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Session Nine: Church of What’s Happening Now

Welcome back, and thank you for joining us in session nine.  In revealing the power behind the throne at North Point Community Church our examination has also revealed that North Point is selling something extra biblical.  We’ve shown that real … Continue reading

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"Psychobabble" Admitted Disease, Plague Continues to Strike Churches

Churches across the land will be exposed to compromise again this year as pastors relinquish their pulpits to psychologists. Already, speaking schedules are being booked at near capacity for these counselors to come in and take authority over flocks, and … Continue reading

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In Restoration of Ted Haggard, psychologists make high-profile convert

After undergoing several weeks of “intensive counseling,” Ted Haggard is supposedly only twelve steps from complete restoration. Released to pursue secular employment, he is being encouraged to continue in “Christian counseling,”1 and to join a sexual-addition program. The tune being … Continue reading

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