it, but copies of it are floating around on the internet.

In light of this Gaia spirituality backdrop, we are not to be surprised by the anti-Semitism on parade at the Wall Street chapter of the Occupiers, and at other Occupy denominations.  Protestors from New York to Los Angeles have railed against Zionist Jews for causing the 2008 financial plunge because they control American banks, and the Federal Reserve.7 It’s true that the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, and our fiat dollar, by design, must eventually collapse, but the monetary policy plunging us into the financial abyss came out of Washington.

What about the Christians?

Here, we refer to Fundamental Christians, in the sense that they hold steadfastly to at least a few specific Bible doctrines as fundamentally foundational to the faith, and by their own confession are ‘separate’ from the world, and its coming Earth Community.  There is enough animosity openly displayed towards them in all arenas to satisfy the assumption of a standing contempt in Occupier circles. 

Still, the instigators of Christian persecution provide actual evidence.

Once aligned with his famous father’s views, the son of Francis Shaeffer now campaigns against what he calls “Fundamentalists” who are facilitators of Wall Street greed.  Franky Shaeffer has called on Occupiers to occupy at mega-churches and Christian publishing houses.  His complaints against Fundamentalist Christians include there propensity for favoring smaller government, and opposing high taxes, over regulation, and gay rights.8

The Christians are actually the ones who have been rescued out of this Nimrodal delirium of a human initiated kingdom of utopian, transcendent enlightenment, but the Occupiers are its captives.  (Nimrod united the people of the world, and had them build the Tower of Babble; to ascend to divinity by their own power.)

The New Age is one part of the spirit behind the Occupiers.  There is another less ethereal but more sinister part.


The word is a German term for dead, or finished.  We bring in the German language to briefly examine the Nazi connection to the Occupiers (though many of them are unaware of it). Notice, if you will, the importance of the concept of ‘community’ to the current world consciousness.  It is not a new idea.   

The idea of a special universal species uniting in a one world community has played out from Nimrod to Hitler, who vowed that even after his suicide it would one day come to fruition. In his last testament he wrote in his bunker before his took his own life, Hitler swore: 

From the sacrifice of our soldiers and from my own unity with them unto death will in any case spring up in the history of Germany the seed of a radiant renaissance of the National Socialist movement and thus of the realization of a true community of nations.9

The vision of the Nazi philosophy embraced far more than the German nation.

The National Socialists world Workers Party is the fundamental embodiment of the Occupy movement.  The Nazis sought to create the Occupiers’ new Earth Community many decades ago, and it is the guiding, though occlusive, philosophy behind them now.

This explains why the Occupiers are not railing against Washington, the cause of the current financial problems, but they are instead screaming for more government control over banks and businesses.

In his book The Rise of the Fourth Reich, author Jim Marrs gives definitions for key terms pertaining to Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, allied together in WWII.  In defining fascism, Marrs explained:

In fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, the state gained control over the corporations. In modern America, corporations have gained control over the state.10

Marrs wrote that just prior to Washington acquiring General Motors, AIG, and de facto controlling interests in all of our largest banks.

We are witnessing the merger of state and corporation taking place at an astonishing speed.

Today, Capitalism and Democracy are Kaput. We don’t have unfettered Capitalism; we have socialist capitalism where the state props up business that should be allowed to fail, and starts businesses that go bankrupt leaving the tax payer holding the tab (e.g. Solyndra).  The tax payer has no real democratic process of redressing these grievances because representatives in Washington are shedding the Constitution and ruling by Executive Order.  The state takeover of the health care industry had nothing to do with providing affordable care and everything to do with controlling the masses in the Earth Community.  Individuals who seek to remain separate from that community will be denied health care.  It will be a part of the ‘selection process’ for weeding out the bad people.


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