Barriers to Hillary Clinton

The candidates, delegates, and assorted volunteers at the upcoming Democratic National Convention will protected by a “no-scale” fence.  While the design of the fence has not been revealed yet, ‘no-scale’ implies it will probably include repellent features, and be high enough to prevent people from climbing over it.1  Whatever the construction of the fence, it’s sure to be an impressive barrier.  And it should draw the attention of presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary weighed in on the idea of such barriers only a few days ago in response to the promise of presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump to build a impenetrable wall along our southern border.

“Instead of building walls,” Hillary said, “we need to be tearing down barriers.”2

Bernie Sanders supporters should pay special attention to the efforts Hillary expends in ‘tearing down barriers’ once they go up around the convention. 

If Hillary lets the barrier stand, it may clearly reveal two important things about her character to you: Hillary doesn’t care about the safety or wellbeing of the average American on the street, and she’s only interested in protecting herself and other establishment cronies

The plan to build a Trump is in direct response to murderers, rapists, and drug-dealers pouring over our border and victimizing countless Americans for decades.  It offers Americans protection that is long overdue. 

That alone justifies its completion, but there is also damage to untold Americans in higher taxes to pay for illegal immigrant’s welfare payments, schooling, subsidized housing, medical care, disability payments, and second language service requirements for utilities and government services.

And then there is the price of incarcerating them in our prisons.

Sanders supporters should be able to detect a pattern when the Democratic convention begins: 

Hillary is lying when – she claims classified emails, that may have jeopardized national security, weren’t sent through her private email server. 

Hillary is lying when – she claims a poorly made video prevented her from sending help to our embassy and got our people killed in Benghazi. 

Hillary is lying when – she says she’s not looking out for the best interests of the too-big-to-fail banks. 

Hillary is lying when – she says she didn’t’ sell favors for millions as Secretary of State.

Hillary is lying when – she claims we don’t need an impenetrable wall on our southern border. 

Hillary is lying when – she says she looking out for you. 




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