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Session Seven: Church of What’s Happening Now

Thank you for joining us in session seven.  We actually have a news-flash for this session that will push the information we intended to cover here a little into the next session. As you know, we recently resumed our conference … Continue reading

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Radicalis: Radically Compromising Brad Powell

The upcoming Radicalis conference scheduled to take place at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, February 9-12, will include speakers Rick Warren, his ministry team, and what is shaping up to be a line-up of, well, the usual suspects for apostasy.  One … Continue reading

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Rick Warren: The New Old ‘Collaborative’

Some of the scariest cult practices around the world actually contain Christian themes.  In San Fernando, Philippines, upwards of two dozen people have themselves nailed to cross on Good Friday to emulate the crucifixion of Christ.  Many more undergo self-flagellation … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Physical

In Rick Warren’s article “Six Physical Factors That Affect Your Worship Service,” which appeared in The Christian Post, Warren attributes the success of worship to comfortable and aesthetic facilities. Drawing an analogy between stadiums and sanctuaries, Warren contends that pews … Continue reading

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Purpose of being Driven (out): Eminent Domain, PDL Style

Tom Bartlett arrived at Celebration Church in 2004. Presumably, he didn’t just drop through the roof, but went through some sort of hiring process; possibly to replace a retiring pastor. Today, there are some who think the roof might as … Continue reading

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