Critical Race Theory Allies Series | Using Employee Meetings to Deprive Americans of Rights Protected by the Constitution

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Critical Race Theory (CRT) Allies often use cognitive dissonance as a tool in employee meetings designed to deprive employees of their Constitutional rights.  Cognitive dissonance is where psychological stress is produced by a person’s behavior being inconsistent with their beliefs.  For the purpose of behavior modification and population control, this stress can be initiated and directed using simple task requirements, or exercises.  When stress is intensified, subjects will tend to change their beliefs to align with their actions in order to reduce the stress.

The exercises themselves do not appear sinister in nature, just slightly uncomfortable.  In its early stages, the program is focused on what is referred to a as ‘breaking the mold mind-set’ so that a degree of malleability can be created in the subjects.  This involves getting subjects to act out of character; to do something unprofessional in a professional setting.  It can be as simple as having a group of subjects perform a group physical exercise, or low-intensity calisthenics they would otherwise find embarrassing to perform at the office in front of others. 

These exercises can be disguised as ice-breakers, team-building activities, perspective enhancements, and so forth, but all of them will require one thing in common: full participation.  Excuses for opting out of the silliness, even on medical grounds, will be minimized, and even ridiculed.

The majority will suffer these discomforts weighing them against the discomfort of confrontation.  They will, over time, push down the intuitive alarms until the pencils and papers are handed out containing the crimes they must confess to committing.   

For instance, teachers in these exercises will eventually be required to register themselves in a public registry as members of a larger organization, an “oppression matrix,” that is engaged in, and promotes, racial oppression.  Not a frivolous charge, as it refers in to the cruel, prolonged, and unjust treatment, in this case of non-Caucasians based on the oppressors being “White supremacists.”  Note that to oppress is ‘to take action,’ a verb, and that almost all actions based on racial discrimination are subject to civil charges, and criminal charges, and prosecution. 

For the sake of this employee training, the right of the accused to a fair trial is abolished.  The right to confront and cross examine witnesses possessing evidence of these supposed crimes, or for the accuser to even demonstrate their existence, is likewise dispensed with.  Because this Sixth Amendment Constitutional right also ensures that witnesses testify under oath, and are hence subject to the rules of perjury, or penalties for lying, the abridgement of this right also frees the accusers to make sensational, wild, and completely unfounded accusations with almost no liability for their falsehoods.

In addition to no actual witness testimony of the crime; no voice recordings, sworn affidavits, exhibits, or photographic evidence are offered to substantiate these serious charges against the employee.  

Further, the statute prohibiting an accuser from compelling the accused to submit a guilty plea, the right against self-incrimination enshrined in the Fifth Amendment, is nonexistent in these meetings.  The defendants are informed at this stage of the trial that they have already been found guilty.  The Caucasian employees are treated in this racist and prejudice fashion based solely on their – race.

The only formality required for the training to continue, for the reprobates to cease obstructing progress and allowing the group to move forward, is for the facilitator to procure their written confessions.  This guilty plea is unavoidable because, under these rules of the CRT Allies’ twisted jurisprudence, protestations of innocence are themselves only more poof of guilt. 


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