Atlantis: Race of Awdawms


Atlanticus Awdawmonus

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Restoration of Earth

Race of Awdawms

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Race of Awdawms

If we entertain now this other interpretation of the Genesis account, questions arise as to how long the earth remained a desolated ruin, and why the earth, created to be inhabited, became a desolation and ruin, and how the earth became without form, and void.  The first question cannot be answered, but the second may be speculated upon if the answer to how the earth became that way is accepted, and the details of the account are given their natural interpretation.

These details come in a vision the Lord gave to Jeremiah:

I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the LORD, and by his fierce anger. (Jer 4:23-26; emphasis added)

Here, the condition of the earth is described by Jeremiah exactly in the same way it is given in Genesis prior to God removing it from that condition, but with some added details.

Again, we are presented with an earth that was “without form and void,” and there also was darkness as no light penetrated through the heavens.  The prophet adds that the fruitful place, or the fields, orchards and vineyards, were made into a wilderness.  Further, he adds that cities had also existed and were broken down.

This destruction seems to have been accomplished by catastrophic earth quakes; which came about when the Lord God came and destroyed it all in his fierce anger, or wrath, and the destruction was so complete that no man, or no adam (aw-dawm, H120; human being, or person) was present or survived it.

If we allow that the topography of the earth was different and the fountains of the deep that assisted in Noah’s flood were also accessible, it is easy to see that such earthquakes would precede a world flood.

Now from this vision given the Jeremiah, it would appear that the earth, originally created to be inhabited, was inhabited by a race of Awdawms, and that they, no doubt assisted, eventually did such evil as to provoke the Lord to destroy them off the face of the earth.  After the destruction of that race, the Lord put the earth in cold storage.

This interpretation would give scientists their due if they are actually able to date rocks, but that is all it would give them.

Alternately, a preexisting earth that was populated, and that sank to such an evil state that every imagination of their heart was to do evil continually, so that God repented that he made them and decided to destroy the Awdawms and all the other creatures, would give more to the Christian.

It’s true that the above scenario is borrowed from the era of Noah’s flood.  It’s not true that Noah’s flood is the one Peter references in chapter three of his second epistle (2 Pet 3:3-6)

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