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Church of What’s Happening Now: Conference Series

Attend this free conference series to discover secret tactics used by false teachers to manipulate and fleece the unsuspecting.  This is the conference that exposes the fraud behind so many other ‘Christian’ conferences, and reveals how the Apostasy is being … Continue reading

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Raiders of the Messianic Kingdom: Introduction

Raiders of the Messianic Kingdom David Dansker Published by Copyright 2010, all rights reserved. Introduction Legend Followers Gospel Royalty Servants Communion Revolt       Introduction There is a phenomenal movement taking place within Christendom.  It has spread across … Continue reading

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Conference: Church of What’s Happening Now

Conference season is back.  It comes after summer when many have taken vacations or have had time off, and have probably done a few things they know they shouldn’t have; so it off to a religious conference to cleanse the … Continue reading

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Atlantis: Introduction

Atlantis Atlanticus Awdawmonus David Dansker Published by Copyright 2010, all rights reserved. Introduction In the Gap Restoration of Earth Race of Awdawms Origin of Demons Doctrine of Demons Calling Out a People Redemption of Satan Cause of Strandings Habeas … Continue reading

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The Destruction of the Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is a Muslim holy site that was completed in 691AD.  It stands on the temple mount where Harod’s temple stood, and is directly over the spot where the Holy of Holies was located.  … Continue reading

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