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As with the SS (Protection Squad), Waffen-SS (Armed SS), and Gestapo (Secret Police), the communist Antifa political action group also sprang from 1930’s Germany.  As the rabidly anti-communist Nazis rose to power, Antifa faded only to rise from the ashes in the twenty-first century as an international group.  In considering what these organizations are now infamous for, it would not be a stretch for one to wonder if the Devil himself did not hold a special grudge against Germany, if not for the Gutenberg Bible, then certainly for the Protestant Reformation.

The success of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies with their Antifa militia finds them with the same problem faced by Adolph Hitler and his Assault Division (SA).  After having been instrumental in his rise to power, the SA had become autonomous and competitive, and the German public had begun tiring of their lawlessness.  Worse, they were headed up by admired leader.  Although once a close friend of Hitler, Ernst Röhm was a fiercely independent war hero who inspired allegiance, and he aspired to combine the SA with the German military and command the larger force.  Hitler needed the support of the army for his larger plans, and already had a select cabinet and well-polished paramilitary forces.  The SA had become an annoyance and a political liability.  It could also become a much larger embarrassment to the Nazi movement undermining its very existence. 

In addition to no longer needing this extra-military militia, three things made the sacrifice of the SA an appealing move for Hitler, (1) they were a very powerful regiment, with over 4 million technically under the leadership of a potential rival, (2) they remained thugs, which made them too coarse and unruly, which troubled the otherwise polished Nazi movement, and, (3) they were  rife with what was the depravity of the day, and that presented a significant liability to the Nazi claim of German moral purity used for justification for the actions the Nazis took.

With an appeal to history and lore, the image cultivated by the Nazi party was one of the tall, Nordic, blue-eyed blond male of impeccable character making babies with their female counterparts to build the thousand-year reign of the new Germany, or Third Reich.  The further away from this model others were the more undesirable those people groups were for Nazis.

Although it was largely kept under wraps, the SA leadership embraced homosexuality and was riddled with it.  The SA commander Röhm was a homosexual.  Hitler disapproved of homosexuality, and was concerned it could have a corrupting influence on Nazi leadership and the youth.  Of course, there was pedophilia too, but the practice even less well-known, and was rarer. 

The German people for the most part still possessed nineteenth-century moral fibers, though about to become more selective and frayed, and Hitler knew the issue of homosexuality not only tarnished the movement, but its outright revelation would be beyond what the general populating could accept.

Today, the bar of depravity has been lowered; homosexuality is widely tolerated and even accepted, but widespread acceptance of pedophilia is still out of reach, and with Antifa’s pedophilia activism increasing, evidenced in their support of Drags Queen Story Hours, sexually explicit instructional literature, and sexual mutilation surgeries for elementary school children, they pose the same problem for CRT Allies as the SA posed for Hitler. 

Even in the twenty-first century, the majority of Americans draw the line at Pride celebrations where children are preyed on to be sacrificed to the goddess of pedophilia.

In what would be called the “Night of The Long Knives,” and only a few days before the SA were to hold a large assembly in Munich, Hitler himself rode with his SS to the hotel where Röhm and the top SA were vacationing and arrested them all.  A few days later when the SA troops began showing up in the cities for their scheduled rallies, thousands more would be arrested, and the firing squads would begin.  Many were shot on the spot. 

The result was that the Germans, having grown weary of the rioting and shop destroying thugs, and the army, uncomfortable with the competing quasi-free-standing army, and the SS units and Gestapo, that despised these competitors, where all galvanized by the move in support of Hitler.

It was a political master stroke, and it is not lost on the CRT Allies considering their own problems with Antifa, but in examining the future of Antifa, we must also consider a possible reprieve for Antifa.  Thus far, it could be a circumstantial one in that, unlike the SA, Antifa does not yet have a strong central leader.  Even the CRT Allies themselves spring from a coalition of authors and ‘scholars’ absent a central figure head, but these may appear in an instant.  There are many pressed suits in Satan’s closet; only two years before being elected president of the United States no one knew who Barack Obama was.


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