Imitations up the Anti-

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

(Matthew 24:24)

These events spoken of by Jesus Christ will take place during Daniel’s seventieth week, or what is referred to as the tribulation period, but the footprint of foreshadowing is already overlapping this age of grace.

Take for example rock star U2’s Bono. Bono is not a self-professing Christian, but he doesn’t consider himself outside the Church either. Actually, he has taken on the role of advisor to the Church; preaching to churches throughout the world on their duty to feed, cloth, and house the poor (and of course, they should fight AIDS with the weapons approved for purchase by secular governments spending tax revenues). Â

For several years now, Bono’s messages have been featured in churches, and at Christian music concerts. His sermons start when the huge video screen unrolls from somewhere up in the rafters, or is lowered over the stage, or the giant screen monitors are tuned on, and the lights are dimmed; and there he appears looming over the heads of the faithful and reprobate alike. Bono’s goal has been to unite them in a common cause of working the world’s social gospel. His message of justification and acceptance plays well to denominations who have a form of godliness, but who have long since denied the power thereof.

These congregations accept the world on their terms, and want to be accepted in return. For this reason, apostates everywhere have conferred sainthood upon this unregenerate celebrity, but he was destined for even more infamy. In what surpasses his prior apotheosis, Bono is now being worshiped with his very own sacrament; and for which he himself has composed the hymns. According to reports, 150 churches in America are planning to have “U2 Eucharists” where his communion is served to the beat of the rock star’s lyrics.[i] The Bonomania is also catching on across the pond in the Church of England, but its inception is reportedly the brainchild of Episcopal Rev. Paige Blair; which project she initiated in 2005 by placing lyrics from Bono’s band U2 next to the alter in an Episcopal church in Maine.[ii]

Fortunately, there are also famous professing Christians who share the world stage with Bono, and who can call the error of the apostates to the attention of wayward Christians, Bono, and the world. Unfortunately, these include Bill Hybels and Rick Warren.



[i] Lillian Kwon, “Bono’s Songs Replacing Hymnals in Churches,” The Christian Post Reporter, January 30, 2007.



[ii] Ibid.

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  1. Jason says:

    I’ve never had a knack for taking Bono at face value. Something always made me feel a bit uneasy about him. Evidently, Bloomberg did a news story on him about Bono’s sizeable portfolio. If I read it correctly, he’s also been shifting his revenues from Ireland to the Netherlands as a tax shelter.

    If there’s any truth to this, the guy is a complete and utter hypocrite. Unfortunately, this article will be dismissed by a vast majority of the MSM, and we’ll keep hearing how wonderful a man he is…NOT!

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