Benjamin Netanyahu Man of the Hour

Signs are pointing to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being the man of the hour.  A nuclear exchange in the Middle East between Israel and her enemies is eminent. Iran, for one, is determined to build a deliver a nuclear bomb to Jerusalem, high speed postage paid.  The current president of the United States has sent signals to Iranian madman Ahmadinejad that he does not take a friendly view of our ally, and will not support a military action to disarm and destroy the Iranian enrichment facility.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows Israel will have to go it alone to defend herself.  The economic sanctions in place against Iran, like most all economic sanctions, usually hurt the masses, but the powerful and wealthy are the last to be impacted.  Tyrants like Ahmadinejad see themselves living comfortably all the way to executing the final solutions, and remain undeterred.

In preparation for the unavoidable military strike, Netanyahu is calling for elections in Israel to be held one year early to free up his calendar for October, when President Barack Obama will be busy campaigning for reelection and Netanyahu will have put his own reelection behind him.1

And other signs point to Netanyahu.

One comes from the First Temple, and was recently unearthed by archeologists.  It is a seal baring the name “Matanyahu” in the phrase “belonging to Matanyahu.”2  The rest of the inscription on the seal has been obliterated, as if this were the only pertinent information for our time of uncovering it. Matanyahu is the nearly the same as Netanyhu, and they mean Giving to God.3

From the First Temple to events which will shortly usher in the building of the Last Temple, the hour may indeed belong to Netanyahu. If Israel successfully neutralizes Iran’s nuclear facility, there may or may not be the coming nuclear war.  It depends on other responses, such as from Russia, who sees themselves extremely powerful and unrestrained in the face of an American president weak on national defense and reluctant to defend America’s allies.

If Netanyahu is successful, a nuclear war could be averted, for the time being. There is one coming to the area, and beyond, in the near future.  Iran has reached extreme threat level with their rhetoric and their nuclear progress.  Israel had to take Iraq’s first extreme threat level nuclear reactor back in 1981, and Russia, who sides with Iran, has nuke-o-plenty. It is a matter of time, and prophecy.  The fallout from the war will leave radioactive material that will keep special crews busy over seven months disposing of it (Eze 39:9-15). After that exchange, cataclysmic events will follow such as have never been seen on earth, nor never will be seen again, and then the last temple will be built.


1. Times of Israel, “TV report: Netanyahu holding elections so he is free to deal with Iran in September-October,” May 4, 2012.

2 – 3. Fox News, “Ancient Hebrew seal discovered near Jerusalem’s First Temple,” May 2, 2012.


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