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Atlanticus Awdawmonus

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Cause of Strandings

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Cause of Strandings

The mark of the Awdawms’ sin was indelible and not to be removed.  They were destroyed in the wrath of God, and the Pre-Adamite earth perished in water. Water. Water is both a special and a peculiar substance.  At various temperatures, it can prepare our food or imprison nuclear submarines beneath its ice.  The human body cannot survive long in it unassisted before perishing, and so we cannot inhabit the seas.  Still, the history of mankind is one of trying to break this law.  Few have stopped to ask if the reason we are separated from the seas is because they also are used to imprison something else that is being kept separated from us.

There is a strange phenomenon which takes place time and time again, and for which scientists have no agreed upon explanation. It is a case where otherwise healthy sea animals swim to shore and beach themselves on the sand to die; literally drowning in air.  In what has become to be known as ‘strandings,’ hundreds of whales and dolphins can be involved in a single incident in places like Tasmania.

Scientists have postulated theories for this behavior that include sonar interference from ships and seaquakes disrupting the animals’ natural navigation abilities, and even climate change, but these are inadequate to explain the behavior.

Scientists do have one theory where they come closer than they realize to the cause of these strandings.  It is thought that military sonar mimics the sound of killer whales, and the other whales and dolphins beach themselves while running away from those predators.  It’s possible, but the part to actually take away here is the running away.

When Jesus arrived by ship to the country of the Gergesenes, he was met by two possessed with demons.  Those men had supernatural strength so that no man could subdue them, but when they saw Jesus “they cried out, saying, what have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?” (Mat 8:29; emphasis added).  This encounter reveals several things.

The demons are at some time in the future to go to a place of torment.  Many, such as the two thousand in this case, are apparently free to roam about and possess humans at times, or until that time.  Also, we learn that demons recognize the Son of God, and know that their time of torment did not begin at the first coming of Christ.

Now we have the incident of the downing swine from this encounter, and the careful student will learn much more from it than what has been gleaned so far.

The demons try to broker a deal with Jesus.  If He is going to cast them out of the men, which they are sure He is going to do, then they ask if He will allow them to enter into the 2000 swine that are nearby (Mk 5:13).  They are hoping that Jesus will accept this abatement because He will get his cure of the men, and the demons will obtain hosts from which they can possess other men.

We learn a very important and indispensable detail of this encounter from Luke.

The demons also pleaded with Jesus not “to command them to go out into the deep” (Lk 8:31). The word for deep used here is abussos from which the word abyss comes.  We are already familiar with an abyss which is the bottomless pit where Satan will be chained for a thousand years during the millennial reign of Christ (Rev 20:1-2), and from whence horrible demon-like scorpion locusts will be released to torment mankind during the tribulation period (Rev 9:1-11).

It is possible that the demons referred to it here.  It may also be that the entrance to this abyss lies deep beneath the sea.

When Jesus appears to grant the petition of the demons, they take possession of the swine, and they all run into the sea and down.

Of the explanations put forth for this behavior of the swine, it has been suggested that the swine could not endure the demons and chose rather to die then to harbor them, or that they all went mad by the possession.  If that is so, it is strange that they all went mad in exactly the same direction.

Rather, it appears that Jesus let the demons go into the swine to use them to send the demons to an abyss far beneath the water.  For sure, this was at the expense of the swine, but the Lord does not hold to the concept of animal rights as it is a doctrine of demons, and a damnable heresy when taught in the churches (2Pet 2:1).

What is revealed by this examination is that there is a special abyss beneath the seas where demons are held, and that some which are free to roam in the atmosphere are at times banished there as the Lord decides.

Additionally, and to the point, demons may also be called forth from the abyss, or even escape.  And what is also revealed in comparing the Gergesene encounter with the Tasmanian phenomenon is that the demons cannot transition from the atmosphere to the water disembodied, hence the use of the swine; alternately, demons cannot transition from the water back to the atmosphere without an animal body, hence the use of the whales and dolphins.

Like the swine, whales and dolphins are air breathing mammals.  It makes sense that demons, which are disembodied spirits of terrestrial and air breathing beings, can only use air breathing mammals in their transition between the two environments.

Now, we might more accurately refer to standings, to whales and dolphins beaching themselves and downing from air on dry land, not as strandings, but as escapes or releases, or the Transitions of Tasmanian Devils (demons).  The word translated ‘demons’ in the plural in scriptures is always translated from the word daimonion; which means demons.

Some of the whales used in these transitions can dive to very deep depths.  The pilot whale, which is the species that most often mass-stands themselves, is nomadic, and they prefer to roam areas over deep submarine trenches.  Their distribution is from the Atlantic to all the other oceans, and they move north and south.  These whales can dive to depths of just under a mile, and they can remain submerged for nearly half an hour.

As we have discovered, demons not only are able to possess mammals, but prefer to use them as vehicles.  If they are at times cast into the abyss or summoned forth, we may now know why, and how.  As to why efforts to reacclimate stranded animals back to the water are often difficult and mostly fail, it may be the animals were too wracked by the demonic experience, or were irreparably disorientated.

[Editor’s note: more on cause of strandings in Afterword].

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