The Conscience of the Nation Unaccounted For

On January, 21, 1981, Iran released 52 American hostages who had been held for 444 days.  The significance of the release time was that it was only minutes after newly elected President Ronald Reagan took his oath of office as the 40th president of the United States of America.  Reagan’s predecessor Jimmy Carter was a weak and ineffectual president, and everyone knew it except some delusional democrats.  Consequently, Carter was unable to do anything to affect the hostages’ release, and they languished and feared daily for their lives for well over a year.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Reagan had talked tough on foreign policy (a hot mike even caught him joking about nuking the U.S.S.R.).  The difference between the two presidents was that anyone who wasn’t delusional knew Reagan was actually tough, and if elected president would not hesitate to take quick and decisive action that would free the hostages.

More importantly, the Iranian hostage-takers knew it too.

President Barack Hussein Obama resembles Carter.  At best, Obama is weak, ineffectual, and incompetent; and, as others of his stature, tends to surround himself with people of the same character.  This includes the Iran nuclear negotiating team with Secretary of State John Kerry at the helm.  

Because Obama continues to get everything he wants even after a Republican majority took the House and the Senate does not attest to his strength of leadership, but instead it chronicles Republican leaderships’ incompetency and disloyalty to the American people (i.e. John A. Boehner, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, et al.)

Today we can see that Iran knew the same thing about Obama and his negotiators as they knew yesteryear about Carter.  The following witnesses could, if possible, testify to this:   

1. American Pastor Abedini Saeed was arrested in 2012 and sentenced to 8 years in prison.  His crime was sharing his Christian faith (again, he’s a PASTOR).

2. Former FBI agent Robert Levinson was arrested in 2007.  Iran contends he had ties with the CIA.

3. Former American Marine Amir Hekmati was arrested in 2011.  He is charged with espionage.

4. The Washington Post’s Tehran bureau chief Jason Rezaian was arrested in 2014.  He was charged with security related offences. 

In the negotiations for the Nuclear nonproliferation treaty signed by both the US and Iran their names never even came up, and they are still hostages.  Of course, many Americans, including family members of the hostages, would ask why?  Fortunately, that question was posed, very articulately, to Obama by a White House correspondent (transcript): 

CBS News Chief White House Correspondent, Major Garrett: As you well know, there are four Americans in Iran – three held on trumped up charges according to your administration, one, whereabouts unknown. Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content, with all of the fanfare around this [nuclear] deal to leave the conscience of this nation, the strength of this nation, unaccounted for, in relation to these four Americans?

[Editor’s note: Garrett raised two very important points: 1) the unconscionable act of the full weight and authority of the United States government walking away from the bargaining table – bargaining about anything – and leaving four Americans held on spurious charges (hostages) to continue to rot, or worse, in Iranian prisons; 2) the unconscionable act of allowing the strength of the United States of America to be reduced to a groveling, bowing, boot-licking disgrace by a backward, lying, cheating, terrorist nation that is the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world, and is also sworn to the destruction of America and Israel.  Thus, leaving the “conscious,” and the “strength” of America, ‘this nation,” “unaccounted for” in the encounter.  A complete and utterly disgraceful performance by everyone at the State department, and the President.]

Garrett (cont.): And last week, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said under no circumstances should there be any relief for Iran in terms of ballistic missiles or conventional weapons. It was perceived that that was a last-minute capitulation in these negotiations, making the Pentagon feel you’ve left the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff hung out to dry. Could you comment?

[Editor’s note: it will be revealed in Obama’s response that he should have pondered this part of the question a little more before he made his reply, but his indignation at being called out on such an obvious failure got the better of him.]

President Obama: I’ve got to give you credit, Major, for how you craft those questions.

[Editor’s note: That’s right, very well-articulated; and of course president teleprompter would be envious of the eloquence.]

President Obama (cont.): The notion that I am content, as I celebrate with American citizens languishing in Iranian jails – Major, that’s nonsense. And you should know better. I’ve met with the families of some of those folks. Nobody’s content, and our diplomats and our teams are working diligently to try to get them out.

[Editor’s note: ‘Content/Celebrate’ – ‘Content/Celebrate’ seems like celebrate trumps content, anyway: You had your ‘A’ team in there for several months, cut a deal, holstered you guns, left town, and the hostages are still there.  If the ‘diplomats’ and the other ‘teams’ are so trusted to be effective, maybe they should have been the ones working on this deal, and perhaps our score would have been much better.]

President Obama (cont.): Now, if the question is why we did not tie the negotiations to their release, think about the logic that that creates. Suddenly, Iran realizes, you know what, maybe we can get additional concessions out of the Americans by holding these individuals (emphasis added, end transcript) –

Logic?  There is nothing logical for setting America up to take a galactic black eye.  The hostage holders held on to 4 Americans.  They got everything they wanted; including 150 billion (to continue to fund terrorism), the lifting of embargos on conventional weapons such as missiles that can deliver their soon to be manufactured nuclear war heads, and a top Iranian nuclear scientist released from American custody.

This is why Obama was absolutely hostile towards the reporter who asked this question.  He knows all this is true.  This is why this reporter is absolutely disgusted; Obama gives every impression of liking it this way. 

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