Psyops In play to Suppress Donald Trump Voter Turn-out

Reportedly, ISIS has put out a call for sleeper cells to activate for the purpose of slaughtering Americans on election day.  If this report is accurate, it came from a terrorist monitoring group SITE, it would probably be the first time ever terrorists gave advanced notice of an attack, down to the day.  While we don’t know about the veracity of this report, we do know that, just as thought-shaping polls are used to influence voter behavior, psyops are always in play in every election to increase or suppress voter turn-out. 

And from what we now know, thanks to WikiLeaks, about the DNC, CNN, and Clinton campaign, all sorts of tactic are being used to dissuade Donald Trump supporters from organizing and voting.  Those tactics included sending provocateurs to Trump rallies to incite violence in staged, scripted, encounters designed to make it appear that it’s the Trump supporter who are naturally violent trouble makers.  The thought shaping goal was to create the message: ‘no one in their right mind would want to be identified with people like that.’

There is also a curious report that turned up analyzing Clinton’s odds of winning the White House in light of Trump’s strong possibility of doing just that.  In the Salvage Option plan, various pysops are examined for suppressing voter turn-out, and they range from a Red Dawn invasion to a staged alien invasion of earth.  It is thought that suppressing voter turn-out disproportionally favors Clinton due to Trump’s record breaking increase in primary and general election voters.  Is this new threat a pysop?  Even though this supposed warning may, in fact, inspire a radical Islamist terrorist to act, we should treat it as a psyop.






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