New York City is Not Biblical Babylon

There has been a lot of speculation on whether America is mentioned in End Time prophecy, and what the actual identity of the city of Babylon is, which is mentioned prominently in those same prophecies.  Some have speculated that America is represented, with New York City being that city of Babylon which will be destroyed in the future as foretold in the Bible.

New York City is not the biblical city of Babylon.  The melt-down experienced by Wall Street, along with the pain inflicted, and the coming complete collapse, is not the beginning of the destruction of Babylon.

The demise of the American dollar-brought on by congress, accelerated by presidents, facilitated by banks- is the reason we don’t encounter America in End Time prophecy; we don’t exist anymore.  There will be a land mass, many millions of people, and even perhaps the name “America,” but that will be both unrecognizable, and inconsequential to the future world stage.

Babylon will be rebuilt on a grand stage, be the economic capital of the world, and use a new world currency until the mark of the beast is required.  There is no difficulty in allotting time to refurbish (the city current still exists) Babylon to stupendous splendor.

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, or what many Christians refer to as “The Tribulation,” is indeed seven years long; ending with the return of Christ and the setting up of the Millennial  Messianic Kingdom.  The catching away, or “rapture,” precedes the Tribulation, but nothing in the Bible mandates that the Tribulation immediately follow the Rapture.

In fact, the Antichrist is introduced in the Book of Revelation riding in on a horse and ascending, or rising, in power diplomatically, for a time; and is unarmed, carrying a bow, but having no arrows (Rev 6:2).  The gap between the Rapture and the Tribulation could easily be twenty-five years or so, more than enough time to build a last days Babylon.  This is not to say that two and a half decades would be required with today’s technology.

The time could be less.  Consider how fast new big box stores, and even shopping malls go up.  We’re talking about months, not years. And when the entire world is in concert without those pesky Christians, and the Holy Spirit, for a time, restraining them from rushing headlong into sin?  Take a look at Dubai, as a small scale example of construction marvels, and conveniently in the vicinity of Babylon.

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