Fundamental Change Coming to Catholic Church

It has taken some time, but high ranking officials in the Roman Catholic Church are beginning to admit what has been obvious to many for a long time.  The Catholic Church’s sex scandal is not so much a problem with pedophilia as it is a problem with homosexuality.  Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s secretary of state, announced as much recently in Santiago, Chile.  In a news conference, Bertone said: “Many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relation between celibacy and pedophilia….  others have demonstrated… that there is a relation between homosexuality and pedophilia. That is the problem.”1 With that admission by the pope’s number two man, the Vatican for the first time acknowledges that homosexuals are the predominate sexual predators within the priesthood.  Of course, this could have been deduced by them many years ago without the opinions of psychologists, and recent developments show that it probably had been recognized in Rome long ago and covered up.   This shift by church hierarchy to addressing the real problem did not come by way of guilty conscience, but from outside pressure.

Attorney Jeffery Anderson has been pursuing the Catholic Church with lawsuits for over 25 years, and has won an estimated $60 million from it in damages for his clients.  Anderson represents victims who were sexually molested by priests, and he has unearthed documents that show homosexual priests who were discovered to have molested boys were repeatedly transferred internationally to new locations to begin victimizing others.  These documents also show that one Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger interceded in a church trial of one of these priests to stop the trail.  That Wisconsin priest was accused of victimizing no less than 200 boys, and that  intervening cardinal just happened to go on to become the current Pope Benedict XVI.

Commenting on scope of the evidence uncovered in his years of investigating the church, Anderson stated: “I came to the stark realization that the problems were really endemic to the clerical culture, and all the problems we are having in the U.S. led back to Rome.”2 Anderson also came to a logical conclusion: “I realized nothing was going to fundamentally change until they did.”3 He is right, but It can’t be imagined that Anderson realizes which fundamental change is about to occur in the Roman Catholic Church, and why it has to take place.

There should be no doubt that the Catholic Church is a bastion of homosexuality.  There is ample evidence and overwhelming reason to believe that homosexuals would be strongly attracted to an organization that could provide convenient access to young men and boys,4 shelter if their crimes should be discovered, and even the pretense of exculpation through penance.  The facts attesting to this, in the form of revelations, lawsuits, and verdicts have been presenting themselves for several years.

The Roman Catholic Church has few options for resolving the debacle once and for all.  The first would be to purge itself of all homosexual priests. This is out of the question, and Rome knows it.  It is highly unlikely for middle age but sexually active priests to come forward and give up their livelihood and support with no other training or skills for any other employment.  Even if most of the homosexual priests did voluntarily take their leave, the Catholic priesthood would be decimated, and nearly half of all churches throughout the world would probably be required to close (a prospect which is unacceptable to Rome).

For both these reasons the Roman Catholic Church has only one other option for survival.  It must recognize, accept, and celebrate homosexuality as a Catholic, if not biblical, relationship.  By that action, Rome will immediately gain two important assets.  Firstly, the homosexual lobby along with most of the governments of the world (and the UN) will rush to their side in support and cheering, and the mood of the global community will change from one of scant tolerance to one of acceptance and, more importantly, forgiveness.   From that point onward, Rome will possess a powerful weapon with which to defend itself against legal actions brought against it by the children it has sodomized.  Rome can assume a new posture of the beleaguered and persecuted homosexuals, and wield the counter charge of homophobia against their tormentors, who the world will turn against.

As a result of Rome’s embrace of homosexuality, there will no doubt be a split in the church similar to that of the one which took place in the Anglican Church, with Bible believers and others establishing their own new denomination.  It would be relatively small, and of little consequence to Rome except for property struggles which the world courts would decide in Rome’s favor.  Will this happen?  The Bible seems to leave no other option.

This strategic move would position the Roman Catholic Church to become the one world church described in the book of Revelation.  Certainly, the Anglican Church, along with the Lutheran, Presbyterian USA, and Methodist, can rejoin the ranks with Rome as they have already made the switch to homosexuality, and have made overtures to Rome on this regard.  This future one world church is pictured in the Bible this way:

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: (Rev 17:4)

This women, like the Catholic Church, is rich and ornate, and is draped in the same colors, and fond of drinking from a gold chalice. In this scene she is shown riding “a scarlet coloured beast,” which is the Antichrist who will use her for a time in her last crusade to burn all who refuse to worship him (Rev 17:3-6).  Interestingly, he is also likely to be a practicing homosexual, for the Bible notes that he shall not regard “the desire of women.” (Dan 11:37), and homosexuality is the antithesis to God’s design, and a culmination of perversion under Satan.

This amalgumation of “the great whore” and “the beast” will be a culmination of the State Church (Rev17:1, 3); presently forming under the government’s campaign of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (FBNP).    The Catholic Church is is by no means a bulwark of the Christina faith; it is steeped in heresy and abominations, and this is why it is the “Christian” church recognized by the world media.  Thus far, for the record, it has remained steadfast in its support of marriage between a man and women, and opposed to homosexuality.  After it capitulates to the world out of necessity for survival, the world will claim that orthodox Christianity has accepted homosexuality, and all other claimants to the faith are outlaws. Immense pressure will be put on Bible-believing Christians, who will be further marginalized as fundamental extremists, to register with local FBNP’s or face prosecution.  Now, more than at any other time, every Christian finds themselves “in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation,” but it is for the purpose: that the Lord be glorified as “ye shine as lights in the world; holding forth the word of life” (Php 2:15, 16).  Fundamental change is about to come to many Christians.

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