Fighting Fire with Fire

What reason does the government, in this case of the state of New York, give for banning natural gas appliances in new buildings?  Gas stoves and ovens may pose a risk to children’s health if they are unvented, and Global Warmers contend they are bad for the earth.  The first contention is complete nonsense, as building codes attendant to these appliances being safely installed are already in use.  The second contention, then, is the one deserving of our attention, and it is the religious one.

Global Warmers worship the goddess Gaia.  She is the Earth Goddess first deified by the Greeks, but long before recognized in other cultures.  Affectionately referred to as “Mother Earth” by her adherents, Gaia is said to suffer no competitors, and calls for their extermination.  The rise of this feminine earth goddess in power and authority explains firstly, the feminist movement, the resurgence of the feminization of men, or the homosexual movement, and today’s transgender movement, the surgical transition of men into ‘women.’  All mankind, after being feminized, must lay prostrate before her, and her adherents will settle for nothing less.

This religious zeal of Gaia’s adherents, seen by them effectually stopping the world, by arresting vehicle traffic, to force the irreligious to convert or get off the planet, is based on more than misplaced fanaticism surrounding mythology.  The supernatural power they claim for their authority, and mandate to conquer, does, in fact, exist.  While you cannot see electricity, you see the bulb light when it is electrocuted.

Similarly, we may identify an intelligent entity by a pattern of influence over lessor intelligent beings.  The existence of too many similarities betrays a pattern, and too much spontaneity reveals a unified force, and too broad a simultaneous manifestation, an intelligent power.

What competitors, then, are evidenced to exist by the church of Gaia fighting the flame?  Look what else the entity controlling our government is doing to find out.

In the chapel at the hospital Saint Francis Health System, Oklahoma, a single candle burns perpetually to symbolize the presence of Jesus Christ in their Eucharist.  That flame, by order of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) must be extinguished!  The penalty for refusing to renounce their faith, for continuing to defile Gaia?  The HHS will break their promise to senior citizens and renege on their obligation to cover medical care for Medicare patients at the hospital that treats 400,000 patients annually.

The candle is enclosed in glass, nowhere near medical equipment, in a chapel.

We can imagine a creative compromise offhandedly suggested by an HHS inspector; install a wickless, flameless, electric flickering candle (with remote control!).  We can imagine this suggestion because such religious victories proceed step-by-compromising-step to appease their goddess. 

Meanwhile, far away in the desert of Black Rock City, Nevada, preparations are taking place for the annual communion of the Buring Man cultural movement festival, beginning August 27, 2023.  There, a seventy-five-foot effigy of the “Man is released in pyrotechnic delight” (lit on fire) after a nine-day long celebration of pyrotechnic freedom.   In order to make it easier for patrons to “connect with spark,” a convenient “Virgin Burner Guide” is available.  If you are consider attending, know this; mere observers are not welcome.  The pyrotechnic rites must be taken by all attendees in the spirit of “transformative change” brought about by a “radically participatory ethic.”  Attendees should also take note that, as in the Christian celebration of Christmas, gift exchanges will take place.  Plan accordingly.  You may also want to visit the spiritual space of the non-denominational Burning Man Temple, before it, too, goes up in smoke.

If concerns have been expressed over the effects of huge fires and pyrotechnic displays on the health of attendees, or greenhouse gas emissions on the climate, none are prominent in media; neither from the Department of HHS, or Climate Activists.  The event organizers do take pains to ensure no harm comes to the desert floor, but a net neutral effect on climate from the pyrotechnics cannot be achieved.  Because no old growth was ignited to be replaced by the natural regrowth that would take place from a controlled burning or act of nature in a forested area, no recolonization of carbon dioxide breathing trees in burned areas could take place.  The open-air aspect of the mass fires and burnings would naturally augment respiratory damages and long-term health effects of possible inhalation of fumes, gases, and particulate matter, but variable weather conditions make estimates on long term health risks difficult to obtain, or predict.



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