Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Building the Ranks and Foot Soldiers

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The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies have been successfully depriving Americans of their constitutional rights through employee training and certification programs.  In those settings, removed from public scrutiny, and with immense pressures brought to bear on them by management and specially trained facilitators, they writhe helplessly under the mandated torture.  When those being harmed in diversity training kangaroo courts go public for redress, CRT appointed judges now await them with loaded gavels, ready to add insult to injury. 

The teachers subjected to a hostile work environment that included racial discrimination by Springfield Public Schools (SPS), Missouri, are to appeal judge Douglas Harpool’s ruling against them, and the imposition of the $313,000 in fines.  But many more such judges that are Constitutionally illiterate, or outright enemies of the Constitution, have been appointed by horrible CRT-Allied Presidents. 

Consequently, the court proceedings are public show trails, reminiscent of the Stalin era, and are easy victories for the CRT Allies for the time being.  They will line the path of redress for the plaintiffs like gauntlets all the way to the Supreme Court.  This is because another 220 district court, and 36 court of appeals judges, appointed by President Barak Obama alone, are still presiding and waiting in the wings. 

While Micro-Aggressions, those small facial expressions used to identify dissenters, are still an annoyance to rank-and-file CRT Allies, it is easy to see now why the CRT Allies in leadership are in favor of continuing to suffer them.  They believe losing the diagnostic aid of that tell-tale contemptuous smile is too high a price for the resulting stoicism.  Micro-Aggressions are not only a valuable tool for recognizing and singling out dissenters.  They now facilitate their legal persecution to cause the final professional and financial ruin of opponents.

This success of the CRT Allies is nearly unprecedented.  It is due, in part, to the explosive growth of factions accepted into the organization.  Formally, the CRT Allies were comprised only of neo-Marxists using racism as their new vehicle to power.  Naturally, they accepted actual racists to be employed as ‘useful idiots’ to legitimize setting black-white color boundaries for the new class struggle.  However, the black population in America rides at 13.6 percent, and while largely impacted by separatists’ politics, they are both insufficient in numbers and not diverse enough to field as a winning team. 

This is the very problem that gave birth the to the CRT ‘Allies’ themselves.  They would swell their ranks with a new campaign strategy called Intersectionality. 

All identifiable groups not included in Caucasian males, and then straight, white couples, would be cast as marginalized.  Each of these groups, by their own respective experiences, were victims of American, white discrimination practices and policies.  They were interconnected in their respective disadvantages, however, and so were ‘intersectional’ in one, whole disenfranchised group. 

Always in search of acronyms for prestigious validation, the Allies quickly coined the collection of new ranks BIPOC; for Black, Indigenous and People Of Color.

For obvious political reasons, they soon recognized and accepted the LGBTQ coalition, finding the most favored-nation-status of their rainbow flag, and their insatiable hunger to persecute the straight, white male, enhanced their clout, and aligned with their overarching mission. Put simply, they completed the polarization necessary for establishing grievances of the size and historicity that could be used to enact new policy upon which to persuade the masses to fundamentally change the nation from a democratic republic to a Marxist communist utopia.

It was then, as the alphabet contingent was sewing new additional stripes of black, brown, and pastels to their rainbow flag, that it became inevitable for the violent, anti-American group Antifa, which was the amalgam of the most violent of all these factions, to became their foot soldier thugs.  These would be used to intimidate opposition, and even to sway elections.

This was accomplished by establishing the perception of popular opposition to a particular candidate so as reduce suspicion in the outright voter fraud carried out by deep state intelligence services to alter the results of those elections.

It was astonishing to behold.  In celestial terms, the CRT Allies had successfully orbited the vortex of an event-horizon.  It became a black hole capable of collapsing civilization.  It followed, then, that the trans gendering would affix their flag to this rising dark star from which even light cannot escape. 

What was not immediately known, however, was the new LGBTQ+ flag was to become a pastel swastika flying over schoolyards.  Foresight should have seen, and no doubt some in the CRT Allies must had suspected, that it would only follow that if biology would be weighed in the balance and found wanting, then the boundary of biological age would not stand a chance against the ravenous wolves of pedophilia.


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