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A Shining City Takes a Spill

I recently addressed the violent takeover of college campuses by activists that were clearly identifying as agents for foreign governments.  I observed on X that: “The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a … Continue reading

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Why America Needs to Shut Down Foreign Aid | Because USAID So

The hundreds of millions, and billions, going to government and non-government organizations (NGO’s) alike purportedly to accomplish our collective will is staggering.  When Americans see these figures the amounts are unfathomable.  They don’t correspond in any way to their pressing … Continue reading

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Right Foot Out

| – 10 – | The birth of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies was made possible by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Because of it they were able to pervert Affirmative Action into a program to mint … Continue reading

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Death by Exsanguination

| – 9 – | The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies have been largely successful in fractionalizing Americans to divide and conquer them.  It was an old strategy given new impetus by an ingenious application of a revered president’s stipulation … Continue reading

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Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Born From a Snag in The Tapestry

| – 8 – | The history of the world is, at first, a backdrop providing for the inception of what becomes the new history of the world.  The humble origins of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies and the … Continue reading

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