Benny Hinn Confesses: Unable to Heal

Although not a surprise to most people, both in and out of the faith, Televangelist Benny Hinn has admitted to being unable to heal, according to the Los Angeles Times.  What makes this a real bomb shell is the ailment that exposed Hinn’s weakness.  It wasn’t a brain tumor, pancreatic cancer, or paraplegia that finally found Hinn out; it was his marriage.

After 30 years of marriage, Hinn’s wife filed for divorce on February 1 on account of differences that Hinn could not reconcile.  According to a prepared statement from his ministry, Hinn couldn’t even see it coming.  “Pastor Benny Hinn… was shocked and saddened to learn of this news without any previous notice.”1  That is pretty poor foresight for a man who supposedly can close his eyes and see disease in someone else’s body, but the unwitting admission is far worse.

“Although Pastor Hinn has faithfully endeavored to bring healing to their relationship,” the statement continued, “those efforts failed….”2 While it is very sad for a marriage of so many years to end in divorce, the damage Hinn has done to the simple in the faith over several decades is far more tragic.  Perhaps now, fewer will be victimized by this false prophet.


1 – 2. Gillian Flaccus, “Wife of prosperity gospel televangelist Benny Hinn files for divorce in California,” Los Angeles Times, February 18, 2010.,0,2770235.story

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  1. GOOD. Let him lose millions of dollars. He’s a wolf in sheepskin clothing.

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