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Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’: What or Who is Really on Trial?

Rob Bell is an Emergent Church pastor and author whose teachings have been labeled toxic by reputable discernment ministries.  Now some of Bell’s teaching is being discerned prior to its March 29th release date.  In reviewing an advance copy of … Continue reading

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Session Eight: Church of What’s Happening Now

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for joining us in session eight.  Before we necessarily had to include a conference session examining a Rick Warren apostasy flair-up in his Daniel Plan, we were set to reveal the power … Continue reading

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Session Six: Church of What’s Happening Now

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and thank you for joining us in session six.  In this conference series we looked briefly at some of the individuals who were scheduled to speak at the New Springs Leadership Conference last October in … Continue reading

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Atlantis: In the Gap

Atlantis Atlanticus Awdawmonus David Dansker Published by Copyright 2010, all rights reserved. Introduction In the Gap Restoration of Earth Race of Awdawms Origin of Demons Doctrine of Demons Calling Out a People Redemption of Satan Cause of Strandings Habeas … Continue reading

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Too Many Theologians, Not Enough Tentmakers

The fallout over John Piper’s endorsement of Rick Warren has also revealed that people in ministry positions from where they should be able to respond decisively and expeditiously are selecting the wrong time to apply generosity of spirit and indecisiveness.  … Continue reading

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