Annihilation America

Searching for America:  In the twentieth century many American Christians were hared pressed to find an End Times scenario that allowed for America to be a key player.  Memories were still fresh of conquering Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire,  which threatened the whole world with horrible genocidal and conquest campaigns aimed at giving ultimate power to two ruling master races, and subjugating the conquered masses to subservient manufacturing labor camps and farming colonies to support them.  Nothing in history up to the victory of WWII had  ever so clearly demonstrated the defeat of evil on a global scale, and the establishment of America as the moral superpower and protector of the world. End Time prophecy details a world government comprised of ten federated kings who eventually succumb one world leader.  This leader would have such complete power over the whole world that even its entire economy would be under his control, and his word would be law. Under this leader, the city of Rome would be the seat of government, Babylon the capital of comerce trade and entertainment, and Jerusalem would become the city of the leader’s exaltation and from where he would demand to be worshiped as god.  Any person reading and studying these prophecies during the middle and even the latter part of the twentieth century would feel compelled to unravel the mystery of where the great nation of America could possibly be in those accounts. Some fanciful theories were advanced by those who could not bring themselves to entertain the idea that American was absent from the scene in prophecy because it had ceased to exist.  A prevailing sentiment of religious patriotism made this even more difficult.  American is the only nation that was fought for, founded, and constituted largely by Christians and on Christian principals.  Certainly, God actually did Bless America.  How could such a nation be annihilated?

Destroy the Constitution – A means must be devised to reconstitute the nation away from Christian morality in order to extinguish the concepts of real liberty, individual responsibility, and the sanctity of life, and in trusting and relying of God.  The idea that unalienable rights come from our creator must be replaced wtih the idea that freedoms are granted by the State, and that even these are in the form of temporary licenses subject to revocation at any time-

“U.S. Supreme Court Out of Order: Will Almost Certainly Cause More Americans to be Killed”

Take over the Media – Pass laws that circumvent the Constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press and freedom of speech to control what story can be told and who can tell that story-

“New Free Speech Law: Look for the Union Label” 

“Frist Look at Black Ink for Obamanomics Black Day for First Amendment” 

Refuse to Defend America’s Borders – A nation without borders is no nation and has lost its sovereignty.  Any nation that is prosperous and that has generous social programs and that makes those programs available to citizens of less prosperous nations who can find a way to get in line for them will soon go bankrupt, lose its civilization and refinement, and lose it national pride-

“Philly: Illegal Aliens Populate Witness Protection”

“Illegal Aliens Indispensable Crime Fighters”

“Different Lottery Brought Down Maywood”

Create Ghettos – A steady invasion of illegal immigrants will create entire cities populated by criminals who will violently overwhelm them until they are declared concentration camps and put under marshal law-

“Contracted Cities Lead to Ghettos”

Nationalize Medicine – Obtain a government take-over of the Health Care industry so that political decisions can be made regarding who is valuable enough to society to received treatment and to live, and who is not.  Mandate Consumer Health Authorization POS Cards (point of sale cards) on pretense of health orientated diet restrictions to leverage food rationing against individuals and selected populations. Ensure that Mental Health criteria is created to treat persons fit enough to toil for the new society by classifying and identifying obstinate and defiant disorders for political dissidents, and remediating them through chemical therapy and brainwashing-

“Health Care Debate: We Recognize the Lady from Alaska” 



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