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Atlanticus Awdawmonus

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Restoration of Earth

Race of Awdawms

Origin of Demons

Doctrine of Demons

Calling Out a People

Redemption of Satan

Cause of Strandings

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Doctrine of Demons

The demons, which may be the disembodied spirits of the Awdawms from the Pre-Adamite earth, are sentient.  They possess faculties of intelligence and knowledge acquired over centuries from direct experience and observation. They are better acquainted with us than we are with ourselves, and may pass on information about us to other demons residing in possessed men so that they may appear clairvoyant, or physic, and lead people astray following after them.  Demons are more knowledgeable about the Bible and God’s reveled plans then most of the human race (by comparative example, Satan quotes scripture).

When Jesus arrived by ship to the country of the Gergesenes he was met by two demon possessed men, and the demons asked if He were going to torment them before the time; thus indicating they know there is an appointed time for their tormenting, and that it did not coincide with the first appearance of Christ (Mat 8:28-29).

The Demons resist the hastening of their fate by opposing Christianity.  They do this by opposing Bible doctrine.  Their strategy is to imitate and replace sound doctrine with their own doctrines.  They use great powers of seduction in getting their own doctrines taught even in the churches; to the extent that many depart from the faith (1Tim 4:1). There artifice is seduction, which they employ to conceive sensuality.

Is it not a seducing spirit that preaches the doctrine of prosperity for obtaining wealth so that the flesh may be sensually satiated and pampered?

As we draw closer to the end of the age, demonic activity continually increases (1 Tim 4:1).  This does not mean it can be spotted only in manifestations of demonic influences on isolated individuals, though reports that are hard to be censored due to their public nature are becoming more frequent.  Witness the attack on marriage to destroy it.  The abolition of marriage is a doctrine of demons.

When demons take control of their victims, they cauterize, or sear, their conscious so that it is rendered unfeeling and thus completely supportive of the lies they tell which are contained in the doctrines of demons (1 Tim 4:2).

Their doctrine of forbidding to marry is not one of celibacy (1Tim 4:3), but of discontinuing the relationship in order to be promiscuous outside it, and to engage in all manner of perverted sexual behavior.  The rise in divorce and the acceptance of homosexuality in the churches is the success of the doctrine of demons.

The command to abstain from meat is a doctrine of demons (1Tim 4:3).  A vegetarian diet makes a person more susceptible to spiritual forces, and this includes demonic forces as well.  The rise of the animal rights movement is the result of this doctrine of demons.

The campaigns to reduce phantom carbon footprints by eating less beef, and the push to go to agrarian diets to lessen our impact on mother earth, are the products of this doctrine of demons.  The worshiping of the creatures more than the creator (Rom 1: 25), which is an integral component of the global warming fraud, and that is taking place in the churches, is the success of this doctrine of demons.

The change in the message churches preach from Christian evangelism to green evangelism is made possible by the embrace of doctrines of demons.  Christians who remain in churches that preach that message are having fellowship with demons.  Those churches that preach that message and continue to take the cup of communion are taking communion with demons, and are partakers of the table of demons (1Cor 10:20-21).

The table of demons is a platform in churches upon which sensuous entertainments of sight and sound are performed in song and lurid dance.  False teachers invest in expensive sound and lighting systems and ply them on congregants to more easily seduce them into doctrines of demons.

These congregants are both acting as one body and are individually responsible for worshiping demons.  We have it on record that ignorance is no excuse for the saint: “Now the Spirit speaketh [teaches] expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils [demons];” (1Ti 4:1).  If you have the spirit of God, you are his, and the Holy Spirit ensures you should know better.  Come out from among them.

People who are fawning over these false teachers, and following them, and floating them financial, are worshiping demons (Rev 9:20).  Their apologists and defenders and disciples are themselves, if they are not possessed outright, under the influence of demons.

In some cases, false prophets are finally given over to lying spirits to destroy them and their adherents just as the false prophets of old were who lied for Ahab (1 Ki 22:19-23; 2 Thes 2:11).

Lying spirits are in the mouths of false prophets today who claim to serve the one true God, but teach heresies.  The demons hang from the rafters and sit in the pews waiting for victims turned over to them by the success of those teachers.  The horrible things they do to people once they seize them may, in part, stem from their animus towards us for succeeding them as a race with a special design in play.

By the activity of these spirits it is evident there is an altogether different dispensation of rules for their existence and application of laws which are not applicable to mankind.

There is a trend in scripture pertaining to anthropos, mankind in the lineage of Adam, where their spirits are immediately released upon death and dispatched to their respective destinations; from whence they cannot pass over again to communicate with the living.

The penitent thief beside Jesus on the cross went to paradise where Jesus met him when he died that day (Lk 23:43).  Paul tells us that for Christians, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (2 Cor 5:8). The unrepentant die and go to hell. The rich man who had fared sumptuously, and who died and went to hell, was separated from the beggar Lazarus, who died and was carried by angles to Abraham’s bosom, by an impassible gulf; and he was not permitted to communicate even a warning to his brethren of the torment awaiting the unrepentant (Lk 16:43).

The question naturally arises as to why demons, as the disembodied spirits of Awdawms, are not spirits confined in some prison, such as hell, but instead are free to roam about like familiar spirits and to communicate their doctrines (Isa 8:19).

But here an aside must be taken which, though dealing with a different topic, is an important part of the answer.

[Editor’s Note: more on doctrine of demons in the Afterword.]

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