Radiation Levels Rise to Five Times Normal on West Coast Beaches

This just in from Half Moon Bay California: An anonymous videoographer produced a video showing radiation levels on Coastside Beach and posted it on YouTube.  In the video, Geiger counter readings clock as high as 150 counts per minute.  That number is significant because it is five times the normal level of radiation found naturally in the environment.

This story was reported in the Half Moon Bay Review on January 3, which also notes that the “amateur” video garnered over 400,000 viewings in one week alone.  By the way, that fact, and the fact that he beat every other mainstream media source in pointing out the high radiation, seriously questions his status as ‘amateur.’  But back to our story.

Of course, if you’re on the West Coast all eyes look across the Pacific Ocean towards Japan at the Fukushima disaster of the melting nuclear reactors that are still melting down.

Fortunately, Government officials were quick to respond to the video and assure us that there is no “immediate public health concern,” according to environmental health director for the county, Dean Peterson.

-This despite the fact that county health officials responded to the scene and obtained similar radiation readings at five times the normal limit.

-And that Fukushima releases 300 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean each and every day.

-And despite the fact that the tide flows in our direction, and radiation from Fukushima was officially expected to begin arriving as a new Japanese import in 2013.

-And in spite of the “alarming news last month that starfish were mysteriously disintegrating along the west coast.”

Nothing to be alarmed about.

Nevertheless, Peterson “admitted that he was ‘befuddled’ as to why radiation levels are higher than normal” (and when we hear scientific terms like these tossed around we know they’ve got this handled).

But one thing’s for sure according to Peterson: “we’re not even close to the point of saying that any of this is from Fukushima.”

Definitely not Fukushima.  So who is the radiation culprit then?

According to Peterson, why, it’s the usual suspects, of course.  Particularly, it’s those “red painted disposable eating utensils.”

And what a menace they are too!  I just wadded through a pile of those ‘red-painted disposable eating utensils’ to get to my car this morning.

Why, they’re everywhere.  Of course ‘red-painted disposable eating utensils’ are the obvious suspects, but now they’ve gone too far!  Something’s gotta be done about these ‘red painted disposable eating utensils.’

We need to put our foot down!


Has anyone on the West Coast ever seen a ‘red-painted disposable eating utensil’?

Please write if you have (photographs encouraged).

Well, we can see why our videographer chose to remain anonymous.  When the government’s willing to go to these extremes to cover up a story that affects our public health, or radioactive doom, he knows they would probably cover him up in the desert somewhere with radioactive dirt.

Who is finally going to get the blame for this?  Why, according to state Public Health spokeswoman Wendy Hopkins when contacted about this development it’s not their policy to “comment on anybody’s media creation.”

That’s right. The government is still going with the ‘blame the video’ defense.

And why not?

When our top executive has the nerve to brazenly lie to us and claim that raising the national debt limit doesn’t raise our national debt, why should we expect anyone below him to be candid and forthright and honest with us.

But there is an upside to this story, and it’s really good news too!

Pretty soon we probably won’t need to buy those toxic new light bulbs that the federal government mandated we keep in our homes because everything around us we’ll be glowing anyway and we want need the additional light.  And that’s really good news because we won’t have the strength to screw in a light bulb anyway.

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