Hillary University: Hillary Defrauds Taxpayers of $55 Million to Pocket $16 Million

The biggest scandal to break in University foul play comes from Hillary University where then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton guided $55 million to a for-profit university conglomerate to get over $16 million in kick-backs.

As revealed by Peter Schweizer in Clinton Cash, before Bill Clinton had to flee his post as honorary chancellor of Laureate Education amid criminal investigations into its operations; he received $16 million from Laureate for five years ‘work’ as a masthead.

Of course, that’s absurd. 

It turns out Hillary phenomenally increased the grant money channeled to Laureate after Bill got on board.  The year before Bill, grants from the State Department and affiliated USAID totaled $9million in 2009.

In Bill year one, 2010, grants increased to $15 million.  In Bill year two, 2011, grants increased to $14 million.  In Bill year three, 2012, grants increased to $25 million. (link)

That is how the Clinton crime family does the math, and how we taxpayers foot the bill.  Need relief from student loan debt because the degree that was sold you can’t procure employment: Oh no, that debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.  But if you’re the Clintons, you can swindle those same taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars to provide for Chelsea’s future criminal career with no questions asked by the Main Stream Media. 

At all.

The Clintons are a crime syndicate.  The worst part, is they mascaraed as public servants while putting the public in servitude to pay off their multi-million dollar thefts from the public they pledged to serve. 

Donald Trump has it right: Crooked Hillary!

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