Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Launching New Campaign against Micro-Aggressions

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Micro-Aggressions are said to be facial expressions that betray a person’s thoughts when expressions registering for incredulous, or absurd, propositions advanced by Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies are displayed.  These aggressions include eye-rolling, wincing, frowning, and derisive smiling during one-on-one encounters, small group meetings, larger assemblies, and during lectures.  These affronts, however, may about to become a thing of the past.  If CRT Allies, which include all groups to the left of sanity, get their way; there will be no more squinting scrutiny, dismissive smirking, noses wrinkled in disgust, or brows raised in disbelief. 

The cure for this aggressive behavior comes from the beauty world in the form of Botox injections that temporarily smooth out facial wrinkles.  In the procedure, a toxin is injected under the skin to prevent muscles in the face from moving.  Although proponents are still tight-lipped on the proposal, one source confided that officials are discussing requiring those in education settings and work force populations that are not registered as Allies to receive Botox facial injections prior to CRT Allies training and re-education events. 

Debate, according to the source, is centered on the cost-benefit of the injections.  After injections are administered, the cost would be the loss of the ability to readily identify dissenters by their ‘tells’ momentarily flashing across their faces.  This benefit makes it possible for continued application, where indicated, of mind-altering, behavior modification exercises.  These exercises may be conducted in employee meetings, staff development training, and during team-building adventures.  They are designed and choreographed for the purpose of producing cognitive dissonance in the minds of participants. 

Cognitive dissonance is where psychological stress is produced by a person’s behavior being inconsistent with their beliefs.  This clash between thoughts and behaviors motivates the person to seek consistency to alleviate the stress.  Because it is easier to change thoughts than to change behavior, thinking is usually changed to reconcile the two.  While many circumstances can necessitate or justify temporary or mild changes to behaviors contradictory to sincere views, risks of establishing a pattern of compromise can weaken foundational thinking in individuals.  Hence, the reliance upon even simple behavior exercises by CRT Allies in changing the minds of dissidents.

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