Hillary Clinton Admits to Severe Brain Damage

In an ‘interview’ Hillary Clinton gave to FBI ‘investigators’, Clinton’s defense for being unable to recognize classification markings on documents she inappropriately stored on an unsecured, private server was that she could not remember document designations and handling procedures from security briefings she had received.  The marking in question was merely the letter “C”.  The reason for her amnesia, she claimed, was a head injury that caused her to sustain a concussion.  In view of ones ability to handle classified, secret, top-secrete, and special access programs; Clinton clearly exhibits sever mental impairment, or brain damage.

The FBI, in a lapse of investigative procedure, failed to follow up on Clinton’s past, current, and future prognosis of existing and ongoing metal impairment from that brain injury.  As far as we know, no request for medical records was ever made.

Consequently, voters, with only a few days to select a president, have every reason to be unsure about Clinton’s mental acuity.  At center stage in this election, as Clinton is fond of pointing out herself, is the mental capacity and mental stability of the person who will be able to launch a nuclear attack on a perceived, foreign aggressor.

The voters in this election must decide casting their vote while considering  intriguing scenarios.

Can they trust an extremely successful business man who has taken great care to build land mark properties world-wide that have provided financial security for his children and grandchildren, and tens of thousands of jobs, to be calm and resolute in considering potential threats?  In considering terrible destruction on a world-wide large scale?

Or, can voters trust a self-serving, career politician, with a record of devastation in her political career-building wake, who would be unable to recognize that “NLC” stands for Nuclear Launch Codes (that’s a “C” with TWO more initials to remember!), and whose gross negligence would place those codes on pervert Anthony Weiner’s computer to be sexted out to teenagers?

Yup, it’s a really a tough call for voters this November.  

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