Pardon Me

Hillary Clinton is asking—pleading—that the FBI release the emails found on Huma and Weiner Abedin’s home computer.  Ordinarily, this might appear to be the confident demeanor of a presidential candidate who knows that she is innocent of wrong doing, and has nothing to hide. 

Clinton only wants to clear the waters muddied by FBI director James Comey; who is breaking with protocol to influence an election.

Perhaps just the opposite will turn out to be true.  It may be that this time, Clinton knows the jig is up.  Of the 650,000 emails on the Abedin’s computer, saved in a file titled “Life Insurance” by the way, there is ample room and possibility that the 33,000 emails deleted by Clinton are included in the cache.

These may be emails that demonstrate pay-to-play selling of our State Department, and that also prove violation of federal laws regarding the mishandling of classified information. 

Considering the pledge candidate Donald Trump has made to appoint a special prosecutor to re-open the Clinton email scandal, what better time to engineer a presidential pardon than on Obama’s watch.

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