Secret Plan of Biblical Proportions for Stealing the Election from Donald Trump

hero_trump_pence_flagA mysterious link recently appeared in a voluminous, and quickly buried, comments section.  It linked to a downloadable document (pdf) that details a mysterious plan to steal the presidential election from Donald Trump.  The document header names the Benenson Strategy Group (BSG) as its author.  An internet search does return a research and consultancy company by the same name with locations in New York, Denver, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and London.  As is shown on the document header, BSG also has a Washington, DC location, but the address for that location on their website is different from the one shown on the document in question.

The document apparently shows the results and recommendations of a commissioned research and consultation project whose client was either the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, or the Clinton Foundation; which logo is also on document header in the recipient section.

Clinton Campaign hires consultancy firm to provide campaign “Salvage Options” after measuring:

  • Ineffectiveness of Clinton campaign delivering narrative and counter-narrative

  • Ineffectiveness of Clinton low ‘favorability’ rating

  • Ineffectiveness of Thought-shaping Polls

  • Trump campaign Momentum and Enthusiasm

  • Options aim for ‘psychological subjugation’ of Trump supporters to prevent them from voting

The purpose of the project was to measure the effectiveness of delivering the Clinton campaign narrative and counter-narrative in defeating Trump’s message to various segments of the population through various channels; including, mainstream media, alternative media, and social networks.  The project also surveyed for both the Clinton and Trump campaign’s levels of momentum and enthusiasm, and, what became more important as the research provided results, what would prevent supporters of Donald Trump from voting in this presidential election.

The categories measured by the survey project showed that Clinton has been rapidly descending in favorability since the first presidential debate, and that Trump appears to be, if elections are allowed to take place, a sure bet for winning the presidency. 

The research also revealed that the Clinton campaign—and future campaigns—could no longer rely on poll-driven narratives as they have been “pushed too far, alienating most of the voting population.”  That is, the thought-shaping effect of manipulated polls are losing their impact due to alternative media access showing controvertible evidence such as event on-site interviews, and restrictions of interviews; and actual crowd sizes at rallies. 

It is in view of this tremendously disappointing news to their client (the Clinton campaign or the Clinton Foundation) that the strategies considered to prevent Trump supporters from going to the polls on election day are examined.  But they are so fantastic.

The title of the report is indeed, the “Salvage Program,” and it evaluates several potential “salvage options” for Clinton’s spiraling campaign that would be of the category of; incited, or orchestrated, national disasters in order to assure her transfer to power.  The scenarios analyzed for their effectiveness in reducing Trump voter turn-out include; implementing, a Red Dawn (invasion by UN forces and marshal law), Cobalt Rain (radioactive release event), BL Riot (Black Lives Riot?), Zikpocalypse (release of a lethal strain of the Zika virus), and Sharia [law] Escalation (not enough immigrant operatives-yet, is lamented for being ineffectual at this time).

The last salvage event considered and recommended by the group to be unleashed before November 8 is not, perhaps, the most diabolical, but it is certainly the most intriguing; and will be the be most controversial in establishing the authenticity of this document.

The recommended salvage option for the Clinton campaign to employ is purportedly adopting one that was also developed by the Department of Defense and NASA.  It is codenamed FIRESIGN.  It was designed to “create a religious ‘awe effect’ in enemy populations to create an instantaneous psychological soft-kill (abject submission).”  This holographic laser projection weapon supposedly projects a moveable, realistic image tens of thousands of feet into the air, and across 23% of the continental United States.  Images referenced in brochure section of the report include descending floating cities, and “god-sized walkers” carrying terrifying weapons and having wheels and eyes of fire.  Surely, this is an attempt to deceive that is on a Biblical proportion.

The image shown in the use-diagram of the device is a holographic flying saucer.  This image is in alignment with one of the report’s survey questions asking Trump voters what would prevent them from going out to vote, and that included “Attack by extraterrestrials” for a reason they would stay home.  According to the survey results, such an attack would stop 38% of Trump voters from voting.  Additionally, and as noted in the Salvage Option, this optical salvage option would be coupled with mass ELF (extremely low frequency) electromagnetic emissions to further overwhelm, disorientate, and overpower the citizenry of selected areas where there is strong Trump support. 

Crazy? Keep reading. 

Here is the science fiction-sounding part of this Salvage Option.  The result of this Salvage Option is purported to be “the psychological subjugation of areas where uprisings are most likely to occur” (ostensibly where Trump support has been demonstrated to be high).  To ensure this subjugation, government trauma teams and NGOs will be mobilized to provide psychological aid by dispensing psychotropic drugs to “induce docility” on the affected citizens.  Special ‘counseling’ services will also go to work to “ensure further domestication.”

Science fiction?  The Salvage Option report closes by informing its client that BSG has already identified, and assembled, team rosters of trained professional respondents, and located and inventoried special equipment, such as nitrogen-cooled super-computers, that are set and already to be deployed following the third presidential debate (AS OF NOW). 

While under ordinary circumstance this might be viewed as fodder for conspiracy theorists, recent disclosures of operatives employed to steal the national presidential election lend at least some credence to such a conspiracy as this being considerable, if not actionable. 

For instance, there are the WikiLeaks showing how the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign to literally steal the Democratic Primary from Bernie Sanders (public domain saturated; google).  Further, the failure of the FBI to properly investigate and recommend prosecution of, and the refusal of the DOJ to prosecute, Hillary Clinton for obvious and serious crimes that anyone else would be in jail for by now is beyond scandalous.  Then, there are the recently released undercover tapes from James O’Kefee’s Verities Project showing and documenting subcontracted DNC operatives detailing the hiring, training, and deploying of agitators trained to incite violence at Trump rallies, and their bragging about committing large scale voter fraud for over fifty years.  All this makes this document, albeit seemingly incredible, more plausible today than ever before. VOTE!




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