Confused About Gender

Mens RoomNorth Carolina recently passed a law that requires persons to use public restrooms that match the biological identity listed on their birth certificates.  Shock and awe – President Obama’s Justice Department is suing them.  This is the same president who defiled the White House by lighting it up with God’s covenant colors promising not to destroy the world again by flood to celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling that homosexual marriage is Constitutional right. 


According to the Justice Department complaint: “Transgender individuals [depraved men] seeking access to covered facilities [women’s restrooms] have suffered and continue to suffer injury, including without limitation, emotional harm, mental anguish, distress, humiliation, and indignity as direct and proximate result of compliance with and implementation of HB2.” (link)

Some of them might suffer the “humiliation” they should suffer that would lead them to repentance for pretending to be women if the Justice Department, and others, would quit championing their perverted cause.

But we are forced to sacrifice our women, and children at school too (link), for the purpose of sinking to the lowest possible depth of depravity that can be reached by an immoral nation spiraling towards the judgement of God; to appease the god of this world, and his many minions.

The JD complaint references the the 1964 Civil Rights Act which, of course, has no transgender, confused about gender, language in it.  But the courts will follow the Supreme Court’s lead: Legislate from the bench.

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