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Raiders of the Messianic Kingdom: Followers

. Raiders of the Messianic Kingdom David Dansker Published by Copyright 2010, all rights reserved. Introduction Legend Followers Gospel Royalty Servants Communion Revolt Rise of the Christ Followers The adherents to the Legend of Jesus (q.v.) are a class … Continue reading

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Bill Hybels on Starving his Congregation: Let Them Eat "whip cream"

In unveiling his new strategy to fill 9,000 vacant seats at Willow Creek Church and regional campuses, mega church pastor Bill Hybels relied heavily on survey information obtained from his 20,000 congregation to craft his Vision 2010 campaign. Hybels expects … Continue reading

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Megachurch Cure: On the Horizon

If you are tired of impersonal crowds, professional troubadours that have turned worship into a spectator sport, and small group spin-offs that function like the old Soviet control cells, then maybe you should just stay home. That is what “refugees … Continue reading

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