An Appeal To Heaven

An Appeal To HeavenThis nation is in as dark an hour as it was back in its early fight for independence.  A rabble in arms was up against the most powerful tyranny on earth and might easily been obliterated were it not for the blessings of divine providence.  In one of many expressions of the appeals made on our behalf by our brave forefathers for the intercession of God in the struggle, General George Washington commissioned our first navy of about six ships (very likely with his own money, as Congress would not support him).  He sent them to intercept supplies meant for the King’s army. 

His secretary designed the flag under which the ships sailed.  It was white with an evergreen tree and the words: “An Appeal To Heaven.”  This phase is from John Locke’s Second Treatise of Civil Government.  Wherein, he sets forth this appeal as the only one remaining when the legislature and courts are corrupt and tyrannical, and can no longer be appealed to by the common man for justice.

The state of the our union today is dire.  Our executive branch legislates oppressive and unconstitutional laws. We have no representation in Congress.  We send a Republican majority to repeal an unconstitutional law, and instead they fund it.  The President seeks to negotiate treaties in secrete that will eviscerate what is left of the American labor force, and the Republicans push through a bill that gives him the power to do just that. 

We seek redress all the way to the Supreme Court, and they repeatedly legislate from the bench in order to keep an unconstitutional law in place.  Furthermore, they usurp what is left of State’s rights and redefine marriage in such a way as to promote a full on attack against Christians and Jews; which is what the thrust of the initiative has always been about: to forever silence or destroy dissent.

We find ourselves in a post-Constitutional America under tyranny.  We are at our last recourse; which, in order to prevent what has transpired, has always been our first recourse. 

As with all emblems and flags, there will be many who fly this flag who will read into it their own particular cause or meaning.  I will fly it for the reason Locke described it, and Washington flew it.  An appeal to heaven and to heaven’s God for strength in the ensuing battles, for the justice of His righteousness to prevail in my life, and to soon come upon the earth. 

The war to save the nation, however, is lost.  This nation was founded with the help of God and on His precepts by men of faith.  America has gone so far in turning away from Him that His judgment of America has started.  There is a reason we can’t find America in end-time prophecies; it simply doesn’t exist anymore.

[and no, America is not Babylon; Babylon is Babylon]


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