Entertainment in The Kingdom of Darkness

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (Mat 4:8-10)

The entertainment industry is one of several kingdoms of this world.  It is a kingdom of darkness populated by people who tell stories that are not true, and pretend to be somebody they’re not.  These actors, singers, dancers, and musicians devote their lives to perfecting the craft of illusion.  They work tirelessly to prefect their acts so that as entertainers they can consistently “sell it,” which means to make the audience believe that what they are witnessing, or hearing, is reality.  It is the art of deception, and the deception cuts both ways.

A common description of the effect that the applause and the adulation of crowds have on a performer is that it is intoxicating.  The feeling is equated to a rush that propels the performer to a high place, and many have said that it is addicting.  What is rarely admitted is that the rushing feeling, and the high plateau to which the performer is elevated to, actually satisfies their desire to be worshiped.  To better understand this transaction, we might think of this in terms of worth-ship, or of being highly valued.

This value-added experience comes at a cost.  Value must also be added to the performance which appeals to the senses, and the senses must be gratified at increasingly heightened levels.  This is because human senses  become calloused when over-stimulated, and scrubbing away the flesh for it to become sensitive anew always leads to debasement.  Think of what took place in the Coliseum in the years of the decline of the Roman Empire.

Today, all over the world, entertainment in almost every venue has been debased to wholesale sensuality (although not yet complete bloodsport).  Famous singers and dancers take to the stage and perform nearly naked emulating sex acts to deceive the crowds into believing that they are the participants.  They will even occasionally perform bump and grind dances  with fans, and exchange same-sex kisses with other ‘artists’  to better ‘sell it.’

Fans readily pay a fortune for this voyeur gratification.  In this part of the transaction, the performer is deceived into believing that they are more important than they really are due worshiping fans.

What all these little performing gods have in common is that in order to be elevated in the entertainment kingdom they must serve the god whose kingdom it is.

They must worship him in return for success and stardom.

How an individual performer strikes this bargain varies.  Some actively participate in their own deception, not wishing consciously to admit to serving Satan, while others unabashedly seek after him publically and tout the signs and symbols of their devotion.  Anywhere along this spectrum, to one degree or another, performers’ bodies are adorned with pagan or demonic tattoos, and they flash the satanic hand sign with extended tongues.

It is stunning to witness an otherwise innocent looking young actress flash, by way of some unknown prompt, the satanic hand with two-fingered horns and a wet tongue as her eyes instantaneously turn from luring engagement to a barbed-wire, demonic dazzle.  How good the performance, or how well the deception?

The willfully ignorant and less convincing express the horned-hand and extended tongue  gesticulation as rebellion to the idea that they shouldn’t do anything they want for pleasure.  The Devil’s devotees do it to show their allegiance to Satan outright, and to communicate with other adherents in worship.

It’s a way of honoring Satan for their success, but he demands more than symbolism.

The very successful in Satan’s entertainment kingdom are those who submit to become his messengers.  They must not only oppose Christian doctrine, they must go on to preach Satan’s gospel for him.  Satan’s gospel at its core has always been a twisting of the scriptures, and it explains why his children often adopt the Christian label and pretend to speak as Christians.

Under the guise of Christianity, these pretenders preach the anti-gospel which imitates or opposes the Gospel of Truth. This opposition to God’s word often comes in the form of opposites.

One of God’s fundamental designs for humanity is marriage.  The opposite of God’s design of marriage and procreation is homosexuality, and so it is a mainstay of Satan’s gospel.  In addition to attacking man who was made in the image of God, It opposes God by attacking hierarchal order.  Before the open proclamation it receives today, it was covertly the supporting spirit behind feminism which challenges both the authority and the identity of the head of the household.

There is even a larger reason behind the attack on marriage. Satan’s goal in demolishing marriage is to destroy the core unit of society thus breaking down order and civilization.  Nothing is more effective overall at destroying society and plunging civilization into depravity than widespread practice, and socially accepted, homosexuality.

One need not be religious to understand why this is so.  It may be followed logically.

