Bruce Springsteen Forced to Play Presidential Inaugural Ball?

By an increasing amount of legal decrees, we are now being forced to believe someone when they claim they were born with the wrong identity, other than the one he or she physically has.  And we are being forced to grant them access to places they otherwise could not enter.

I’ve really been thinking for a long time, and more acutely over the last eight years, that I really should be someone else myself. 

I’ve always admired my leadership skills, my ability to bring two parties together, and talent for giving speeches.  I believe I was born the President of the United States.

Consequently, shouldn’t everyone in Washington be forced to accept it?  Shouldn’t I be allowed access to the oval office in the White House?  Shouldn’t Bruce Springsteen be forced to play at my presidential inaugural ball?  (link

If this scenario sounds like insanity, that’s because it is insanity.  But insanity has its treatments.   The former scenarios, however, mark depravity, and depravity is more difficult to treat; especially when it is enshrined into laws (link).

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