Partnerships: Being Conscripted


In establishing a new precursor to partnerships with the Antichrist, his workers of iniquity continue to pave that way for his arrival and worship. 

By an executive order, President Obama has surpassed the existing faith-based intrusions into religious freedom, which were baited by access to federal funds, and inaugurated an office to be empowered to make incursions into every neighborhood household in the land.  As of February 5, 2009, the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (FBNP) began efforts at taking control of all religious organizations, and dictating what religious tenets are legal, and which are to be outlawed.  The goal is for all churches to eventually be nationalized, and placed under the provisional license of the federal government.  This sweeping federal oversight is being ushered in under pretense averting an economic catastrophe.

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Partnerships: Being Conscripted

It will be a priority of the new White House Office of FBNP to ensure that newly created laws, which will supersede any religious and constitutional laws, be dictated to the partnerships so they can “learn their obligations under the law… and make the most of what the federal government has to offer.”7[1]  Now we need to understand that any groups of religious people who dissent from these partnerships out of allegiance to God and his word will not make the list of Obama’s ‘great religions’ (q.v.).  They will eventually be outlawed by the Attorney General, White House Counsel, and the Executive Director of the White House Office of FBNP as they work through those difficult constitutional safeguards that are in the way of the new state religious partnerships.  In this effort, UN and international law, which most often represses religious freedom, will be consulted and touted as superior to our outdated colonial ideas of freedom.  The Supreme Court is already on record for consulting foreign law to decide matters brought before it, and Justices have gushed with pride over their dereliction of duty, and treason.8[5]  It has never been more important to keep separate that which is to be rendered unto Caesar and that which is to be rendered unto God.

ngc2818_hheritage_800xx44.jpgIt is critical to understand that these new partnerships are not being recruited, but drafted.  Any house in the neighborhood or church  that dose not evidence total compliance by being conscripted will be subject to penalty.  Things that the federal government has to offer will be taken away.  For the family, that could mean forfeiture of the right to purchase state regulated utilities because they refuse to sign stewardship pledges that cite responsibilities to mother earth as superseding those due to God alone. For churches, the first to go will be tax exempt status.  This will be used as leverage to bring churches into line, and to compromise preaching from the pulpit to sell the Obama partnerships to congregations.

The process of eviscerating churches will be easier than ever before now due to Rick Warren’s success at decimating, first the Baptist’s memberships, and now, nearly all protestant denominations with soviet-style small control groups of micromanaged social workers (earning their salvation one neighborhood at a time).  It has also never been easier to see that Warren is Satan’s plant in the Church; as it is clearly revealed that the two trees, Warren’s and Obama’s, bear the same thorns.  Warren also works to deny Christ, and equated him to nothing more than a dead Islamic prophet, by the name of Isa, in his inaugural prayer on Obama’s behalf.9[4]

While having the endorsement of apostate Rick Warren will bring many unsuspecting souls into national servitude, Obama must consolidate all the visible church into a kingdom building army before taking the next important step.  A very successful tactic used to bring opponents into fellowship is to invite prominent members from their respective camps to set on a committee established to address some social cause that can unite them.  If the personality be reluctant to compromise, the asp of flattery still proves fatal to all but the most steadfast in the faith.  Former Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page is one of the most recent and unwitting persons to prove this truth.  Joshua DuBois, executive director of the FBNP, prevailed upon Page to sign on to the FBNP panel by persuading him the President of the United States wanted to hear his views.  Very haughty stuff, being summoned as a presidential adviser.  Even though Page knew the FBNP was overwhelmingly made up of compromised liberals, the flattery made him think that he could nonetheless bring to the table a biblical viewpoint; something they long ago abandoned as too grievous to bear.

As a lame cover for unequally yoking himself together with unbelievers, Page requested that Baptists pray for him as he set down with the rapacious and the covetous despite clear biblical injunctions not to do so (1 Cor 5:11; 2Jo 1:10-11; Rom 16:17). No doubt in some quarters prayers ascended that the chair brake in two. This may seem un-Christian like to some, but the supplicants of those prayers know the purpose behind the FBNP panel, and what persecutions will be unleashed upon the real church when those who are called brothers are compromised. Common ground will be sought for the sake of the good cause so that the extreme position of biblical Christianity can be eliminated, and this sanctioned by its supposed spokesmen and leaders. After enough of these accomplishments at the executive level, it is not long before biblical views become illegal, and the holders of those views become outlaws.

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