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As is the case with all meteoric rises to success and prominence, the phenomenal fiery trail of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies produced a spectacular display of dynamics.  At its core was Marxism.  This time it was burning with racism as the division of classes to create the propelling struggle for change.  While many malleable minds could be mustered for the requisite self-loathing to join the cause, demographics proved one physical boundary insurmountable for the Allies.  So, the Allies simply created themselves. 

The aggrieved and disadvantages sections of society merely had to be recognized and awakened.  These would be enticed into the critical mass by promises (and this never fails) of financial prosperity, and of magnifying their claims to identity.  This would not only leave their proprietary prestige inviolate when joining with the other sections of the movement, it would also be elevated on mountains of cash.

The campaign was one of making alliances.  The Gay Straight Alliance is an example of the campaigns’ successes.  Here, the parents that struggled over loss or acceptance of a child found encouragement and strength in acceptable numbers.  While they were very valuable in that they could vote and sign petitions, the real meat of the focus, however, was on the high school campus.  There, education would foster polymorphism to grow the body.  These Alliance clubs enticed teenagers by excused absences from classes to attend assemblies where games and prizes and pizza are dispensed, along with salacious descriptions of sexual behaviors.  But here, also, were planted enviable seeds of success.

The CRT Allies would eventually be faced with a growing dilemma.  The undertow from the rainbow tides onto campuses brought with it a much coarser sand for public sensibilities to tread on; that of pedophilia.  The pedophiles saw the chance for magnifying their identity claim in the wake of the Gay Straight Alliance success.  Ever ready to champion depravity and lawlessness, the violent foot soldier thugs Antifa, somewhat stifled after their success at installing the US usurper-in-chief, were quick to take up flags in their support.  This enhanced the brandishing of cross-dressing drag performances in front of school children. 

So, it was to happen that even the dragging, kicking, and screaming started to be summoned before the Drag Queen Story Hours that came complete with sexually provocative performances evolved from adult strip clubs. 

In places where these performances for children would take place, in elementary school classrooms, school auditoriums, at libraries, and at City hall consulates; and where individuals and small groups appear to protest them, Antifa started to show up to violently counter-protest.

The Allies that had been installed in government law enforcement agencies dutifully supported the cause.  Those parents who would resist, who would confront the insanity at school board meetings, who protested, would have the Department of Justice (DOJ) instruct the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to monitor them for harassment.  If spurious charges needed filing, serpentine judges await the victims.

Nevertheless, the Allies in leadership sensed they allowed this ‘section’ of intersectionality to have gone too far.  Worse, reigning in Antifa is proving very difficult. 

Today, the CRT Allies face the same problem Adolph Hitler faced within his NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party), or Nazi movement.  Prior to the beginning of his conquest of Europe, his SA, or Brownshirts, had been instrumental in his capture of Germany.  An abbreviation of Sturmabteilung, German for “Assault Division,” the SA were Hitler’s Storm Troopers.  Many had previous military experience, buy many did not.  They lacked in field worthy regimentation, but made up for it in numbers and brute force. 

The SA were Hitler’s militia forces of thugs that intimidated citizens, voters, and dissenting lawmakers with rioting, burning, and physical attacks.  They silenced opposition by brutally assaulting them in the streets, at work, and in their businesses.  This people’s police force was loosely uniformed in brown shirts and pants with swastika arm patches, and they carried banners and flags, and their use of fire in torchlight parades inspired awe and fear.  Their goal was to shut opposition up, and get them to stand down.  It was a violent, political take over. 

What the SA were to Hitler is what Antifa has become to the CRT Allies; its Assault Division.  And the success of the CRT Allies with its Antifa mirrors that of the Nazi movement, with three other important comparisons from the Nazi phenomenon.

The Nazis had three branches of government; or the government that mattered most.  These were the Gestapo, the SS, and the Waffen SS.  As mentioned earlier, the DOJ is now acting as the all-powerful secret police department, or the Gestapo.  The FBI acts as the SS, the Schutzstaffel, or “Protective Echelon,” with elements within the bureau, along with elements in the US military, being transitioned and functioning as the Waffen SS, or Armed SS. 

Here, we need to elaborate.  These constructions took place after the SA’s success at installing Hitler into the presidency, and were, in part, due to their success at doing so.  But as with today’s Antifa, the SA grew into more of an autonomous body with ideas and aspirations of their own, and was jostling for more power.  Worse still, they harbored a secret that threatened to destroy the whole Nazi movement.


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