CDC recommends dramatic expansion of HIV prevention medication Setting Stage for Next Vaccine Mandate

CDC recommends dramatic expansion of HIV prevention medication Setting Stage for Next Vaccine Mandate



According to news reports from November, Pfizer earnings due to their experimental Covid-19 vaccine put them up 133% over last year.  This skyward trajectory in profits came largely from their vaccine rocket, launched by government mandates, to produce the staggering thrust of $13 billion dollars.1  Not to be outdone, pharmaceutical company Moderna is forecasting Covid-19 vaccine earnings of nearly $18 billion for this year alone.2  And what’s the old adage, ‘invest in yourself for the highest returns.’  In all, big pharma lobbyists spent $306 million last year to obtain over $30 billion in earnings.3

This cozy relationship between willing politicians and big pharma speaks more of conspiracy than efforts at safeguarding public health.

Take for example reports that big pharma ‘donated’ over $9 million equally split between Democrats and Republicans state campaigns in 2020.  Also consider the practice of those companies offering sweet, lucrative positions to those politicians after they leave office in a policy affectionately referred to as the “revolving door.”4    

While some might call these ‘obscene’ profits for executive, shareholders, investors, (and crocked politicians); this may only be blood in the water. 

Already, these selfless public servants have succeeded in pushing multiple ‘boosters’ of their products which promise to continue in succession after each discovery of a new, variant of the virus.  What happens, though, when the growing tide of unvaccinated survivors developing natural immunity can share enough “high-level, broad-spectrum” antibodies5 to stop Covid-19 in its tracks?

Fortunately for pharmaceutical companies, it’s the government mandators to the well-thought-out rescue.  Starting in early December, when people are normally distracted with Christmas preparations and New Years plans, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) quietly rolled out a new vaccine campaign. 

Before giving it away, it would be essential to appreciating the CDC’s campaign strategy to examine one front in their campaign; which is to first get the campaign entered into the national dialogue.  To do this, they have created the position of Popular Opinion Leader (POL).   These are “key opinion leaders” whom they will enlist and train to “encourage safer sexual norms and behaviors within their social networks through risk reduction conversations.”6  Firstly, keep in mind that ‘social networks’ today are inclusive of news outlets.  Secondly, the sexual behaviors in focus are the ones that result in contracting and spreading human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

To see how this works, examine what at first appears to be a purely public service announcement news article from ABC 7, Eyewitness News, Los Angeles, by Dr. Sara Yumeen, and contributed to by Dr. Todd Ellerin, titled “CDC recommends dramatic expansion of HIV prevention medication.”

The apparent focus of the article is the CDC’s desire to “dramatically expand” every one’s access to Pre-exposure prophylaxis medication (PrEP) for HIV.  By taking PrEP medication, the risk for getting HIV is reduced by %99 for sexual transmission, and by %74 for intravenous drug users.7    The two medications currently used for HIV PrEP are both oral medications.  They are the pills Truvada and Descovy, which are must be taken daily.  It would be expected that the target audience of this public service announcement would be the usual suspects; same-sex male partners, partners with HIV counterparts, intravenous drug users, and so forth, and these parties are represented in the article.  But the actual heart of the article slips out in a standalone sentence afterword, and in the author’s look towards the horizon where Cabotegravir, a new injectable HIV treatment and prevention medication, might be approved by the FDA.

After the doctors lament about their collective failure at conducting sexual behavior interrogatories with patients in order to identify more PrPE recipients, we are told the correcting CDC guideline for this malaise is to “discuss PrEP with every patient who’s sexually active.”8    

And so, we have revealed to us two of the three integral parts to any vaccine mandate: 1) a vaccine, and, 2) every patient between the ages of, say, 16 to 80 at risk of contracting a deadly virus.  This sets the stage for number 3) the mandate.  But is this really the start of a government vaccine campaign carried out by a proxy of the politicians, the CDC, who are beholding to big pharma?  And if so, wouldn’t these doctors who authored the article be identifiable as CDC trained and recruited Popular Opinion Leaders?  In examining these questions, we’ll let the CDC elaborate on their use of POL’s as:

a community-level HIV prevention intervention based on diffusion of innovation/social influence principles in which a cadre of trusted, well-liked key opinion leaders are trained to endorse safer sexual behaviors in casual, one-on-one conversations with peers.

Notwithstanding horrible instances of medical malpractice, doctors are generally trusted, trained, opinion leaders who engage in one-on-one conversations.  So, then, is this article an example of the campaign’s “diffusion” of “social influence principles” that we can establish?

In searching the title and author names for this article, no less than 30 word-for-word reprints were found scattered all over the entire country; in affiliates, in what appeared to be independent news sources, or in displays of radio public service announcements (see list).

Finally, could a big pharma connection to this campaign also be established?  Well, it just so happens that contributing author Dr. Ellerin also consults for both Gilead Sciences, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company that developed Truvada and Descovy, and also for ViiV, a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline, and manufacturers of the Cabotegravir vaccine.  Interestingly, an independent data safety monitoring board recommended that the Cabotegravir vaccine study trials end early last November due to demonstrating an impressive 89% superiority over oral counterparts.10     

Now, it might be argued that there will be no vaccine mandate for Cabotegravir because it is not a ‘vaccine’ in the technical sense; it is classed as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis medication – for now.  Like the oral medications, it too will be marketed to healthy people to prevent them from contracting the virus, and developing the disease, and also marketed to sick people to prolong their life by making their symptoms less severe.  By definition, however, it could easily be classified as a vaccine. 

Switch the disease name in this explanation from HIV to Covid-19, and the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ was likewise defined.  It turns out however, that the Covid ‘vaccine’ doses not prevent a healthy person from contracting the virus.  The selling point now, outside of a mandate, is that should you get the virus and you are ‘fully vaccinated’ (a changing term subject to continued failures), your experience will be less sever. 

Furter, the Covid-19 vaccine does not prevent a vaccinated sick person from transmitting the virus, and that claim is no longer being made. 

In the case for the HIV therapeutics (oral or injectable), that claim of non-transmissibility is explicitly made.11  So, in this instance the later has at least more claim to the mantle of ‘vaccine’ than does the former.  To be fair, the HIV vaccine must be taken continually over the life of the patient (once every two months), but we are finding out the same circumstances are surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine.  Despite, however, any claims that may arise that the forgoing appearances of collusion, ulterior motives, and orchestration are unfounded, one thing is for sure.  Whatever the course of this new CDC/big pharma campaign going forward, we better hope that apolitical judges continue to interpret laws correctly, and continue striking down illegal Covid-19 vaccine mandates.  If they don’t, it is clear to see what’s on our horizon. 

[Editor’s Note: HIV/AIDS.  HIV is a deadly virus that can kill you in about 3 years after it goes to stage two, the late stage, which is AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).  The difference between the two stages is HIV is considered to be a chronic condition of the virus that is treatment-manageable, while AIDS is its death sentence.  Because the virus is primarily spread in marginalized communities, the government currently classifies HIV as an epidemic.  Expanding the affected population base to include all sexual behaviors would be a first step in reclassifying it to a pandemic.  The is no cure for HIV.  The medication treatment for HIV is an antiretroviral medication, administered after contracting the virus.  Aside from the medication retarding the progress of the virus by inhibiting the virus’ ability to replicate (viral suppression), and thus prolonging the life of patients; this viral suppression maintains a low viral load in the patient, which in turn dramatically reduces the risk of transmitting the virus through sexual behaviors, or per CDC: “you have effectively no risk of transmitting HIV to an HIV-negative partner through sex.”(HIV Treatment, CDC).]



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