Hierarchical design points to God, and turning it upside down elevates the antithesis. This swicth inculcates in the human heart an argument which justifies almost any sinful behavior a person desires to practice.  This explains why many who are not homosexuals applaud and support homosexuality (Rom 1:32).  If doing what is opposite of what was intended by design and function by performing something of the most intimate nature with another person for pleasure is to be celebrated, then what the supporter desires to do with another person, or perhaps too that person, is easily covered under the same license.  (It follows that what offenders do to property is even of less consequence.)  In most cases, it is the reckoning of lessor infractions passing under the bar.

By accepting homosexuality as equal to heterosexual marriage, by accepting the opposite,  a vast array of other sinful practices are elevated from the dark pools of wickedness and accepted into the light of day;  and nearly unlimited license is created for everyone else to do what is opposite of good, which is evil. This may be the largest facet of the sin’s palatability, though not its core diabolical essence. Essence, however, points to origin.

Because it is authored by the prince of darkness, an honest understanding may entertain its consequences, but reason alone can not vanquish it.

The result is man finds lawlessness reasonable. Despite the fact that laws may remain on the books, society eventually gets to the point where no crimes are punishable.  Consequently, all manner of hatred, such as racism, rises up.  Eventually, even hatred of an honest day’s labor prevails, and a looting mentality is manifest, and feet are swift to shed blood.

This present darkness.

Today, what looks like a civil society is a thin veneer covering a seething caldron that erupts more frequently in riotous behavior.  Soon (and very soon), the whole world will be awash in wickedness and ready to welcome the  Wicked One (2Th 2:8).   To accelerate the destruction of what is left of a moral civilization; homosexuality must be preached by Satan’s children if they are to glory in his kingdom.

The splendor performers receive in Satan’s kingdom, the adulation from fans, the lavish material wealth with which to pursue their every pleasure, is tragically a very poor trade. Satan’s purpose is to rob, kill, and destroy, and he will gladly waste there little lives in flesh so as to have their souls in hell.

The only thing these little gods mean to him now is to assist in preparing the world for his coming, short-lived, reign as Antichrist where he will be openly worshiped as God; his original desire that led to his fall, and consequently the desire of all who are fallen.

The pretenders dutifully preach.

Performer Miley Cyrus is an entertainment minion who wears the Christian label.  Cyrus preaches that there is no Christian prohibition against homosexuality.   Of course, Cyrus strongly supports same-sex marriage, and reportedly preached to Perez Hilton, of Carrie Prejean fame, the sermon: “I am a Christian and I love you — gay or not. Because you are no different than anyone else! We are all God’s children!”1 Cyrus claims to speak on behalf of Christ, and preaches a message that unrepentant sinners want to hear.  It is a lie.  The Bible does not teach that all are the children of God, but to the contrary it clearly states that some are the children of Satan.  The religious are especially singled out as the Devil’s progeny in scripture.

Jesus rebuked the religious Pharisees, who claimed to speak for God and actually opposed Him, this way:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (Joh 8:44)

The performer’s gospel knows no such verse or passage, and she is listened to and adored by her fans who worship her as a little god.

Cyrus also bares about on her body the marks of paganism, and not the marks the Apostle Paul referenced which came from the stripes laid upon him for preaching the truth of God’s Word (Gal 6:17).  Cyrus has tattooed on her rib cage a dream catcher.2 Originally of Chippewa design, the ornament became a popular display for much of Native American culture.  Accounts vary as to exactly how it functions, but in essence it protects a sleeper from bad dreams by catching them in a circular web where they remain until the light of day causes them to vanish.  Good dreams are allowed to travel down feathers hanging from the catcher to reach the protected sleeper.  Would someone who spoke on behalf of Christ, and really believed in Him, go this far to seek this sort of protection?  Deception.

A deal with the Devil must follow his prescribed course. Cyrus has recently had one of her fingers inked with the symbol that stands for homosexual equality to heterosexual design.    But what is penned from the fount of truth? The Bible says:

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, (1Co 6:9)

This verse has two references to homosexuality, and the phase ‘abusers of themselves with mankind’ comes from a single Greek word arsenokoitēs which translates “sodomite.” These inherit the kingdom of darkness, and eventually will be cast with it into the lake of fire that burns forever; along with the fearful, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, and idolaters.  And all liars (Rev 21:8).


1 – 2. Daily Mail Reporter, “Now that’s dedicated support! Miley Cyrus gets her SEVENTH tattoo… an inking on her finger in recognition of gay rights,” Mail Online, August 1, 2011.

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