Sanders Supporters Can Have their Judgement Day and Eat It Too

Sanders supporters: You were robbed!  And you, thanks to WikiLeaks, know it.  The DNC, along with CNN, and all of the MSM, conspired to commit fraud on the hard working people who worked so hard to canvas, knock on doors, make phone calls, and donate meager funds to fight Wall Street corruption.  To fight terrible sell-out trade deals that have depleted you job options to the point of working as waiters and bus-boys to pay-off the loans you were sold for degrees that can’t find you a descent career.

But you still have an opportunity to extract a right and proper judgement.  Tuesday, you can go to the polls and vote to cancel Hillary Clinton’s crime syndicate.  You can’t stop the corruption that robbed you of your voice by voting for the one candidate who can negotiate real trade deals that deliver real jobs.

You can vote for the candidate who is NOT controlled by Wall Street Bankers.  You can vote for the one candidate who is NOT one of the insiders, like Clinton, who makes deals that only enrich themselves and their finends.

You can still vote for Donald J. Trump for president.

You can vote to “Drain the Swamp.”

That swamp includes the insider information Clinton has on Sanders that made him honor a non-aggression pact, and that called for him to endorse Clinton for president.  What does she have on the DOJ?  What does she have on the FBI? What does she have ready to turn loose on every one of you?  Slay the hounds of Hell. The Clinton Crime Syndicate could be put out of business by your votes.  Don’t you find that empowering?

Sanders supporters can actually have their judgement and eat it too.  Because Sanders isn’t here, as he should be, you are what he said he represented, and claimed to fight for.  So you have your ‘Sanders’ cause, and by making sure Clinton does not prosper by her wickedness, you can eat it too.

Pull the Plug on the Swamp, and see all that pours out!


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