Gospel of Judas: Vatican theologian and devoted Anglican join betrayal of Christ

mercury2_mariner10.jpg. Credit: NASAA new fictional account of Judas Iscariot actually portrays Judas attempting to save Jesus from crucifixion by making arrangements to smuggle him out of Jerusalem. Written by Anglican Jeffrey Archer, also a best selling British author, and Roman Catholic Francis Maloney, also a Vatican theologist, “The Gospel According to Judas” was premiered on March 20 at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and a segment of the work was aired on Vatican Radio.[i]

This book also denies several other gospel truths including Jesus performing miracles, and being born of a virgin. To make the deception complete, the work is formatted in chapter and verse, incorporates some story material from the authentic gospels, and is handsomely imitation leather bound. The curious should be warned: these heretical claims are not true, and any time wasted perusing this blasphemy instead of exposing yourself the gospel truth is an eternal-life-threatening danger. 

The lame excuse given by the head of the Pontifical Biblical Institute for presenting the book there sounds remarkable similar to the defense of taking warning labels off poison. The Rev. Stephen Pisano said he hopes it “encourages people to read the Bible.”[ii]

Endorsed by the Vatican, this book is very likely to have the opposite effect, and without having to be read. Every unsaved sinner, though only a heartbeat away from hell, can easily think of reasons not to read Bible. This new hoax bearing the tacit approval of the Catholic Church will only satisfy the sinners’ conviction that the experts on their side of doubt.



[i] Michelle Vu, “New ‘Gospel’ of Judas Book Depicts Betrayer as the Betrayed,”

The Christian Post. March 26, 2007.





[ii] Ibid.

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