Papers for Illegal Aliens

New Papers for Illegal AliensThere’s new paperwork in California for illegal aliens. In December 2016, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that illegal aliens are “American by every measure except the papers they hold….”1  That insane example of jurisprudence was part of Mayor Garcitti’s announcement of the creation of the L.A. Justice Fund (LAJF) to fight the extradition of illegal aliens. California Governor Jerry Brown, sharing Mayor Garcitte’s disdain for ‘papers,’ also pledged to defend illegal aliens. “Let me be clear,” Govenor Brown said last January, “We will defend everybody — every [illegal alien] man, woman and child — who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state.”2

This convoluted reasoning begs many questions. For instance: If these politicians are so dismissive of mere ‘papers,’ why are they obsessed with confiscating so many of American citizen’s papers with the term “legal tender” on them? 

Garcetti confiscated 5 million pieces of paper for his LAJF that politicians like himself also like to refer to as “government funds,” as if governments actually did something to earn their own money.

Governor Brown, for his part, has confiscated 30 million pieces of paper so that the Department of Health and Human Services sub-department of Immigration Services can provide “deportation defense” for illegal aliens.

Additionally, the California legislature will be papering the walls of Eric Holder’s law firm with 25 thousand pieces of confiscated paper each month so that it can fight President Donald Trump’s illegal immigration agenda.

Governor Brown explained that all of these papers are required for illegal aliens because they have ‘contributed to the well-being of our state.’

Is the well-being of Californians enhanced by forcing them to pay $30 billion dollars a year to support illegal aliens and their children?3  That is nearly 20 percent of the state budget before the new paper confiscating plans were announced.

Is this huge burden on the state budget, on the tax-paying Americans, why state legislators recently had to appeal to the federal government for $100 billion to repair neglected infrastructure?4

Message to Trump administration: Not only do you pull federal funding from Sanctuary Cities, you also deny any federal funds requests from states with illegal alien defense programs like California’s.

In the mean time, a host of governmental arms will be reaching out to illegal alien criminals to help them fight federal law while they will simultaneously be reaching their hands into American’s pockets for a lot more paper.





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