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The Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies have been largely successful in fractionalizing Americans to divide and conquer them.  It was an old strategy given new impetus by an ingenious application of a revered president’s stipulation there be no racial preferences in hiring by government contractors.  It was to be one of two perversions of President John F. Kennedy’s intentions made possible by his assassination.  The other was the war in Vietnam.  In his Executive Order 10925, Kennedy ordered that contractors “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.”1  In succeeding years, the phrase Affirmative Action was turned on its head, and; instead, racial, sexual, and eventually personal doctrinal identities, became preferences screened for in hiring and admissions using percentage formulas discriminating in favor of these categories.

To propel legitimizing these categorical classes and entice conscriptions, the CRT Allies would use Federal funds to mint and award Identity Claims granting favor to the bearers of those claims.  They only needed to check a box on an application form.  That would become Affirmative Action.  Going forward, people could be rewarded for identifying on applications by the characteristics that made them un-American, or a member of any other category of identity foremost, and lastly as an American; a sort of hyphenated-citizen. 

Affirmative Action would become the seminal policy whereby the CRT Allies could not only absorb their members into government employment for writing laws for legislators, but particularly into unaccountable government agencies mandating the regulations governing all activities surrounding daily life. 

Americans could be regulated to conform to, and support, their veiled Communist ideology.  It would first be disguised in the Ecology movement, that grew into the Environmentalist movement, that grew into a Global Warming warning, that grew into a Climate Change imperative, that then grew into the harshest and most aggressive religious ideology to ever be imposed throughout the world.  Held up against such forced conversion campaigns as the Medieval Christian Crusades and the crusades of Mohamadism, the religious atrocities of Gaia Worshipers, or Gaianism, are set to outperform them all. 

First, however, the obstacle of a free people that had secured the Blessing of Liberty to themselves and their posterity had to be made to devalue those blessings so they would voluntarily surrender them.  The process for accomplishing this is called demoralization, and one way to achieve it is through countless, costly, meaningless wars.  These remove tens of thousands of strong, principled, fighting-aged American men from the population in military defeats while fighting for lost causes that chip away at the nation’s pride, and sacrifice their morals.

Since the end of World War II, Communist governments around the world knew America would never win in a hot war against them.  An ally of convenience, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was left intact and uninfluenced by the Americans, after the wars end, to change their communist/socialist governance.  If there was any doubt in America’s reluctance to show perseverance, all doubts were removed by the division in 1945 of Korea.

The United States settled for a North/South solution; with Russia in a coexistence of the Communist North Korea, and a Democratic South Korea.  When the inevitable pushing came to shoving along the agreed upon boarder, America settled on a bloody preservation of the demarcation line after Communist China joined in on North’s side, and put a halt to the US Military forces.  The stalemate continues to this day.  A war in Vietnam, then, was an easy call for the Communists, of which sprang forth the CRT Allies. 

The Communist strategy that emerged was to repeatedly catch America by the foot, bleed her of lives and treasure, and be satisfied when a poorer, and more demoralized opponent ultimately hobbled away in disgrace.  It worked in Korea, and it was going to work even larger in Vietnam.  All that would be required was for a locus of influence within America powerful enough to cause her to step forward, and into the trap again. 

This force would ultimately be revealed by the assassination of President Kenndy, and the resulting elimination of the most likely suspects.  The man with supposedly the most access to government sources, and authority to actively investigate, was incoming President Lyndon Johnson.

After the assassination, Johnson had every pressing need to eliminate suspects as soon as possible.  If it were the product American intelligence, his own safety was in question; and if it were a USSR plot, a nuclear war with Russia might be in view; and if organized crime was responsible, the specter of the mob calling the shots for the highest level of government from behind the scenes was unimaginable. 

In a phone conversation (only revealed in 2017) between Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Hoover had inadvertently cleared the top level of the FBI, for the time being, by revealing secret intelligence about supposed assassin Lee Harvy Oswald.  Next, Johnson would start with the most nefarious of the bunch at the bottom of the tree, and work up towards the fruit.  

While Johnson was Kennedy’s Vice President, their working relationship was at a distance; he was still to be regarded by the President as a political opponent, and could be considered crass in his politicking.  Nevertheless, Mafia connections, such as they were, would have been known or suspected, and Johnson would reasonably need to clear their possible involvement.  This would necessitate a look into the dark, criminal underworld.   

With the possible exception in 1954 of Attorney General-elect Albert Patterson of Alabama, crime syndicates didn’t target high-ranking government officials.  Patterson had campaigned on cleaning up the Phenix City by going after racketeering and organized crime that was rampant across the entire state.  Had he taken his office, he no doubt would have made good on his pledge to shut down gambling, prostitution, and the bribing of government officials in law enforcement and the judiciary.  The loss in revenue would have been life shattering.  The town, and every road that led into town, was lined with night clubs, casinos, and whorehouses.  If local foot traffic were not enough, Fort Benning was just across the border in Georgia, and thousands of soldiers training there provided a ready customer base. 

Many citizens decried the lawlessness, and several local church groups had established committees to push for reform.  Patterson himself had been a member of one such church committee, but even with the backing of the many reform activists in Phenix City, his task would have been monumental.  General George Patton had assessed the situation in 1940 while stationed at Fort Benning and conclude the only remedy was to level the whole town with his tanks.    

At around 9:00pm on a Friday night, Patterson was murdered outside his law office as he walked to his car.  He had been scheduled to testify the following Monday before a Jefferson County Grand Jury investigating the voter fraud that almost cost him his victory, so it cost him his life.  The term ‘mouth piece’ had long been a derogatory label given to attorneys, and it was with obvious message for any who would think to follow Patterson that one of the gun shots that killed him was fired into his mouth.  Witnesses that heard the shots saw him emerge from the alleyway where his car was parked, and stagger to the sidewalk where he collapsed and bleed to death. 

Despite the goal of intimidating reform efforts, the resulting fallout was anything but favorable to the crime syndicates.  The assassination sparked a state-wide crackdown on organized crime, with newspapers immediately calling for the state to put an end to “gangsterism” entirely.2  It would be a long-fought victory, spearheaded by Paterson’s son John Paterson who would become Attorney General himself.  The result would be to transform the town to a “God-fearing and politically conservative” showcase for Alabama.3  An effect the Mafia would not have welcomed as a result of any of their endeavors, especially on a national scale.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, crime syndicates of various stripes were common throughout the nation, but the largest and most powerful of them operating during that era, especially on the east and west coasts, was arguably the Mafia.  There were two reasons for examining a possible Mafia connection.  Kennedy was assumed to have Mafia familiarities due to associations with certain connected entertainers, and through some extramarital affairs.  Further, the Mafia and the CIA had supposedly struck an unholy alliance with the agency’s desire to take out Cuba’s Communist leader, one Fidel Castro.

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