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Atlanticus Awdawmonus

David Dansker

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In the Gap

Restoration of Earth

Race of Awdawms

Origin of Demons

Doctrine of Demons

Calling Out a People

Redemption of Satan

Cause of Strandings

Habeas Corpus



Reverence –

The tone of this work was necessarily serious.  There is only one light quip in the whole of it, and that was almost edited out.  The focus was so keen and study so intense humor had to be allowed to explode elsewhere in other short pieces as a relief.  The word of God is the most precious thing a person can get their hand on, and after God, the Lord Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, nothing is more deserving of respect and reverence.  The theories entertained herein include speculations from portions of scripture, and assertions have been made for consideration.  Great care was taken at all times to keep in mind the holiness of the material and keep its author in the author’s mind.  In spite of all this care, the author is painfully aware that other men would have produced a better effort.

Strandings –

The author built his work on the work of other men, and has contributed to that discussion.  The largest contribution has been the discussion herein on the phenomenon of whale and dolphin standings.  Because the treatment is unique and provocative, and deals with physical characteristics of elements and animals that can be directly measured, it’s reasonable to anticipate objections from a certain quarter that might be of the opinion that an unauthorized intruder should be shown the door. In the spirit of objective inquiry, let the question remain at the forefront one which asks how he got in.

The theologian has access to keys men of other specialties and pursuits cannot count on their chain.  Speculating on phenomenon is not the exclusive domain of scientists because they can tie an instrument onto a porpoise’s pasutee and track him. (Interestingly, the porpoise is alternately referred to in Old English as mereswine.) What results from those endeavors is, in some cases, fairly accurate data which can be accessed, and from which fin tales can also be spun.

The Christian has a more sure database to explain the unexplained, and can rely upon it more than upon the changing graphs and charts from technicians and cartographers.  But let’s use for the time what they can explain.


If the entrance to the Abyss, from whence demons are summoned to use whales to strike land, and where they are at times banished, is in the Atlantic Ocean; how did the demons, cast out by Jesus into the swine that drown, get to the Atlantic from the Sea of Galilee when it is a land-locked sea?

Let’s take the most difficult part of this objection first.

There are in deep seas caverns where channels of water run many miles through undersea caves and causeways.  There is also something underground called the water table.  Water from precipitation and run off infiltrates the ground and at some depth the ground reaches a saturation point where the water tables in the porous soil and sediment.  In some areas the water table is only a few feet below the ground surface, and in others it’s thousands of feet below.  It’s an underground sea that the Sea of Galilee would be in touch with.  The demons could have been made to have traveled to the abyss in those ways, or in a more obvious one.

The climate in the Mediterranean area is temperate, but still seasonal, and the topography is not static.  Water and even the earth move.

While the area surrounding the Sea of Galilee is dry, there is more water to form tributaries to it in the winter time. When Joshua crossed the Jordan River a fourteen hundred years before Jesus was baptized in it, there was enough water in it to chronicle a crossing requiring special preparation.  When John was baptizing, he found enough water in the Jordan for all comers.

Today, the Jordan River, which connects to the Sea of Galilee from the north, is barely a trickle in some places and dries in the summer in others.  This is due partly to climactic change, ongoing geological change, and manmade obstructions from water projects like dams.  It is not the same today as when Jesus sailed on Galilean waters to meet the demon possessed Gergaseans, but historical maps show the existence of tributaries that appear to join, or be able to connect, the Sea of Galilee through the Jordan out to the Mediterranean Sea, joining it just north of the city of Tyre.

This would have formed an acceptable waterway. From the Mediterranean the demons would pass through the Striate of Gibraltar into the Atlantic.

Six Days of Creation –

There are other references in the Bible for the six days in Genesis and the work performed therein.  The key to their interpretation is careful study.  The Translators of our precious King James Bible were the best men best available for the task or probably could have ever been assembled for the task.  Their work was so thorough and accurate that we can study the individual words they translated into English, and even take issue with some of the choices they made to render them translated.  But nothing so technical is usually at point due to their brilliance and choice of the most accurate manuscripts for their work.

For example we read in Exodus:

For in six das the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath, and hollowed it (Exo 2011).

To better understand what this verse in not saying we may take a word that is in question and apply it to another process.

When we assemble ingredients in their respective quantities  necessary to bake a cake and put them through a process that does indeed produce it, we say accurately that we made a cake; we do not say we created it.  Everything that  was required existed beforehand and only needed to be reorganized and processed.  The word that was translated “created” in Genesis chapter one, verse two, comes from the word  bara which means create.  The word in the Exodus verse translated “made” comes from the word asah which has a broad sense and wide application and is used for ‘accomplish,’ ‘advance,’ ‘bestow,’ and ‘fashion,’ and does not mean to create.

Videos –

WARNING -The following video depicts clearly the worshiping of demons and the celebration of their doctrines. If you choose to view the video, you may wish to do so on mute so as to lessen the demonic nature of the experience.

By the looks on the faces of some of the men present, they are uncomfortable with the worship.  They should have stood and collected their families and walked out, but the success of the demonic doctrine of feminism which led to the ordination of  women pastors has decimated the headship of men in the churches, and there is little some can now do unless they are willing to leave the church where their wife pastors.

The men are emasculated and the churches go into apostasy.  Paul warned about this progression of demonic seduction that would result from women pastors:

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. (1Ti 2:12-14)

Video Description – The animals are led to the pulpit in a procession.  First, women – on both sides to the pavilion – usher bears, one black, one white,  forward in celebratory dance, and the women continue in a provocative urging until they get the bears to rise up on their hind legs.  The colors demonstrate the joining of opposites, and the standing at the pulpit demonstrates the equality of animals to mankind, and their cohabitation in the church as fellow creatures and worshipers (abstain from meats).

Notice that the Sun god high priest has right hand in gesture of Hindu Gyan Mudra, with index finger touching tip of thumb, used to induce a state happiness and increased knowledge promised in exchange for worshiping demons.

Notice woman in prominent position behind Sun god high priest, with man in tow behind her amongst the children. Notice woman carrying peace offering.

Notice nature themed banners. Notice foul smelling animals in procession.

Notice in background intricate images of red flames projected on the walls and encircling the audience to disorient them and to impart a spiritual experience, and used as an imitation of the Holy Spirit descending on the platform to welcome worship.

Notice the demon high priest gesturing to give the benediction over the people.

Notice the design of sashes on parade here, of bright colors and pantheistic heathenism.

Notice it all ushered forth with ribbon sticks waved to distract the conscious from reason as was performed in the Babylonian mystery religions, and carried over in the pomp in the Roman Catholic Church of colored vestments and ornate robes.

Notice as a fertility dance is performed on platform. Notice priestesses bring elements to the platform that could represent the communion and raise them for blessing of demons.

Notice , if you did not mute, the worship music is haunting and trance like to produces an altered state of consciousness and renders the audience more susceptible to the worship of demons, and to demon possession.

The demons hang from the rafters and sit in the pews. Waiting. For victims.

Video :

Opening Worship Processional – 219th General Assembly, The Lion King Meets the PCUSA,” (from tdallasw’s Channel, July 4, 2010). 5 min., 26 sec. (accessed on YouTube July 29, 2010).

Video Description –This video is interresting because it gives a rare glimpes of something trying to escape from the ocean floor.  It was taken at the Deep Water Horizon site where it is thought that methane gas is escaping.


PropheticSeer, “Breaking News: Ocean Floor About to Explode,” (from YouTube, August 2, 2010). 2 min., 44 sec. (accessed on YouTube August 5, 2010) .


For our conversation [citizenship] is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself. (Php 3:20-21)

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