Nuremburg for Christians

Carly Fiorina says that while we need to passionately protect religious liberty, it is inappropriate for a Kentucky county clerk to continue to refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses against a court order, because she is a government worker. [source: The Right Scoop]

The June 26th ruling by the Supreme Court inventing a constitutional law guaranteeing the right of same sex marriage was the opening to America’s coming ‘Nuremburg’ laws.


Christians will be banned from government employment, from practicing law, from practicing medicine, and from owning businesses that are open to the public (e.g. bakeries, flower shops).

Christians will not be allowed to vote, or serve on juries, or hold public office, or meet in groups (e.g. churches).

To escape from these persecutions, Christians must renounce their faith and sign loyalty oaths to endorse and support; abortion, the selling of body parts, homosexuality, sexual mutilation (transgender), and the persecution of other Christians.

Every oath signatory will be required to prove allegiance to the state by; engaging in a homosexual act, killing a Christian, and serving a 6 month tour at a Christian FEMA ‘work’ camp.

And, of course, publically vote for politicians like Carly.

When Kim Davis, the clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky agreed to perform her duties as clerk, she wasn’t asked sign her name to a homosexual marriage license; and had no way of knowing how fast this would become a godless nation that would even suggest that she do so.

Here is the remedy: Christians today, whose faith is appealed to in our very Declaration of Independence and our Constitution (as a faithful reading supports), should now, that the Supreme Court rejected the original reading of those founding documents, be given severance pay amounting to the necessary term in years earned for retirement, and be paid full retirement and benefits for life.

They are not the ones who broke their contract to serve; the State did, and the state should pay for it.

Our founding documents, the ‘law’ as some like to cite, were not meant to be capricious, or owing to the whims of a mob, but binding. The Supreme Court desecrated our rule of law, and “the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained…” (source).

And judgement IS coming.

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